Monthly Archives: August 2018

About Ruthlyn–RuthyB

I became a  member of the Wealthy Affiliate family about 4 months ago I decided to have an affiliate blog to get information to the aged about illnesses that can affect them.

My Passion to Inform Boomers

I developed a passion for the aged being a boomer and a retired CNA that care for the aged, I saw the need to get information to them about their overall wellness.

I had a serious fall a couple of years ago and after surgery and rehab, I decided the best way to pass on information is to start a blog ( so here I am.

New Leaning Experience

I am enjoying writing this blog because I am also learning a lot myself,  and remembering that most of the people I cared for had some kind of financial issues,  I thought that affiliate marketing could be a good way of supplementing their income.

I am hoping that my blog will be helpful to someone and some how their life will be made better.

Thank you for stopping by , please leave a comment I will reply.