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 Branded Survey Review

Branded Survey was launched in2012 under the name Mintvine, but was rename Branded Survey in 2017,

Branded Survey is a marketing research company that offers paid surveys to its users.  with branded Survey you are given the opportunity to earn money in other ways than just doing surveys,

The users are given the chance to earn rewards for shopping locally, taking part in focus study groups, and much more.

Branded Research Inc. runs Branded Survey with bases scattered worldwide., and is a famous marketing research firm, it’s also a member of the ESOMAR (The European Society for Opinion and Market Research). Knowing that a legit company runs a potential survey site is reassuring.

Get paid for your opinion.
Earn money with Branded Survey.

Branded Surveys has accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau and their Facebook page can be found @BrandSurvey.

Anyone from age 13 can become a member of Branded Survey by just filling up the sign-in form, the usual information name, age, email address, and telephone #

Is Branded Survey legitimate or just a waste of time?

This site works well on a mobile device. So, you can take the Survey on your mobile phone.

You are rewarded for each Survey you take, and you can earn points with Branded Surveys in three ways.

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Daily Polls
  3. Partner Surveys

Doing surveys will earn you points, which can be exchanged into cash through PayPal or other ways.

This legit survey site pays users promptly, so there is no problem with your payment.

Branded Surveys payout methods?

Branded Surveys offer several payment methods.

  • Cash pay through PayPal
  • Dwolla account
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Other retail gift cards: Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.
  • Bank Transfer
  • Branded Pay

Collect points for every Survey that you complete. And redeem points in the form of cash via PayPal.

You can also earn gift cards from popular sites like Amazon and other online retail stores.

Payment processing time can take up to 15 days.

low payment threshold
Choose your payment method.

How much money can you make?

Your money from this site will depend on how many surveys you complete daily.

1000 Branded Survey points = $10; at this point, you can cash your payment by whatever method you choose.

When you reach the minimum threshold of $10, you can send your earnings to your Bank or PayPal account.

Pros for joining Branded Survey:

  • Free to join
  • A steady flow of surveys
  • It provides actual money payout
  • Modern Easy to use User Interface
  • Some surveys with rewards are higher than other sites.

Cons of  Branded Survey

Limited earning opportunities

  • it takes two weeks to approve your earned points credit on your account.
  • Also, some surveys with rewards lower compared to some other survey sites

Is this site Legit?

Branded Surveys is not a scam,  the offers are legit, and payment offered for doing a task is fulfilled by the platform, and there is no problem in collecting payment.

Lots of reviewers gave good ratings for Branded Surveys. Moreover, many users share the positive side of Branded Surveys and payment proof on social media.

This opportunity is offered to United States, Canada, and UK residents.

How much can you make

Like most survey sites, the money you make will be small, just enough to probably yourself lunch, and depending on how many points you earn, you may have a little cash in your pocket.

Reviews of Branded Survey at Trust


23 reviews

6 hours ago


Shameful! The first cashout worked just fine; this time, I earned 1500 points and thought great! Just a bit extra for us OAPs for Xmas. Like NOT! We do NOT have access to mobile phone/dead zone and now they say they cant pay unless I have a mobile! Strange that, suddenly any excuse NOT to pay a genuine survey taker. Replies are always silly and asked for us to “use someone else’s mobile” We have no family left and friends similar. What is going on in the world when you are discriminated against living in a mobile dead zone! and nothing more!. Whats worse is that our Bank is happy to use the landline and BS are NOT! Complete scam artists. Who do they think they are. Anyway no longer a member – your loss as well as my cash disappeared! Shame there was not a choice of


2 reviews

9 hours ago

Verified order

It is well written and they are simple

It is well written and they are simple



Suzanne M

2 reviews

12 hours ago

Verified order

The best Survey review place!

The best Survey review place!



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James E H

1 review

18 hours ago

Verified order

Best Survey site ever

Best Survey site ever



Deanna M

1 review

19 hours ago

Verified order

Lots of surveys

Lots of surveys, but they close very fast.




1 review

19 hours ago

Verified order

It’s ok not the best but it works I can…

It’s ok not the best but it works I can complain,it would be nice to get more surveys like other sites

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Affiliate Marketing

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Premium Membership

There is another level of membership that will help you to grow and maintain your business.

It is not as easy as taking a survey, and you will have to work to stay committed and be patient as affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick deal, but the opportunities are there for you to build a business for yourself that will not only generate an active earning method but in time will also become a passive method of earning.

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I appreciate you stopping by, hope you found the information helpful, please leave your questions and comments in the place provided, and I will respond ASAP and remember to share.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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