Instant Rewards Review

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Instant Rewards Review------Scam or Legit?
Instant Rewards Review——Scam or Legit?

What is Instant Reward

Instant Rewards is an incentive marketing company that represents major companies and helps them in promoting their products and services.

Since 2009, Instant Rewards has paid out millions of dollars in prizes and commissions.

And the company’s main goal is to provide quick support, fast payouts and quality service.

The offers usually consist of a free sign-up or posting a link to your Facebook.

To verify that you’ve done this, simply take a screenshot of your post or sign-up and Instant Rewards will give you the necessary points within a few days.

How Does It Work?

Instant Rewards Is Pay per referral program. It works very similar to referral marketing Payments are made per referral.

You can make money for every referral that completes their offer requirements as long as they don’t violate site rules.

When a referral meets their offer requirements, just log into that site version and click on the order tab, scroll down and place an order to receive your funds.

After signing up for Instant Rewards and make sure that the information you provide is accurate, only one account per person and household and per internet connection, do not register or complete using public WIFI OR PROXY,  and do not register or complete offers using P.O. BOX ADDRESS,

Each referral that becomes active andt meets their offer requirements pays you $20. Payments can be made via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

When Will be Paid?

You are paid as soon as your order is approved (typically within 24 hours, but usually much less time than that) it should show up within your PayPal account around the same time that it’s approved.

Checks typically take 3 – 4 business days to reach your address after the order is approved.

To get paid on a referral, the referral must meet their offer requirements. Once a referral meets their offer requirements, place an order and you will be paid upon approval that the lead is legitimate.

Downline earnings are 5% bonus that are paid two levels deep when the people that you refer, refer other people. Downline earnings are only paid out in the form of a bonus on your next order.

Once you have your marketing link, you can refer people without completing your requirements, but you cannot cash out without meeting your requirements

Is Instant Rewards Legit

Yes, Instant  Reward is Legit,  If you refer someone and they become active you can get paid, which makes Instant, But the question is how many referrals can you get to make a decent income.


It’s  free to  join

Several marketing tools such as “lead capture pages are provided.

Downline earnings.


You need to complete trial CPA offers from companies that are partnered with Instant

Many offers are not free which means you have to pay in order to complete the offer

My Final Thoughts On Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards Network is not a scam if you decide to give Instant Rewards a try remember that you need to try their offers from companies they represent and not all offer are free and you must remember to terminate the offer at the time the free offer ends or you will end up paying a monthly fee.

There is a much better way to earn money online, it is affiliate marketing, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission

There is a program that will teach you all there is to know about affiliate marketing, and once you have the knowledge you can have many streams of income streams online using the knowledge gained from this program.

This program has helped many people to become 5 figures per month income earners, and you can also benefit from the training.

This site has been in operation for over 14 years and has a membership of over 1 million and these members are from all over the world. And you can become a member for free.

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You will get a chance to decide if it something you want to do, and the good thing is it would have cost you nothing.

this platform is not only for newbies but is for anyone even experts, give it a try now, it is free to try.

Thank you for your time it is appreciated, I look forward to receiving your comments and questions,  and please remember to share.

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

Comments by members of Instant Rewards

Here are a couple of comments I found by members of Instant Rewards

September 10th, 2013

I love instant rewards. I was afraid at first it was some kind of scam or something, But you literally do get paid for signing up people. Top earners are…read more

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April G.

2 reviews  2 helpful votes

I agree with the other reviewer, Instant rewards is…

December 23rd, 2013

I agree with the other reviewer, Instant rewards is great. If you are persistent and spend the time doing the work you will get paid, and quickly.


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