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CVS Advisory Panel Review.   Is this worthwhile?
CVS Advisory Panel Review. Is this worthwhile?


There are a lot of opportunities available to make money by answering surveys. Most of these opportunities are offered by market research companies.

These market research companies offer surveys to gather opinions and information about brands and companies from their consumers.

The information gathered from these surveys is then passed to the brands and companies.

This will help these companies improve the products and services they offer and the experience that customers will have with them.



But there are also some opportunities conducted by the businesses or brands themselves. One such opportunity is the CVS Advisor Panel.

In this post, I will be looking at CVSAdvisor Panel

One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI  02895 US

Tel: (888) 607-4CVS (4287)   Contact:

What is CVS Advisor Panel

It’s a group of CVS customers who have volunteered to share opinions and feedback. After you register, you’ll receive links to online surveys a few times a year.

You’ll help shape our products, services, and even philanthropy. You’ll also be eligible to receive ExtraCare savings and rewards for participating.

The purpose of the CVS Advisor Panel is to solicit our customers’ input through online surveys about CVS/pharmacy stores, products, and services and to obtain your suggestions for how we can improve CVS.

How does CVS advisor Panel Work

As a CVS AAdvisorpanalist, you will be asked to fill out a short profile; this will allow you to let the company know a little about you and select the CVS products and services you are most interested in.

If you qualify for a particular survey, you will have the opportunity to complete the survey online and receive your ExtraBucks.*

Fill out a profile, participate in the surveys, and earn ExtraBucks coupons after completing surveys; you must be an ExtraCare cardholder.

If you do not have an ExtraCare card, you may fill out a card application at your local CVS/pharmacy or call our ExtraCare department at (800) SHOP-CVS

The only way to earn with CVS Advisory Panel is to participate in their surveys. You will get paid in ExtraBucks coupons that you can use at any CVS drugstore.

Now, the first thing you would need to do to participate in their surveys is to be a company member; becoming a member is free.

How will you be Paid?

Your ExtraBucks will be available to you on the date specified in the survey initiation email. Self-printable ExtraBucks coupons will automatically be available immediately after you complete our surveys.

You WILL NOT receive ExtraBucks coupons for completing the initial profile survey to participate in future Panel surveys.

Now, for each survey you complete, you will be paid in ExtraBucks coupons. The value of the coupon you will receive will vary, but the coupon value range is5 to $15.

Just remember not to expect a lot of surveys, as the company will only likely provide 1 to 3 surveys a year. This means you can expect to earn only $5 to $20

Refer a Friend!

Although you cannot forward a survey to a friend to have them fill out the information, CVS Advisor Panel does offer a rerefer-a-friend program. Note that anyone you refer must also have an ExtraCare number to sign up.

worth of coupons a year

Who is CVS Advisor Panel For

First, you need to be 18+ years old, and You will need a CVS pharmacy/ExtraCare card to register; the rewards you will get can only be used at CVS stores.

It would also be best to purchase a lot at CVS stores; this will allow you to become a member here and earn coupons you can use.


It is free to join

The surveys are short, taking 10-20 min.


You receive about 3 surveys per year

My Thoughts

Even though CVS Advisor Panel is legitimate, it seems like a long shot you will be earning anything substantial from this panel;

If you are doing surveys to make money, you should join several survey sites this will increase your earning potential.

There are lots of different ways you can make money from home but choosing the right one will make all the difference to your success.

if you are comfortable doing surveys, then that’s ok. I can tell you I tried it, and it did not work for me; I would be doing a survey and after 15 min I would be notified I did not qualify for that survey.

And the information I gave them about myself, apparently they sold to other companies, and I kept getting calls offering to sell me something

I tried watching videos for 5c a video, the videos did not last long, but the contents left me feeling like my brain was turning to mush

There are so many things I tried until I found where I am today when I started on this adventure I never dreamed it would be possible.

As a retiree and not having any experience I never thought I would be able to do it. But with the 1on1 coaching and being able to ask questions at any time, the training videos. and so much more

I would like to encourage anyone who needs to supplement their income whether you are a retiree like myself or just someone who needs some extra cash to give this site. It’s FREE to join you have nothing to lose

I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Please leave your comment and questions below and remember to share Thanks.

I have copied some reviews from panelists of CVS Advisor Panel these were taken from Survey Police.

CVS Advisory Panel

March 27, 2016, by Keli from the United States

I signed up at least a year ago and haven’t received one survey from them.

Extra Bucks for easy surveys

December 2, 2015, by Tia from the United States

The surveys are not very frequent but they are pretty generous with the reward. I’ve gotten $10 in ECB’s for a survey that may have taken 3-5 minutes to complete. Join if you get the invitation!

This one works

August 17, 2019, by Laurie from the United States

This one I like you do a survey, and they pay you when you are done; you don’t have to collect points. The questions are professional and about real things. It’s one of my favorite ones.

Easy to Complete for Occasional Extrabucks

August 27, 2018, by Mary from the United States

These surveys do not come often, but they are short and easy. The rewards are pretty immediate and are usually $5 in Extrabucks.

Not Many Surveys But Easy ExtraBucks

January 22, 2017, by Jacob from the United States

I’m a long-time CVS customer who started doing CVS advisor panel surveys in late 2013, back when they would toss a $2 ExtraBucks consolation prize for not qualifying (They don’t do that anymore).

The surveys aren’t often, but when they come, they’re not hard to qualify for; they’re (usually) short and often award $5. Sometimes they’ll be very short and offer $2, and sometimes long ones offer between $10 and $15. Upon completion of the survey, you can immediately print the coupon, you will also immediately receive a link to the coupon via email.

I would strongly suggest frequent CVS customers join the panel. It’s quick, and it’s worth the extra bit of store credit every once in a while. To participate in the surveys, you must have a CVS ExtraCare account linked to your CVS Advisor Panel account.

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