Gamehag (GPT) Site Be Rewarded For Playing Games Free To Join

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Gamehag (GPT) Review Be Rewarded For Playing Games
Gamehag (GPT) Review Be Rewarded For Playing Games

There are thousands of sites online, and each promises to reward you for participating in a program offered. But does this site deliver on that promise?

This review is based on the information and testimonials available online in the public domain.

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What is Gamehag?

Gamehag is a GPT (get paid to)site where one can earn money by playing games and doing different tasks.

Founded in 2016 in Poznan, Poland, by Michal Juszczak, Patryk Hoffmann, and Pawel Wegierski, Gamehag is reported to get thousands of new members daily.

How Do You Earn On Gamehag?

There are several earning opportunities on Gamehag.

  • Tasks

  • Mini-games

  •  Deals

  •  Creating content

  1. Tasks

One way you can earn from Gamehag is by doing small tasks. These tasks include answering surveys and downloading apps.

Some tasks reward you for playing online games after reaching a certain level of achievement.


You can play mini-games to earn additional rewards on this site. You earn rewards for achieving a specific score in the mini-game you play.


Completing deals is another way to earn on Gamehag; this involves video games. Some deals allow you to use your Gamehag currency, Soul Gems, to redeem in-game items.

Creating content

Creating content is another way to earn significant rewards. There are two types of content you can make to earn.

You can write an original article about a video game or create a YouTube video promoting the site. For reports, you will earn a fixed reward of 250 Soul Gems.

Gamehag has a mobile app available on both Android and iOS app stores mobile devices, and you can complete tasks and deals conveniently.


How do you get paid?

There are some gift card options, like Amazon or Mastercard,

Currently, rewards include:

  • Prepaid Mastercards.
  • Free skins for a variety of games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike.
  • Free video games (includes notable titles, you get to pick a game to work towards when you signup for Gamehag).
  • Bitcoin.
  • Amazon gift cards.

Every activity on Gamehag will earn you Soul Gems, the currency they use. You can then use the Soul Gems you’ve acquired to redeem different rewards.

There is no set conversion rate; for example, a Steam wallet code worth $10 requires 5299 Soul Gems, while an Openbucks $10 voucher will cost 5599 Soul Gems.

The good thing about Gamehag is that it has a mobile app you can download to complete tasks and deals conveniently on your mobile device.

The GameHag app is available on Android and iOS stores, so compatibility won’t be an issue. Their app is also user-friendly. You won’t have difficulty navigating and learning how to use the app.

The app can significantly help you become a more efficient earner because you can earn rewards even when not in front of your computer. You can work on tasks and deals anytime and anywhere you want. Just make sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection.

Who can join Gamehag?

Gamehag is available globally, which .means you can become a member of their platform regardless of where you live.

To become a member of their site, you can sign up using your Facebook or Steam account. Or you can also provide your login details (like I did).

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is confirm your registration. Upon doing so, you will also receive 20 Soul Gems, which isn’t much, but at least you get something right away.

Is Gamehag Legit?

Gamehag is a legit GPT site that will reward you for playing video games, doing tasks, and much more.


Gamehag is a Legit site with some good points; it offers a fun way to earn rewards. Available globally does pay rewards, and there are several ways to collect your rewards.

But as with most of these GPT sites, the rewards are low; joining this site would be mainly for the games, and there are no substantial financial rewards.

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Here are comments taken from the Trust Pilot Website.

 3 days ago

Terrible site

Terrible site. You can’t spend the rewards you get until you hit level 3. You won’t hit level 3 easily because they reject your quests’ proof of completion. I stuck with them after being rejected 5 times and didn’t even question half of the quests I never got rewarded for. Then when I had enough gems, I ordered Fallout 76; I didn’t have to wait long, but even when I did receive the key, it was invalid. So, I leave this review hoping to save people 5 days of their lives.




Reply from Gamehag

14 hours ago

Thank you for your opinion. If your key was invalid, you should contact Misty about it as soon as possible. You can also check if you tried to activate your key on a website it was meant to be activated (if it’s a PC version, you have to activate it on the Bethesda launcher).


Juan José Salgado

1 review




Updated 3 days ago

In spite of the pain, there is no gain.

48000 gems I made for this page.

They don’t mind their user’s necessities.

They avoid you investing correctly in your gems,

erase every commentary related to an incorrect functioning, and no moderator seems to do anything concerning it.

The site itself is full promotion. You need to spend so much time to have a decent earning.

If any person wills to answer here, I hope not a simple commentary; I ask for arguments and acts which make me change my mind. I did make money for you. I paid. Now I ask you to bring me the experience I deserve.

Reply from Gamehag

14 hours ago

Thank you for your opinion.

If you could write something more about your experience and why you didn’t like Gamehag, maybe we could find a way to help you. Please answer our request so we can try and help you with your problem.

Emily Meally

Thank you!

I received the game quickly, thank you, Gamehag! 🙂

Reply from Gamehag

14 hours ago

Thank you for your opinion. 😉

2 thoughts on “Gamehag (GPT) Site Be Rewarded For Playing Games Free To Join

  1. While they do offer you soul gems, there are alot of quests where even though you complete them, they reject you making up some excuse to not pay out soul gems. While you can get up soul gems from all the other tasks you can complete from video games, for the reward you want, they will, one way or another, not give you the final reward. Either by links not working, code invalid and many other excuses. If you take them up on it, they refuse to help you and blame everything on you. I had several games myself where i did the quests several times with new accounts (made properly step by step) to make sure i didnt do anything wrong. They reject the quests every time. Regardless of me making a new account for the games in quest according to every step they require and do the missions as stated. I contacted them about it and they just give you the general response that is a copy paste pre-written response: “We get all our info about quest completion from our partners and we have checked everything. Please make sure you followed all the steps properly and you arent using an adblock to block our links from not working”. Funny thing is that if you dont use adblock you can get redirected to “not so nice” sites every now and then. It doesnt seem to give you a virus but it is rather intrusive and annoying. Im sure alot of gamers love it when they try to read up on a quest about a game and then get a bunch of naked women in their face on a website of even more questionable legitimacy (tbh, im not sure if im doing the right thing not using adblock on their site). Also alot of the surveys just kick you out at the end of the survey without awarding the soul gems, no matter how honest and consistent you are with your answers. I am also not the only one with these problems, there are plenty on the site who are begging for help to understand what they are doing wrong and plenty of others who lose their gems and not get their rewards because of faulty link or expired/used game/platform-funding keycodes.So while it might look legit at first glance, the further you delve into the platform the more you find out what kind of business they are actually running. Spoilers: Its a scam.

    1. Ahto Põde, I am afraid that most of these sites operate like this, having participated in these kinds of ventures I know firsthand the frustration of rejection after completing or near completing a task, that’s why I am now into affiliate marketing, You can give it a try its free to join Thanks so much for your comment.

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