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Univox Community Survey Review

Univox Community Survey Review   Is this site worth your time?

Univox Community Survey Review Is this site worth your time?I have done my research on the  Univox community survey, and I have written what I have found in this article, It is legitimate but there is more.

What is the Univox Community

Univox Community is a survey website where you can take surveys and so doing give feedback about existing products or on products that 90will be making an appearance on the market soon.

This community exists to help businesses decide how to proceed with their products with the help of the feedback that people give on the Univox Community directly informs them. This relationship between the two is essential for businesses, and that is why they are willing to pay to get good, reliable feedback data.

This community site is owned by a market research company called Market Cube. They also do online panel development and technology research to help companies. This company was established in 2009, and Market Cube has a lot going for it!

How does the Univox Community Survey work?

This is operated internationally which means anyone can become a member regardless of which country they are from

To join, you will need to fill out some information in your profile, this consist of the usual information that is required by the most site. To get your demographics.g

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region
  • Shopping behavior
  • Car ownership

Apart from those, there are quite a number of things that Univox will ask you about, and that is because they are trying to ensure that you will be able to find accurate surveys on their site.

You will also need to fill out an Additional survey about yourself, the first survey but for this, you will be paid  $5 simply for completing all of this detailed information.

Once you give them this information and confirm your email address, you’ll be able to start participating in surveys.

When you are responding to surveys, you provide us additional personal information based on the surveys that you undertake.

Using your profile data and the data in your responses, we obtain inferences regarding preferences, characteristics, behavior, attitudes, aptitude

The surveys on Univox Community Surveys range from just one minute to over an hour. There are other ways to earn rewards, you can also earn rewards by joining in discussions, polls, and other activities on the site. but some of the activities as some are just for your enjoyment.

On average, you earn between $0.50 and $2.00 for a 5- to 15-minute survey. There are, some, longer surveys that pay more, but these are the averages.

The site also features an online forum that features community news, regular contest announcements, and more. Via the online forum, members can participate in group discussions. Members can also chat with other members and with customer support via Shoutmix, a live chat system.

Different ways to Earn Univox

You earn points for every survey or task that you complete,100 points are worth $1.00.there is also a bonus of $2 for joining.

The minimum threshold for cashing out is 2500 points or $25.00

There are four different user levels on Univox.

All of them are free, and you earn membership in each level based on the number of surveys that you complete.

As you move up the membership ranks, the cashout threshold gets lower. The lowest is at $10 or 1,000 points.

You can also earn by referring your friends, you will get $1.for every person, you refer but you are limited to five persons, once they’ve made 10 survey attempts or have fully completed their first survey.

Univox is also mobile! You can download their app, available on iOS and Android, and take surveys on the go. Allow for push notifications and you’ll know when the latest survey arrives!


The minimum threshold for cashing out is 2500 points or $25.00. Upon your request, your money can be sent to either PayPal,  Amazon e-gift card, or a Virtual Visa Card.

Who can join The Univox Community

Univox Community currently has over 3 million members and is growing every day. It is worldwide so you can become a member of any country as long as you are 18+ years.


Free to join and you also earn a few dollars

Mobile app available on iOS and Android, and take surveys on the go.

You get a small bonus if you are disqualified while taking a survey. $0.05


Lots of survey disqualification


Yes this company is Legit

This company is registered at the BBB but not accredited it is also given an F rating by the BB it been in business since 2017

Business Details

Location of This Business

103-3015 Dunes West Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

BBB File Opened:


Years in Business:


Business Started:


Contact Information

  • Principal Ms. Teena Duhan

Additional Contact Information

Phone Numbers

  • (703) 468-3081

My Thoughts

Univox community survey may be a legitimate, company,  and you will be able to make some amount of small cash from this site, however, there are many better ways to make money online.

One of the ways I have found is affiliate marketing, with affiliate there is the possibility of making a reasonable income that could replace your salary but it also has the potential of becoming a passive income earner.

It is not as easy and answering survey questions, and if you have no experience in affiliating marketing do not worry

There is a platform (website) that teaches today’s online marketing, this company has a vision to genuinely help people achieve success in business and life, and is dedicated to helping others become great and achieve true financial independence. You can be successful

If you would like to more about this company, that will give you the training that it takes to be successful in affiliate marketing CLICK HERE, this training is for everyone who would like to do online marketing whether you are new to online marketing or a seasoned marketer.  I am a part of this platform and I do recommend it,

This step could lead to you having your own business, and making 5 figures per month, it is free to join, and with the free program, you will be given the information and tools to start your own business. So check it out, it will cost you nothing.

You will be provided with all you need to start and maintain my online business You will not be asked for any personal information besides your name and email address. So if you are interested in starting your online business I am encouraging you to join us, look around, build your website and should you not like us there is no obligation you have nothing to lose no one will call you, or bother you in any way,

I appreciate your time spent here, looking forward for your thoughts and questions, and please share this post.

I have posted a cople of comments from members of the Univox Community, these were copied from The Survey Police website


July 10, 2020 by Kara from United States

Recently got.burned for a 5.50$ survey. Contacted support, contacted them on Facebook messenger and the regular page and no response at all. I have had the page up on my pc proving I finished the survey. Its been about 8 days now and the page is still up but they page says They respond with 24 hours or it should say 24 months is the average response time. Survey junkie is my solution to survey shakers like this one. Stay away

Non existent Customer service

July 2, 2020 by Charles from United States

Use to be good but since they change the format it became a nightmare. Suddenly I got locked out for no reason and when I tried to contact the customer service with calls, all I got is just a robot. They also not responding to email. Don’t waste your time. Find another panel. Univox is going down the hill.

