Farmasi Business Opportunity Review

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Farmasi Business Opportunity----   Another MLM
Farmasi Business Opportunity—- Another MLM

What is Farmasi business

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct selling company in Beauty, Personal Care, Households and Wellness, and accessories product categories.

Farmasi started out in the 1950s as a pharmaceutical manufacturer by the Founder Dr. Tuna, the company first started manufacturing health and wellness products, and over time evolved in manufacturing of cosmetic.

Over the Years Farmasi has become  an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer and direct selling company in Beauty, Personal Care, Households and Wellness, and accessories product categories

For the last 80 years, Farmasi has worked to make better products and, to create better opportunities, to help more people to become independent entrepreneurs.

Farmasi Business was started in Turkey in 2010 and  operates in 125 countries worldwide but operations in the U.S. was started in 2018 in Miami, FL

How does Farmasi business Work

Faramasi refers to their side of the business as a  direct selling company, this means that independent distributors go out and sell the products. Farmasi calls these distributors Beauty Influencers

But in my opinion, Farmasi is a Multi-Level Marketing business, because it is stated on their that the beauty influencers should recruit people to join their team and they make a percentage of their money from their team (downline). You will be encouraged to Use the brand, recommend the brand sell the brand, and influence others.

“When you sponsor an active recruit within a calendar month, you will be eligible to join the team building program. For each active entrepreneur that you personally sponsor,

you will earn $30. In order to become active, an entrepreneur has to purchase products worth $250 (catalog price) during the calendar month. In other words, have a personal volume 125 or greater.”

Difference Between Direct Selling and MLM

Direct Sales are independent distributors, aka reps, selling products directly to the consumers. This is different from your more traditional business that sells in a retail setting.

multilevel marketing is a business model that has a multi-level commission structure. The way it works is that representatives are able to recruit in other representatives beneath them and build a “downline” in which they earn commissions from the money they make.

Who Is Farmasi Business For?

The Farmasi business Opportunity is for anyone who has the personality to sell products and influence people to join their group and become a member.

What is the Earning Potential With Farmasi Business

The earning potential, if you are successful in selling and getting persons to join you, is very good

You will get a 50% discount off goods purchase which means you get a profit of 50% when the product is sold.

You get a Personal bonus

. Depending on the amount of group volume that you accumulate, you are assigned to different bonus levels

For example, if you are assigned to the 25% bonus level, and your personal volume is 200, you earn 25% of your personal volume, which is $50 USD.

There are also opportunities to earn trips to other countries and also getting a car allowance but of course, you have to reach a leadership position to have access to these rewards.

I have left you a video explaining how to earn different ways to earn on Farmasi.

When Will payment be Made to me

Your bonus payment is calculated and paid monthly, ao the amount of money you make is dependent oh how much points you and your group accumulates and your personal sales. But I must remind you that in MLM marketing those few persons at the top in leadership positions makes the most money and those at the end usually lose money.

I have printed out their income Disclamer have a look.

Farmasi Income Disclaimer

The Farmasi Compensation Plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for selling our proprietary products and services and for sponsoring other participants who do the same. Although the opportunity is unlimited for everyone who wishes to participate, individual results will vary depending on market conditions, commitment levels, and the sales skills of each participant (called an “Entrepreneur”). Since the Company only recently launched, not enough statistical data exists to prepare more extensive income disclosures. However, the following projections below reflect estimates prepared by the company pending a more detailed survey to be conducted after its first year.

Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross revenue for Entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. Please note: These numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building a Farmasi business, which could exceed the commissions received.

There will certainly be Entrepreneurs who will earn less while others may earn much more. We’re excited about the Farmasi Compensation Plan and we’re confident it will provide you a solid foundation to help you achieve your financial goals.

If income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Farmasi Compensation Plan. These income projections should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Plain and simple — success with Farmasi only arises out of hard work, dedication, and exceptional leadership.

What is the cost of joining a Farmasi Business Opportunity?

On joining you will need to purchase a starter kit which costs $19.99 When you sign up for Farmasi, the first 4 months are very important. we will support you during these 4 months. If you accumulate 200 personal points in each of your first 4 months, you will get the following products for free. Welcome Program works as a calendar month. For instance, if you join Farmasi 15th of the month, you have time until the end of the month.

Is Farmasi Legit.?

Yes, this company is a legitimate company, it has been in operation for a very long time and has a good reputation, and they are in operation in 125 different countries.


  • Inexpensive start-up price, if you get the Basic Kit
  • Don’t need to hold inventory
  • No minimum monthly requirements


  • You very seldom make good money from MLM
  • You need to be a good salesperson

There are other ways of owning your own business and make money online I personally like affiliate marketing.

start your own business
start your own business

With affiliate marketing there is

No Hard Selling

  • Recruiting
  • Chasing friends and family
  • Uplines or downlines
  • Inventory
  • Buying tons of products so you can be the brand

You may be thinking you have no experience in affiliate marketing, or you are not a technical person, well that’s not a problem, there is a platform that will teach you in a step by step method everything you need to know to build a very successful business, and it’s free to join

yOU CAN JOIN FOR FREE look around the platform and decided if you would like to try, and you can take your time to make a decision, in the meantime, you can build your website and start your business.

Thank you for your time and I welcome your comments and questions and I will reply, Please remember to share.

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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