Earn Extra Money Working From Home—Make money on line

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Earn Extra  Money  Working From Home
Earn Extra Money Working From Home


Expect the unexpected

In this life, nothing is sure; in a moment, everything could change, and an unexpected event could blindside you.

I think of people who probably have been working for a company for many years and are suddenly told that their services are no longer needed.

Or you become disabled for some reason, and you are no longer able to work, and over the years, you have not been able to save because you have been living paycheck to paycheck.

We cannot see the future, but financial advisers have told us to have at least 6 months of living expenses saved in case of emergency, but that in most cases is hard to do, some people have taken two or three jobs to make ends meet.

With this in mind, I think we all should have a plan if anything unfortunate should occur and leave us at our wit’s end to cope with our financial burdens. You can earn extra money working from home.

Have A Plan

Owning your own home business could be a big help in these circumstances.  An online business would be good,  and you would not need a brick and mortar building, no rent to pay no, inventory, no high cost for investment. You could start for free.

I am talking about affiliate marketing; the first thing you will need is to decide what your niche will be ( what you will promote); it should be something that you like a lot or are very passionate about.

Then build your website, start writing about your niche, build your audience through advertising, monetize your website by putting links in your post from a company you have chosen, and keep producing good content.

I know all this seems like a lot, but a platform will do this for you free of cost. This company is a Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was formed by Kyle and Carson 14 years ago; the membership consists of people from every country, 193 to be exact. There are over 1,400.000 of us, and we are friendly and ready to assist you.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need any designing skills to build your website. It will take just  30 seconds; follow the instructions, and you will get a beautiful looking, mobile, and revenue-ready website.

Including is  powerful and secure hosting  that will allow you to grow your business,

Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get the relevant customers to your website

Remember you can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate for free you will only need to buy your domain name ( your web address), and that cost is about $13 per year

As a free member, you will get:

Live Help – First 7 Days

  • Several beautiful themes to choose from
  • 1 Website
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches

You will be able to build your website, write your blog post and have it published. I know that it was an awesome feeling, seeing my post on google. A free membership never expires.

This is a screenshot of all the lessons included with the free membership

However, I would advise that you upgrade to a premium membership, especially if all this is new to you and serious about running an online business.

With a premium membership, there is so much information and tools that are made available.

With a premium membership, you get:

Research Tool – Unlimited Searches, Training Classrooms – 2, Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout, Earn While You Learn,1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited.

Here are some of the things that are included with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • 10 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

I think it is well worth the membership price, which is $49.00; you also have the option of paying yearly, which comes with a big discount.

This is a sample of the live video lessons given on Fridays

keyword research
Understanding Keyword Research June 2018

Everything needed is included in the premium plan notice you get 10 websites you can have several businesses, you also get over 1,000 themes to choose from

Let me say affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick venture; it will take work, discipline, dedication, effort, and patience like any other business,

In time you will earn a substantial income; some members are earning 7 and 8 figures. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you will get a passive income over time because some of your earning will be residual.

So please do not allow fear or thinking you are not capable of any such thing to stop you from at least trying; remember you can become a member for $0.00

You will not be asked for any information other than your name and email address.

I am a retiree and had no experience in online marketing, and the step-by-step teaching at Wealthy Affiliate enables me to run two websites, and I am on the way to achieving my goals.

If you are a retiree or soon to be retired or anyone who would like to earn something to supplement their budget,  give Wealthy Affiliate a try; you can join for FREE HERE.


Wealthy Affiliate is the one-stop-shop for affiliate marketing; everything you need to run your successful online marketing business is here.

Once you have built your website, there is so much you can do, especially with the premium membership, and there are webinars that will tell you the different ways you can use your website to make an income.

You can do something online to make money, but I have found that online marketing is the best. It may take some time and hard work, but as Pele, the Brazilian soccer player, said, Success is no accident; it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, a love for what you are doing.

Should you decide to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can click on any link in this post; I will contact you. I will be there to answer your questions. If any, I will be your mentor.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I do appreciate it, and please stop by again. Should you have a comment or question, please leave it in the space provided at the bottom of this page, and I will reply ASAP; remember to share this post; thank you.

This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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