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Affiliate Marketing

Are you trying to find a way to make extra money may be something that you can do in your spare time? Have you thought of internet marketing? Maybe you have and are wondering just what is needed to be an internet marketer.

To be an affiliate marketer you need to choose a niche, a topic you are most comfortable with or what you are  more passionate about for instant are you interest is in the area of  photography in this case your niche could be about photography and remember you do not have to be an expert because in writing your blog and doing research you will become an expert.

Now you are going to need a website, you can set up a website by using WordPress it is very easy using WordPress you only need to follow the instructions and you will be up and running in no time.

Next Step is to buy a domain name which may cost about $15.00 annually. A domain name—is essentially the name of your website Without domain names, recognizing addresses on the internet would be extremely difficult

Your domain is the address for your website (e.g., so this is the first thing you will need to do when setting up your site.

It is a good idea to have several domain names in mind remember there are millions of websites on the internet, it’s possible that the domain name you want may already be taken by someone else.

Now that you have your website, your domain name you will now need web hosting, hosting is like the actual house within which your site will live.

In doing this post I researched prices of hosting from the more reputable companies and I saw prices from $80 to $100.00  per month but your affiliate business is very important so it is best to build on a good hosting platform it would be very wise to invest in a good hosting platform.

Wealthy Affiliate

Now I have some very good news for you, there is no need to go through all that hassle there is a platform that will do all this for you at NO COST.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that is designed for all levels of online affiliate marketers it was formed 13 years ago by two enterprising young men It is now a well established online marketing platform bosting 1.400,000 members from 193 countries.

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate (you can join for free) you will get 2 websites 7 website design to choose from, you need no design skills your website will be up and running in 30 seconds Using WordPress.

And it is up and ready for you to start your business, and free secure web hosting which is state of the art and powerful and more importantly secure.  And all this is included in your free package,

You will also be given   Website Backup, Beginner Training course, Personal Affiliate Blog, Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only, Video Walk-Throughs, Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches, Training Classrooms – 2Affiliate Program1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Day all for free.

And there is no end to your free membership.

The benefit of an online business apart from the freedom it allows you is the opportunity for not only to earn some active income but your online business will afford you the opportunity to earn some passive income as some of your earning will be residual.

But I would suggest if you are really interested or desirous of making your online business a real earner I would like you to think about making an upgrade to a premium membership.

Being a premium is where you will get everything you need to be a successful online marketer the tools and information is superior to anything that is being offered elsewhere.

And if you are wondering if it is possible to be a successful online entrepreneur with a free membership the answer to that question is yes if you are not new to this kind of business. But for newbies, as I was it would be very wise for you to invest in a premium membership.

I joined for free first had a look around built my website then an offered was made to become a premium member for $19.00 for 1 month I jumped at this offer took it and  I was so amazed at what I saw and experienced that I became a full premium member.

When I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate I had no experience in anything besides typing my facebook correspondence, I hated essay writing in school and to top it off I am a retired boomer.

At first I thought everything would be over my head, and in most part it was, but the Wealthy Affiliate community was always present to assist me, and the training videos are so well done they take you, step by step through every process, and these videos are always there for you to revisit at any time.

This old lady now has two websites up and running, I am not telling anyone that you will make $500 per day overnight, can it be done yes there are members who are making over $7,000 per month but it takes time, work, effort, and determination.

So if you are looking for a gig that makes lots of money overnight I am afraid online marketing is not for you. This is not a scam it is not a get rich scheme but it is a means by which in time you will be able to earn a sustainable income which will become a passive income earner.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only be taught  how to build your business but you will also be taught how to maintain your business,

Online marketing thrives on visitors to your website and at Wealthy Affiliate  Within the first few lessons at you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get a good amount of relevant customers to your website.

    Monetize Your Site

Once your site starts to  attract traffic you will now need to start making money

Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.mmmmmmmm

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support require

Premium Membership

You can become a premium member for $49.00 per month or yearly for $359

as a premium member, you will receive

  • Research Tool – Unlimited Searches, Training Classrooms – 2, Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout, Earn While You Learn,1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited Here are some of the things that are included with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:
  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • 50 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access= 50 lessons
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)=70 lessons
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

If you add up all the services you get, the premium membership is worth every penny, You will have the opportunity to build up to 50 websites which means you will have the avenue to build several online businesses from which you can have different streams or sources of income.

So if you have tried other means of earning and it has not worked out for you why not give Wealthy Affiliate a try, remember it will cost you nothing to become a member and if you think it is not for you-you would have lost nothing

You will not be asked for any sensitive information other than your name and email address so there should be no fear that your credit card will be credited for anything or you will not be bombarded by telephone calls once you have made your decision that’s it. And remember there is no expiration date on the free membership.


If you are like me who have searched for and tried many options of earning some extra cash to supplement your retirement income or your active income and have been disappointed in the different methods tried, some have been outright scams.

And because of this, you are now at a point where you are afraid of trying anymore, I can understand that I have been there until I found Wealthy Affiliate I took the plunge because it cost $0 so I would not be losing anything.

I would suggest that you take a look see, it’s for free you have nothing to lose, and while there build your website it’s free and writes your first blog, publish it and see it on google. For me it was an awesome feeling, try it.

Should you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate using any link in this post I will be notified and I will be there to answer your questions and to help you along to successfully reaching your goals.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post I really do appreciate it, I hope you found it informative and helpful and should you have a comment or a question leave it at the bottom of this page in the space provided and remember to like and share and do stop by again.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).


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