Facts On The Retirement Crisis—-Beat the Crisis, Start Your Own Business

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Beat the crisis, start your own business.
Facts on the retirement crisis

Facts on the Retirement Crisis

According to a survey done by the Bankrate survey team in Early February to March, it states that one in five American adults has nothing saved for retirement or emergencies.

A further 20 percent have saved away only 5 percent or less of their annual income to meet certain financial goals. Less than a third of all Americans have saved at least 11 percent or more.

The survey also stated that this generation of boomers is in worst financial shape than the previous generations.

And even with all the good economic news  and unemployment is now at 50 years low, and wage gains were at an all-time high, there was not a lot of savings taking place

The answer given when asked was they had too many expenses so there was nothing left for saving and some said they had not thought of saving.

And some said the job they had was not paying enough to meet their needs and there was nothing left to save.

In a case like this (job not paying enough) I would recommend getting an extra job or working for yourself you can start your own online business for free HERE.

The fact is debt affects us all, and it does hinder us from retiring on time, some of us have to keep on working long after reaching the retirement age in order to be able to live a reasonable life.

Boomers are still paying student loans

I found this part of the survey shocking that people in their 50’s and 60’s are still having to pay student loan debt.

Those over 50 owed more than $260 billion last year, up dramatically from $46 billion in 2006.

A number of people over the age of 50 in the survey said they worry they haven’t adequately prepared for retirement, and yet are at a loss as to where to start.

Build your Own Business

If you are one of those people looking for a way out of this crisis let me assure you there is hope.

You can work past your retirement age, or you can start your own business, there is so much opportunity that awaits us on the world wide web, So why not look into it.

I myself am a retiree. and am a part of an online marketing platform at Wealthy Affiliate, it is a well-known company and has been around for fourteen years, has an A+ rating with the BBB and its members are drawn from almost every country if not every country, 193 to be exact. And you can become a member for free HERE

If you are like me with no previous experience with online marketing or any technical knowledge about programs or any of the operations except entering data you are probably dismissing this option. Please don’t.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that is always updating its platform and is current in today’s online marketing strategies, and its vision is to genuinely help people achieve success in business and in life. they are dedicated to helping others become great and achieve true financial independence.

Whether you are brand new to the online marketing industry or have been working in the online space for a while Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Free Membership

You can become your own boss with just a click to start your own business for free, with a free membership you are given 1 website phase 1 which consist of 10 lessons of our online entrepreneur course(Click and have a look)

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And if for any reason you need some assistance the community at Wealthy Affiliate is one that prides itself on being a community of assisting each other, and because we have members from every time zone there is always someone to assist you.

Regarding technical problems our tech support personnel is on call 24/7, they are very professional and courteous.

Premium Membership

I must tell you about our premium membership, and I would strongly suggest you make the upgrade if you are really serious about building a successful business.

You may be wondering if you could build and maintain a business on the free membership, I have heard of some doing so, but as someone who has no experience in online marketing strategies and the day-to-day workings of online marketing, I would recommend an upgrade.

When joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member the only information needed is your name and your email address that’s all

And as a company, we are against spam so your email will not be bombarded with a countless barrage of unnecessary emails.

So take charge of your future now, you have nothing to lose, but your financial freedom to gain. Be your own boss Start your very own business here for free.

I must let you know that a free membership has no expiration date, so you can take your time, go through the 10 lessons at your own pace see if it is something you can do, or would like to try if it is not you would have lost nothing, I think you would have gained as you will now have the experience of building your own website

Not A Get Rich Quick Business

I must tell you that online marketing is not a get a lot of money in a short space of time business, it requires effort, hard work, determination, and above all patience.

I saw a quote in a blog and I liked it so much I have adopted it as mine it said entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life as most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t that, in a nutshell, is affiliate marketing.   

The more you put in is the greater your success it takes time to build your audience it takes time to gain trust but in the end, it will be worth it.

In Conclusion

You can avoid any financial crisis that may be on the horizon by starting your own business now, or even if you are in a crisis now you can earn your way out of it by being an entrepreneur, the thing about online marketing is you can offer anything online.

With a website, you can have several streams on the income, you can have different business and with a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get 10 websites.

You can offer your service in any capacity whether it is tutoring or a handy person, you can produce stuff and sell it online, and I am sure you can think of many more things you can do.

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever have a website blogging, I never thought I would be able to do anything on a computer but type 39 WPM.


So I do suggest you give it a try, you will never know unless you try, I will be waiting to meet you on the platform if you join by clicking any of the links in this post.

Thank you for reading this blog post please like and share and you can place your questions and comments in the space provided at the end of this post.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

4 thoughts on “Facts On The Retirement Crisis—-Beat the Crisis, Start Your Own Business

  1. Hello,

    This is a great article on the crisis on retirement the way things are now with many employers not providing great benefits plan for retirement for the young workers now. In 25 to 40 years it is going to be a disaster for many young people because employers now do not have retirement plans to help their employees upon retirement. Many companies have closed down the profit sharing plans they used to have due to the economic changes. Still in the 2000s employers used to contribute to their employees at no cost to the employee. Nowadays it is up to the employee to participate in many new programs employers have for 403b’s to get a percentage. In order to get a percentage contribution from the employee is required. So, I like that you are highlighting the need to start your own online business.

    Great article.

    1. Hello, Ana thank you for your comment, as a retiree myself I have firsthand experience of the lack of retirement savings, and you are so right in the decrease in company’s contribution to employees retirement. Companies are now using the contract method in employment in that way they are only responsible for your salary, the individual employee has to take care of everything else. That’s why I believe it is so important we have a way of making a way to earn something extra and I do believe affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do so, and I would encourage everyone please do not wait until you are retired start doing so as early as possible.

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