Forthright Survey Review

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What Is Forthright Survey

Forthright was founded in 2016, their goal is to help people earn money by completing paid surveys from home in their spare time.

Online market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways for people to make extra money online.

But Forthright Survey says they are different from the many other companies as they provide their customers with transparency and with some of the best earnings opportunities.

Their website is user-friendly, and very intuitive website as well as a few other straightforward features and ideas.

How  Forthright Survey Works

Forthright conducts market research for leading companies across a variety of industries.

They also administer online surveys, phone surveys, and other research projects.

After joining Forthright,  you will receive an email invitation inviting you to participate in online surveys and other types of research.

The e-mail will state the dollar value of the study. After completing the study, simply log into your Forthright bank to request your rewards

No minimum account balance is required, validated members will receive their rewards instantly after completing a survey.

You can accumulate earnings before requesting payment if you wish

Survey length dictates survey reward:
Partner Survey rewards are based on expected survey length. Previously all surveys had a flat $2.00 reward. For longer surveys, you will often be paid more than $2.00.

You have the possibility of earning your $10 per day, but it’s up to you, you set your goal and pace

There are also product testing surveys and video surveys but the main bulk of work here is in the form of standard, online surveys.

They are not very long, which is usually around 20 minutes average complete time, and it will pay you between $1 and $5

How Will Be Paid

By participating in surveys and other research with Forthright, earn your choice of rewards:

  • Cash paid to your PayPal account
  • bitcoin paid via Coinbase
  • Amazon e-gift cards
  • Tango cards (which can be exchanged for gift cards to dozens of major retailers)
  • Donations to Habitat for Humanity

Note redemptions under $10.00, a $0.25 fee for rewards will be applied

Is Forthright Survey Legit

This is a legitimate site and it has some very good things about it like

  • Very Open and upfront
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A wide range of survey types
  • Gives loyalty bonus
  • Surveys can be completed via computer and mobile gadgets

My Thoughts

It may be a disappointment to you to know that even though this site, as with most survey sites,   is legitimate, the earning potential is very low, but there are many other ways to make money online.

However, success will not happen overnight, whatever area of making money online it will take some time.

I have written a post on the many ways to earn money online. Genuine ways to make money online. Start your own business

Of all the genuine ways to make money online, I favor Affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor, it is going to take some work and patience but it can be done.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

The benefits are many, but I will list a few:

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No selling face to face!
  • No stock to keep or manage!
  • No recruitment involved!
  • No taking of endless surveys!
  • No huge investment involved – (Get started for FREE)
  • And no working for someone else!
  • You can operate in any market you wish! – even your hobbies & passions!
  • Earn a full-time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!.

You may be saying you have no knowledge of affiliate marketing, well not to worry there is (in my opinion) the very best training platform WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

This company has been around since 2005 and has members from around the globe, it has a very good reputation, and has produced many super-affiliates, they have the very best community that is very active, friendly and helpful.

With the free membership, you will get 10 lessons a website and domain (for a time) you need not be an expert you will become an expert you have nothing to lose to just try it is FREE

Who is Affiliate Marketing for

To give you a better idea Affiliate Marketing is for:

  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • The disabled
  • Anyone that needs to earn some extra money
  • People that don’t like their current jobs
  • People who want to earn money from their hobbies or passions
  • Bloggers who want to earn some money from their blogs
  • Students either while studying or after graduating
  • The unemployed
  • Retired people who want to earn to supplement their pensions
  • People who want to learn how to build a WordPress website
  • Local business owners who want to start a website or improve their online presence
  • Anyone looking for fast and reliable hosting with the best support I’ve ever seen
  • People who want to learn how to make money online in an honest way
  • And many more.

Thank you for your time. I do appreciate it, have you done any surveys from survey sites, what was your experience? I really would like to hear your thoughts on taking surveys, I appreciate your questions and comments. And please share.

Here Are Some Comments From Members of Forthright Survey

Evan Young

Evan Young

4 reviews


Updated 5 days ago

I really like the site it for the most…

I really like the site it for the most part I’ve had a little trouble with completing surveys and not getting credited instantly but having to email support to look into and credit my account some of the time. The reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because of the glitches I have been experiencing lately from getting stuck in a loop of the same survey offer over and over again. Then it won’t let me log into the site it just keep showing as loading this is right after they started offering pollfish surveys though their site so I idk if that update messed it up. But they pay the best out of any site I’ve used and if you get the beforthright surveys not the partner surveys they will give you an extra $2 for every three surveys that you attempt, that’s right even if you get DQ you still get credited towards the $2 bonus I don’t know any other site that does that EDIT- I’ve went ahead and added the fifth start because the site is working great again and I’ve gotten quick and helpful responses from support





2 reviews


Nov 29, 2020

He made me earn good money for a long…

He made me earn good money for a long time but since a month ago his platform is lousy. They just waste my time and don’t let me qualify for any surveys.

The two 2 stars for the love I have for them and how well they worked for a long time, it really is a shame what they have become now.





23 reviews


Nov 29, 2020

What is this?

Probably the only site where I’ve somehow screened out of every single survey.





2 reviews


Apr 22, 2020

Completed a 30 minute survey on teen…

Completed a 30 minute survey on teen and parent sexual health for a group to start 2021 I was not screened out, not credited $2.00. BeForthRight email support support says I have 2 stars that I’ll get $20 if chosen. .. The BeforthRight FAQS I should be paid for every completed survey. Do they expect me to wait until next year? 30 minutes deserves $2 And 2 stars. Pay up BeForthRight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Lyndzey D

4 reviews


Feb 5, 2020

Good Money, Little Time

I am VERY shocked that there is only one other review on this site and its not even 5 stars! I’m reviewing out of my own kind heart because I really like this site. I made $100 last month from this site alone. I didn’t even spend much time on it. I did do a few partner surveys and even emailed ones from forthright. They pay out to PayPal with in 30 seconds of withdrawing. Withdraw limit is .50 cents. I don’t know what that other reviewers issues were but it was not my experience. I’ve been member on this site for over a year and have made more then $100 in some months. Good luck!



Susanna K. Hutcheson

Susanna K. Hutcheson

9 reviews


Jan 5, 2020

I was happy with them for a few weeks but the well dried up.

They do pay well and you can select the surveys you want to do. At first I earned some good money on the site. Lasted a few weeks. And they paid just like they say they will and that’s great. Support is good too.

But my surveys dried up and I am no longer making money on the site. Now I know it’s probably not the site’s fault as they are just the middle man so to speak. They are not the ones who qualify you or disqualify you. So, perhaps the two stars are unfair.

But this has been my experience on this site and I’ve moved on for the most part to sites where I am making money. I still give them a try daily but don’t waste much time on their site. My time is valuable to me.

But it’s not a scam. They pay just as they say they will. And they run an honest site. It’s just that I like to earn money in return for my time.

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