Do I Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing?-(No, But it helps to have one)

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It helps to have a website in doing affiliate marketing
Do I need a website to do affiliate marketing? (no, but it helps to have one)


Do I need a website for affiliate marketing?

One of the most common questions asked by people who would like to go into affiliate marketing is, “do you need a website for affiliate marketing?”

Maybe they wonder if they must have a website because building a website may be intimidating, and they think it is too hard to build a website, and they may not have the technical skills and no knowledge of web design or any such thing.

But in today’s world, designing and building a website can be done in 30 seconds. And on specific platforms, it can be done for free.

Creating the website is the easy part. The hard part is making that site profitable. Building trust between you and your audience,

But in answer to the question, Do I need a website for affiliate marketing? Technically no! I use a website for my affiliate marketing blog.

How Affiliate Marketing Works Without A Website

When you become an affiliate marketer, you will receive a personalized affiliate link from the merchant you are advertising for.

This link has a special code unique to you, and should a purchase be made through this link, and you will be rewarded with a commission. This link can be placed anywhere and posted on other people’s sites, in comment sections, on social media, etc.

Using Social Media For Affiliate Marketing

You can post your affiliate link on all social media websites, from Pinterest to Facebook to Twitter, but make sure you read the terms of service for each, as some of them may have specific requirements on how affiliate links may be used.

If you are someone who already has a large social media following, you can use that following to help earn you some revenue.

If you’re starting fresh, it will likely take some time to grow a large and loyal following you can monetize, so begin now (even if you plan on having a website).

From my experience, making money through social media is more complex than using a website.

I have several social media websites, and my affiliate links are placed on them, but to date, I have not made much money from my social media website.

I must say I have not bought any paid ads from my social media sites; I am just using the free ads, That could be a part of the low conversion, but I doubt it.

 Consider Other Forms Of Content

If you dislike writing, you can make YouTube videos or podcasts and use this medium to promote your products.

Do Not Rule Out  A Website

No, you do not need a website for affiliate marketing, but it is still the best way to reach an audience and promote your products.

So do not be intimidated by the thought of building your website; this is not hard and can be done for free.

The website I use is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can become a starter member for free, 

The starter program’s entire training is 50 lessons or five stages; with a free membership, you get the first 5. lessons.

And at the end of the starter phase, you will have a website ready for business.

Here is a look at the topics of the five lessons in phase1

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform built for every affiliate marketer. Whether new or very experienced, there is a place for you, and you can become a starter member for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate is a current platform with all the new strategies and techniques and all the constant changes within Google.

Phase 1 of the Online entrepreneur program

The platform is upgraded every so often that no program is outdated; its success is paramount to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a senior citizen who did not know anything about online marketing or all that goes along with it; I had no technical skills, and I could type a little, and that’s about it.

I found Wealthy Affiliate, became a free member, then upgraded to premium, and here I am by no means a super affiliate (making $7000* a month) not yet.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by no means easy; it takes work, dedication, and above all, patience,

Affiliate marketing takes time for you to gain the trust of your audience; I think this is the hardest part of affiliating marketing, whichever method you use.

But it is the same for every business; it takes time to increase your customers, and as they get to know and trust you, they will bring others along.

Some people give up too quickly and lose out on becoming successful affiliate marketers.

I have told you about our free starter program, and there is also the premium program; this program is full of relevant information and tools to assist you in making your business successful.

The price is very reasonable for the quantity and quality of the information and tools you will receive.

With the programs they are given through step-by-step video training, these videos are always there; you can revisit them whenever you wish.

And you will never be alone; there is a community of 1.4 million of us, and there are members there are willing to assist you at any time,

Our members are from all over the world, so there are people from a different time zone; therefore, someone is always there to assist you,

Failing that, you can contact the presenter; there is a contact messaging system so you can pm him.

And our technical support team is A1; they are there 24/7 and can be contacted directly from your dashboard with no outside call for help and no extra charge for any issues you may have. (some platforms do charge additional for fixing technical issues)


Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for training, and it is a platform built for every affiliate marketer, from beginners to seasoned affiliate marketers.

Here is a blog from one of our members; please have a read.

I post my links on social media, but Facebook can cut your visitors any time it wishes; I know because it has happened to me twice.

So to have a website where you can draw your audience, you need to write articles relevant to your niche and audience.

And all this will be taught at Wealthy Affiliate. I suggest you upgrade to premium, especially if you are new to Affiliate marketing; this move will increase your success rate tremendously.

You can become a member by clicking on any of the links in this post, and if you should do that, I will be your mentor.

There is no need to fear becoming a free member; you will not be asked for any financial information, no credit card, or no other personal information but your name and email address.

I am looking forward to meeting you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform,

Please leave your questions or comment in the space provided at the end of this post, and I will gladly reply ASAP. Thank you for reading; remember to share. I do appreciate your stopping by.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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