Easy eCash Review

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Ease eCash Review   Is this site Legit?
Ease eCash Review Is this site Legit?

I came across this website recently, it was making some claims that I thought were interesting, I thought I would check it out, Here is what I found.

What is Easy eCash

Easy eCash is a program that promises access to an easy way for making a good amount of money each month from the internet using a “little-known” method.

The lessons are delivered via video, the tutorial is on how to make money with eBay. 

It is marketed as newbie-friendly and anyone can start making money within 24 hours or less.

The program was developed by three friends Will Allen, Pallab Ghosal & Ram Rawat.

The claim that they make is they have used this same exact method to earn $1,245 per month in their spare time & they claim that upon getting access to the method you’ll be able to do the same.

They go further to say that you’ll be able to generate your first profits within just a mere 24 hours.

How does Easy eCash Works

It is all about finding products at a cheaper rate and selling them on eBay

you will be given step by step instruction on how to create your account on eBay.

You will learn about product selection and where to find products for cheaper prices and then selling it on eBay.

You will learn about free and paid traffic methods.

The margin between the purchase rate and your product sales price is your profit.

You could technically make money the same day you get started by buying something & then selling it for cheap on eBay – but it’s not quite as easy as the creators claim.

eBay Marketplace

eBay is a huge marketplace & many people are selling on eBay so the competition is very high.

So there is the chance of you not making money, and you will have to make some investments, you will need to buy products which you will have to sell at a higher price, that could be hard to do with all the fierce competition, you could actually find yourself simply losing money instead.

It’s not quite as easy as the Easy eCash creators make out. For the entry fee of $12.50, you get.

Training on how to set up your eBay account

Websites where you might be able to find products to sell for profit

  • Training on how to create product listings
  •   How To Receive Payments from Customers
  •    How To Create Product Listings
  • How To Find What Will Sell Well on eBay
  •     Additional Secret Places to Discover Hot Products to Sell
  •     Some case studies from others who are successful in making good money using this training.


But to get the full benefit you will need to the advanced training videos (up Sell)

There are 4 training videos that supposedly help you to be successful in this line of business.

  1. Top seller strategies $27
  2. Advance eHack $37
  3. Fast eCash $67
  4. Resell Rights $97

Top Seller Strategies

This points out additional strategies that top eBay sellers use to build their businesses, quickly.

This includes a shortcut to achieving top seller status, getting repeat customers, and how to find a “honey pot” secret that most other sellers are unaware of.

Advance e-Hack

A way that shows you how to source products on Amazon, Walmart, and Target and then flip them for a profit on the eBay Platform.

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Fast Cash

This includes training videos on how to set up the listings for maximum chances of success. And also includes 20 carefully selected products that are currently in-demand on the marketplace.

Resell Rights

The final upsell is the rights to promote the Easy eCash funnel as an affiliate and earn 100% commissions on all sales made

Is Easy e-Cash Legit?

Yes, this a legit site, it is not a scam you get some training on a method that could potentially see you earning money.

However I do see some red flags, I see a red flag in the statement that you can make easy money with little or no effort.

They say you won’t need much money to start, but I think that is not true, you will need to purchase products unless you have some stuff around your house that you can sell to start up

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There are a 30 days money-back guarantee offer

There is some information provided.


Time-consuming for the money you make,

There is a need for start-up cash

Cost for fees, like PayPal,eBay. and shipping

My Thoughts

I know a lot of people dream of making money online. And are trying everything only to be disappointed.

But there is a tried and true way of making money online, it is affiliate marketing.

I know quite a few people who are earning good money online from their own websites, offering different things, from courses in different areas, counseling, selling stuff, or other marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not hard,  if you have the necessary information and tools and an excellent method in which these things are taught then it becomes easier.

I am NOT telling you that you will see success overnight, establishing your online business doesn’t happen quickly.

You need to be willing to devote the time, effort, and energy required to get your idea off the ground, and you need to be determined to stick with it even if you are not seeing the results you were hoping for when you first started.

All you need is a company that teaches today’s online marketing. with a vision to really help people to achieve success in business and is dedicated to helping people to achieve financial independence and remember you can become a member of this company  for FREE

You can learn more about this company HERE

Thank you for your time, if you have any further thought on Easy eCash you leave your comments or questions, I look forward to hearing from you, Please remember to share.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

Here are some comments I copied from the Easy eCash website.

Where were you when I started out, WP? I have paid thousands of dollars to learn the same information you teach in your very reasonably priced course!!

I have never seen a course that covers the complete A-Z of starting an online business – it is thorough plus it is easy to understand if you are a newbie. I just wish I had this a year ago! Thanks so much.”

– Sue Anne Errics

The Coaching Program Mentor

This is an excellent course! I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to make money the right way. I really did learn a lot, and I’ve been at this game for years Thanks for creating a great course.”

– Jeff Carson

5 thoughts on “Easy eCash Review

  1. Yes, we have to be cautious about these various programs suggesting its easy to make cash. And if it was so easy why aren’t they scaling it up to make even more money? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Hi Mel thank you for your comment, and you made a very good point if it were that easy then the cost would be more, even though this site is legit I saw some red flag that has made me very cautious.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a great review to read to know more about Easy E-Cash, as I’m currently working to build up an online business, I came to see this business opportunity on the internet and I wanted to learn more about it before I signed up on it.
    After reading your accurate review, as you mention on your article is not a scam and this is more like an online course to learn how to make money online.
    It’s good to know the pros and cons of any opportunity that comes up on the internet!

  3. What is interesting is that they say you can make money easy; however, if the person that buys into this hasn’t been able to sell anything on their own, then who’s to say they can successfully sell a physical product they are buying on eBay to sell to someone else at a higher price?

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