How You Can Make Money Online By Playing Video Games

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Make Money Online Playing Video Games
Make Money Online Playing Video Games


Do you love playing video games?

Are you a lover of video games? Playing video games could be a legitimate way to make money online, and you would be doing something you love and are good at.

In this post, we look at several ways to make money playing video games with your phone or on your computer at home.

Here are some sites that offer opportunities to help you earn money through video games:

  • League Trading
  • Second Life
  • Play One Up 
  • Be A Tester Of Video Games
  • Earn Money Playing Video Games

League Trading

League Trading is one of the sites where you can do this, and their website is

One of the ways you can earn money is by selling your gaming accounts, which is a terrific way to make a lot of money.

If you have an account with many rewards and tags and whatever asset your account has accumulated, you can now sell your account to other people who want that.

Looking through the website, you have accounts worth as little as $5, but some accounts are sold for $2000 or $3000; it will entirely depend on your account’s value.

The value of your account also depends on what kind of game you are playing, if it is favored, if the game is challenging, and what level you are on, then, you can even price it higher.

There are also different varieties of accounts that you can sell here.

They are even categorized as games such as Clash of Clans or League of Legends, and some accounts are priced from $7500-$9000 on League of Legends.

People buy these games at these prices, and you can do the same!

 Second Life

Second Life is another way to earn money through video games. And this website is found at

At Second Life, you can create a virtual lifestyle under different categories such as creativity, entertainment, social, real estate, education, business, etc.

You can choose any character you want to be,  a rock star or an astronaut, and you can build your own home.

 If you keep playing on this site and earning rewards, you can eventually turn that into real money.

One person made $1 million playing and building a virtual lifestyle from this game.

You can look into this and turn whatever money you earn in this game into real money.




Play One Up

Play One Up is found at, another site where you can make money through video games, 

You can bet on your games and turn your effort into earnings.

They also have an app you can download on the App Store, so their app is only available on IOS.

You can find the competition on your own on this site; bet money against them and then make money when you win that match.

Once you start collecting money, you can withdraw once you have earned enough and cash out when you want to.

This app is rated 3.6 on the App Store.


On Playtest Cloud, you can sign up to be a tester of video games, and this website is found at

To be a tester, Click on Become A Tester in the top corner when you visit their web page, where you can apply to become a tester.

You have to put in the basic information.

You will test what bugs are in the game and how the creators can improve their game.


Game-Testers is a website that pays you to test games, and you can find their website at

You can earn $50-$150 per hour, so this is a good gaming site.

However, your earnings will depend on how many clients and how many games this site has that are giving their games to be tested.

Many Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Get Paid To:

The Get Paid To app you can play games on and make money online is found at

About GetPaidTo

GetPaidTo is a thriving community that is growing daily. It’s a free rewards program that allows its members to make great earnings online, at times that suit them, without ever needing to spend any of their money.

You can earn money in several ways on this site, which include:

  • Online Surveys
  • Playing Video Games
  • Quick Tasks
  • Online Offers

These sites offer hundreds of games you can choose from and play to earn money sitting at home online.

There are many ways you can  make 

  •  Become a virtual assistant
  • Sell stock photography
  • Become a tutor
  • Take on transcription work


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the better ways to make money online; with affiliate marketing, there is little or no start-up cost, no inventory to carry, no face-to-face selling, and much more.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Affiliate marketing is your best option, especially if you are more comfortable behind the scenes and would rather not be in front of the camera; this will be the right platform.

Also, you can earn a full-time income with this, as you will be earning by sharing affiliate links on your website, so every time someone visits your website and buys a product by clicking on your link, you will have the opportunity to earn.

As you’re building an internet business and open on the internet 24/7, you can earn a passive income stream using this business model.

Affiliate marketing is when you monetize by recommending different products on your website, getting in touch with businesses and brands, and sharing their affiliate links on your website.

Once you start having visitors on your website who will click on your affiliate links and buy products, you can earn a commission from the products they buy.

Successful Affiliate Marker

It would be best to have certain things in place to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is best to have a  website; you can get one built for free here.

You must choose a niche and write content about your niche; an example would say your niche is weight loss.

Your content could be about weight loss. You could write about the methods to help you lose weight, a  diet program, etc.

You would partner with brands and businesses within the scope of your website. So, you would partner with affiliates that sell diet products and exercise equipment.

If you mention a product or service in your content, you link to that product or service using a unique affiliate code you received when you signed up for that affiliate program.

That’s how you make money whenever someone buys a product or service through your link.

Generally speaking, you need to partner with affiliates related to your blog concept.


In addition to signing up for individual affiliate programs, you can also sign up for an affiliate ad network that offers a ton of different affiliates in one place, like ShareASale.

That way, you can see what works and doesn’t work overtime. You may be thinking this is hard, but the truth is that affiliate marketing is straightforward.

But, Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to devote the time, effort, and energy required to get your idea off the ground and stick with it even if your journey is slow when you first start.

Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can become a member for free; free membership never expires. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone considering online marketing, whether you are a beginner, have little experience, or are a successful marketer.

The lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are straightforward and given step-by-step, making them easier to understand.

The Wealthy Affiliate program instructs you on how to build your website, which takes 30 seconds.

You do not need any skills in website design. Your website will be a beautifully mobile and revenue-ready website. State-of-the-art, ultra-powerful, and secure hosting will allow you to grow your business.

You learn how to transform your ideas into a profitable business, and if you are still trying to decide what you would like your niche to be,  there is help to choose from over 1,000,000 niches.

In affiliate marketing, it is essential to have the relevant people visiting your website; with them, you can advertise for your affiliates and make sales.

All the current traffic techniques on how to get relevant customers to your website are on the Affiliate Marketing website.

Becoming a free member is straightforward; no financial or personal information is required; only your name and email address are needed.


At Wealthy Affiliate, there is everything you need to build a successful business. It said it is best not to join a company that has not been around for at least five years.

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for over 14 years; our membership is from 193 countries.

If you have ever been scammed as much as I have been, I know you are skeptical because I was too, but to become a member is free, no money, no financial information, no commitment, no upsell,  nothing, so I took the chance,

The only con I find with affiliate marketing, valid in all businesses, is that success does not come overnight; it comes with hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and a love for what you are doing.

You can make a full-time income online, but it may take time. I have laid it out for you; the decision is now yours. Are you at least trying to see what it is all about? You have nothing to lose.

If you are a retiree like me or soon to be retired, and with the cost of living going sky high, especially in healthcare, it would be wise to have something in place to help earn extra money and your SS and pension.


videos provided

The videos provided by Wealthy Affiliate are excellent training tools, and you always have them; you can go over them anytime you wish and learn at your own pace.

All you need is a company that teaches today’s online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate continually upgrades its platform and focuses on helping people succeed in business and Life.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company dedicated to helping others become great and achieve true financial independence. We have members of the Wealthy Affiliate community who are willing and able to assist you in any way they can; you will be learning from the absolute best.


You can become a free member by clicking on any link in this post. I will contact you to answer your questions and show you around. I will be your mentor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I do hope it helped you in some way. If you have a comment or question, please leave it in the space provided, and I will reply ASAP. Also, please share this post; thank you.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).








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