Update: Someone tried to call me, left a voice mail with unintelligible accent and ask me to call her back on the same number. When I called them, it went to the stupid robo menu with no option to talk a live person. It even asked me to enter a conference code number that is not provided by the caller. Will not change my rating until I get a LIVE person talking and in a proper way. STOP WASTING MY TIME AND JUST REACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT. Shame on you UNIVOX.

Very poor survey company

June 30, 2020 by John from United Kingdom

Most surveys were several times longer than claimed and the rest I did not qualify after they asked questions about me that I had already given to Univox, so it was a waste of my time.

Also they are supposed to be a top payer, but the massive majority of surveys will pay out at best $2.00 an hour and that is based on published time which is always a big underestimate. You will be lucky if you earn $1.00 and hour

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Engage In-Depth Review

Engage In Dept Review  Legit Or Scam?
Engage In Dept Review Legit Or Scam?

There are so many people looking for a way to earn some quick cash online, this survey site is one of the best one I have found so far in doing all my research on survey sites

What is Engage In-depth

Engage in-depth is a  market research firm that specializes in worldwide recruiting and field management.

the purpose of market research is to get feedback from consumers on the products and services you use every day so companies can make decisions based on what their customers want

Engage specializes in recruiting hard to get respondents for market research and usability studies.

The company is based in the Washington, DC area, but through strategic partnerships and proprietary online panels, the company has clients around the country and the world.

Beyond recruiting, Engage also offers a wide range of respondent services, including interviewing, moderation, incentive disbursement, and more, allowing you to focus on your client and your data.

How Does Engage In-Depth Work

Engage In Debpt  Studies has two separate panels. The first is a consumer and business professional panel where participants give their insights on TV viewing, ad effectiveness, automobiles, or anything consumer/business-related.

The second panel is geared towards physicians and medical professionals to share their experiences within the medical/healthcare community. If you qualify, members can join both.

You will be asked to answer a few questions, this will identify the projects best suited for you.

The more details you can provide, the more likely it will be to find a project that matches your profile and interests.

The two panels are General consumers and professionals and Members of the medical/healthcare community

Engage in-depth work with facilities, research firms, and end-users to help find high-quality research respondents for a wide variety of topics, including media testing, consumer products, medical conditions, website and software development, and more.

These companies need to get feedback from the people who use their products. Most projects pay $50 – $250, often for less than an hour of your time.

Engage works on research studies that cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • TV viewing
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Website and software design
  • Automobiles
  • Mock Trials
  • Dial Testing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Food products and preparation
  • Music and entertainment habits
  • Medical conditions
  • And more…

Engage in-dept seeks highly qualified individuals to take part in these studies, and Engage has a reputation for delivering above and beyond, thanks to a diverse and responsive nationwide database.

The Two main way to earn is taking surveys and being a panelist.

turn your passion into profit
turn your passion into profit

What Are The Rewards

The rewards are $50-$250 and the payout is very quick checks are usually issued 3-4 after a task is completed.

Is Engage in-depth legit

This company is legit, it is not accredited by the BBB but has an A+ rating I have copied the BBB Business details from their website

Business Details

Location of This Business

2510 Urbana Pike STE 103, Ijamsville, MD 21754-8608

BBB File Opened:


Years in Business:


Business Started:


Business Incorporated:

5/22/2013 in MD, USA

Type of Entity:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Number of Employees:


Contact Information

  • PrincipalMrs. Lisa Marshall, Principal
  • Customer ContactMrs. Diane Hopkins, Principal


It is free to join

The payout is very good the best I have seen so far


The surveys are not regular

Information is very limited on their web site eg no FAQ and no terms and conditions

My thought

This site is free to join, and in doing my research I found nothing to indicate that site is a scam. So you would not be loosing by taking a chance and joining,

But you must remember even though the payout is good. The tasks or surveys are nor regular, looking through the reviews of people I have not found anyone who states they have made more than $150, so I wouldn’t count on making a decent living from joining this site.

However, if you would like to own your own online business,.If you are like me with little or no computer technical skills or even if you do and you need an honest business opportunity I am inviting you to think about blogging having your own website you can make a passive income or more depending on your input.

It is not a  get rich quick opportunity, but it is one that can be very profitable with determination and discipline and with this opportunity you can join for FREE no payment upfront

You will get the best tutoring, 24/7 help and you will belong to a community of over 100,0000 individuals that are from across the globe, of every nationality and each of us is eager to assist you to achieve your goals.  If you are interested CLICK HERE.

I have copied a few of the members of Eager In dept members from Survey Police


April 20, 2020, by Regina from the United States

I completed a study recently and was paid a week later. Excellent company!

Still not paid

January 5, 2020, by Zed from the United States

Starting to think this survey site is not that good still have not been paid when a study ended 12/22 my emails to the panel

Great Experience!

November 16, 2018, by Billie from the United States

I was finally able to participate in an Engage project last week. I’d been contacted previously, but I wasn’t able to make the other appointments due to short notice.

I went to the location on the afternoon of the survey. The directions to space and the instructions for parking were spot on. I spent an hour answering questions and giving my opinion on a digital product. I had a great time! It was engaging and informative. The interviewer was personable and knowledgeable. She kept me focused and on task. I don’t know what her job title was, but she was a pro.

Pay arrived 8 days later. I can’t wait to do another!! If you have the opportunity to get involved in Engage In-Depth, don’t think twice. Jump in and get paid for your thoughts.

I appreciate your time and I am looking forward to your comments and questions, Please remember to share, thank you.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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