Directive Analytics Panel Review

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Online surveys are the most common and popular ways in which people attempt to make money online.

There are thousands of survey sites online and Directive Analytics Panel is just another one.

Is Directive Analytics Panel legit or a scam? Well, this site is legit but is it a good investment of your time?

I did the research, and I have written what I have found in this post.

Directive Analytics Panel is a USA-based marketing research company, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Trumbull, Connecticut

The goal of this company is to create a panel that is extensive and diverse and to take surveys about various products.

With this research, they can help businesses to improve what they are selling and how they go about selling it.

The topics covered by surveys in this panel are wide range, there should be something that matches your experience or focus.

How Do You Earn?

You earn DirectPoints for every online survey you complete. The value of DirectPoints  is one cent per DirectPoint (i.e., 10 DirectPoints=10 cents, 100 DirectPoints=$1.00).

This panel offers its members a variety of ways to earn rewards including online surveys, focus, and discussion groups as well as interviews.

You can earn between $25 and $200 for these special offers. Unfortunately, these opportunities are very rare, and you can’t count on them.

Selection for survey participants is based upon the target consumer group, criteria which are laid out by Directive Analytics clients.

The best way to ensure you are getting surveys that are right for you is to keep your profile as complete and up to date as possible.

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How Much Can You Earn

The number of points offered for completing a survey will vary depending on the length and complexity of the survey as well as the target consumer group

The number of DirectPoints you will receive per survey is clearly indicated in the survey invitation.

How Do I Redeem My Reward

DirectPoints are redeemable for cash. You can redeem your 100 points which are equal to $1

Simply send an email to with the subject “Check Request” and you will be sent a check for the balance in your account

Please be sure to include your current mailing address in your emailed request.


How long does it take the money to reach my Account

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request and another later when the payment has been mailed.

Does Panelist Have To Reside In The USA?

Panelists are accepted from all countries, At this time there are fewer survey opportunities for non-U.S. panelists.

As Directive Analytics Panel increases the size of their international panel there will be more surveys available for international members.

Is Directive Analytics Panel Legit?

Yes, this site is legit. It  was founded in 2003, and it has participants from all over the world, there is proof that they paid out money for  redeem points

What Are the Pros

  • Nice surveys. Surveys are easy to understand and easy to complete.
  • Extra offers. Diary surveys and online focus groups are a great way to earn some money. You just need a little bit of luck to get an invitation.

What are the Cons

  • Limited opportunities. If they only offered more surveys it would be a great survey site. This way, it is nice, but you can’t earn a decent amount of money.
  • Payment via checks only


My Thoughts

Directive Analytics Panel is a legit and reliable survey site, and if you only wanted to kill some time, then you could try Directive Analytics Panel.

However, If you are looking for a way to earn something that will enable you to earn some real cash and has the potential to become a business that will keep you earning for a long time, I suggest affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing 

According to Investopedia

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

This may sound a bit complicated to you, but it is not, and there are sites that will teach you everything you need to know to be successful at affiliate marketing.

One of these websites is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can become a member for FREE.

With the FREE membership, you will receive the 10 basic lessons, at the end of these lessons your website will be up and running.

You will have established the foundation for your online business. The lessons are well laid out and are presented via Video.

You can ask questions from the community, or if you become a member by any link in this post, I will be available to answer your questions.

There are several facts why I think affiliate marketing is one of the better ways to make money online, these are.

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No selling face to face!
  • No stock to keep or manage!
  • No recruitment involved!
  • No taking of endless surveys!
  • No huge investment involved – (Get started for FREE)
  • And no working for someone else!
  • You can operate in any market you wish! – even your hobbies & passions!
  • Earn a full-time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!.

So if you would like to learn the most up-to-date method in affiliate marketing, or if you have some knowledge, or are considered to be a super affiliate this platform is for you.

This platform is 

  • Somewhere you can learn as you go and get the mentoring you need
  • Has A beginner-friendly and online approach
  • With people who have already achieved results

Remember you can join for free, do the 10 lessons basic training and at the end of the lessons you can decide if you wish to continue.

There is absolutely no cost or commitment on your part, you can do the lessons at your own pace, you have nothing to lose.

There is something I must make clear, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick business.

It will take work, commitment, and determination, with Wealthy Affiliate you will have a community that is willing and able to assist you to achieve your goal.

Thank you for stopping by, it is appreciated, I look forward to your comments and questions, and please remember to share.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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