How To Avoid Running Out Of Money In Retirement (Take Action, Start Your Business Now)

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How to avoid running out of money in retirement

The closer we get to the retirement age, the more concerned we become, thinking about how we are going to survive not getting a paycheck. The thought can be overwhelming.

However, a survey done in 2016 by the financial firm found that 60 percent of baby boomers feared running out of their savings more than death.

Many of us boomers are worried about what will happen if the retirement crisis, which every financial institution predicts, occurs.

Will we have the financial capacity to support ourselves, how will the country address the issue, and what might retirement look like in years to come?

It is unlikely that Social Security will be able to pay full benefits by 2035. Still, the problem is not only with the ability of the government to pay full benefits through Social Security.

Private employer-sponsored plans that offer traditionally defined benefits are also declining.

And while companies are offering pension plans that are defined contribution plans, many individuals aren’t saving enough, according to the Government Accountability Office report.

Caring for retirees will fall primarily on public assistance and government entitlement programs like Medicaid.

Medicaid Cost  

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And with the cost of Medicaid increasing and is predicted to go even higher, it will put substantial additional pressure on the federal and state governments.

And it must be remembered that the older we get, the likely wood of us needing more medical aid is something we need to look at.

And at the moment, Medicaid does not pay or compensate for everything; some examples are:

Medicaid does not pay for routine dental fillings and cleanings, neither are dentures and other dental devices, hearing aids or the exam to select and fit the device, vision checks for prescribing glasses, most types of cosmetic surgery are not covered, routine foot care are not covered, nursing home stay over 100 days are not covered, and home health care are not covered )eg help to take a bath, etc.

So all these expenses will be out of pocket and as we are living longer, we need sufficient funds to keep us fairly comfortable in our senior age.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of people who live past age 65 has steadily increased.

This may be good news, but it can cause a real problem. As life expectancy increases, health problems also increase, and the risk of running out of retirement money increases.

The life expectancy for couples who reach age 65 is that 50% will have one partner live past 92, and 25% will have one partner live past 96.

That means one partner has a 1 in 4 chance of having to make it through 31 years of retirement.

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