IPanelonline Survey Legit How Much Can You Really Make

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IPanelonline Survey Legit How Much Can You Really Make
IPanelonline Survey Legit How Much Can You Really Make

There are thousands of sites online, and each promises to reward you for participating in a program offered. But does iPaneloline deliver on that promise?

This post is written based on the information and testimonials available online in the public domain.

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What Is iPanelonline Survey?

iPanelonline is Asia’s largest online research panel provider; IpanelOnline began operations in China in 2004 and has since expanded to a more international audience. 

The company’s focus is primarily aimed at Asian countries, but they also support North and South American countries like the US, Brazil, Argentina, and more.

iPanelonline is a market research company that collects data for their market survey as well as help brands & organizations get data as per their requirement.

IPanelOnline is an affiliated company GoodDr Marketing & Consulting Co., Ltd was set up in 2012 to develop a global physician network for marketing and research purposes.

How Does iPanelonline Work? 

With iPanelonline, you can participate in surveys & get paid for your time & your information.

But as with most survey sites, before you can participate, you must become a member.

Registering as a member is simple; you fill out the registration form and then confirm your membership by clicking the activation link in the email they send you; after activation is done, you can start earning by logging in to the site and answering surveys.

Mobile Application

IPanelonline has developed a mobile app for IOS and Android phones for survey takers to have access anywhere. eligibility is from 13 years old

Paid surveys

Answering surveys are the primary way of earning on iPanelonline. When you finish the sign-up process, you can then log in to the member dashboard and view all the available surveys you can take.

Answering a survey is a relatively straightforward process; click the survey you want to answer; a new page load displays the screening questions, answer the questions honestly and click the Enter Survey button.

Remember there are times you will not be qualified for a survey; move on to the next one. 

Referral program

The referral program is another way to earn from this site by inviting others to join. You are rewarded with 70 points for every person who joins iPanelonline through your invite link.

And you also earn points for every survey they participate in and complete. You also gain an entry in the iPanelonline weekly draw for every person you invite and successfully register as a member—the weekly draw awards five winners of 100 points each. 

How do you get paid?

The payment is 1000 points or $10.and payment is made through Paypal payment is sent 1-2 days after it is requested, although it may take up to one week to process payment. There are also e-vouchers, gift cards, virtual game credits, etc. 

Is iPanelonline Legit?

iPanel Online is a legit survey site. I have not seen anything to indicate this site is not legit, and they do pay you for answering surveys and inviting other people to join the site. 

But the thing is, to earn enough points, you have to qualify for every survey you attempt, which is pretty hard to do. And to top it off, there won’t always be a survey available for you. But there are many better ways to make money online,

My Thoughts 

There are other legit ways to earn money online, it may not be as easy as the tasks this site offers, and it is not a get-rich-quick opportunity.

By earning money online, you can become an online business owner with the potential to make good money that can become a passive income earner.

One of the great things about the internet is that you can go into business for yourself from the comfort of your home.

It would be best if you had an internet connection to a computer to make money online.

Running your own business online will allow the freedom from the daily 9 to 5 desk job.

You will be able to travel, indulge in hobbies, and be with your family,

There are more profitable ways to  earn online than on surveys or  GPT sites; of all the ways to make money online, I favor affiliate marketing,

I have written a post about the many ways to make a living online ( you can read it here.) What is affiliate marketing, and why affiliate marketing, you ask?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to make money online, and you can start for free.

As with these sites, the potential for earning anything substantial is almost nill, but there are other earning opportunities online that can be better income earners,

There are more profitable ways to  earn online than on surveys or  GPT sites; of all the ways to make money online, I favor affiliate marketing,

I have written a post about the many ways to make a living online ( you can read it here.) What is affiliate marketing, and why affiliate marketing, you ask?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to make money online, and you can start for free.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor; it will take some work and patience, but you can do it.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

The benefits are many, but I will list a few:

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No selling face to face!
  • No stock to keep or manage!
  • No recruitment involved!
  • No taking of endless surveys!
  • No vast investment involved – (Get started for FREE)
  • And no working for someone else!
  • You can operate in any market you wish! – even your hobbies & passions!
  • Earn a full-time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!.

You may be saying you do not know about affiliate marketing; well, not to worry, there is (in my opinion) the very best training platform in AFFILIATE Marketing.

This company has been around since 2005 and has members from around the globe,

This company has an outstanding reputation and has produced many super-affiliates; they have the very best community that is very active, friendly, and helpful.

With the free membership, you will get ten lessons, a website, a domain (for a time), and free web hosting; you need not be an expert; you will become an expert; you have nothing to lose to try; it is FREE.

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Who is Affiliate Marketing for

  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • The disabled
  • Anyone that needs to earn some extra money
  • People that don’t like their current jobs
  • People who want to earn money from their hobbies or passions
  • Bloggers who want to make some money from their blogs
  • Students either while studying or after graduating
  • The unemployed
  • Retired people who want to earn to supplement their pensions
  • People who want to learn how to build a WordPress website
  • Local business owners who wish to start a website or improve their online presence
  • Anyone wishing to create a website or improve their online presence
  •  People who want to learn how to make money online in an honest way
  • And many more.

As I said before, Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich venture, it does take time to be successful, but as with all businesses, success does not happen overnight. But success is achievable.

Thank you for your time. I do appreciate it. Have you done any surveys from survey sites? What was your experience?

I really would like to hear from you. Do you have any experience on sites like this one? If you have any comments, questions, or experiences with this website, I would love to hear from you.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase

Here are some comments by members of iPanelonline taken from the Survey Police Site

By: Date | Highest rating | Lowest ratingFor Extra Money

April 23, 2021, by Suhartini from Indonesia

iPanelonline is one of reliable surveys online. We can redeem points after collecting $10. Screening profile was not too strict! It was fun as a subscriber!ipanelonline South Africa not paying

August 21, 2020 by Alastair from South Africa

Zaipanel responded to my 20th email query dated 31 January 2020 regarding redemption request on 21 August 2019 as follows:

Administrator : Our payment team will audit your request after receive it and we will arrange for payment within 7 work days after receive your redemption request. If you still didnt receive, please directly contact us.

I have emailed ipanel South Africa a further 4 times since the above response.

As of today 7 March 2020 they have still not paid. I have also emailed the parent company at http://www.ipanelonline.com/contact_us.php. They too do not respond.

Today, 20 August 2020 marks exactly one year since I redeemed points and have still not received payment or a justification for non payment. No communication from them at all despite many emails to them. Shame on you ipanelonline. I certainly would never recommend this site.no pay

April 17, 2019 by kimmy from Hong Kong

redeemed a month ago, no pay at all. the site was ok, sometimes having error and not adding points.didnt pay

December 8, 2018 by PARIDHI from India

redeemed rs 1000 on 25-12-2017 till now no payment received in paypal also their site shows that it has been payed by them, and paypal also confirmed that panel had canceled my payment at their end , and again on 15/10/2018 redeemed rs 1000 which has the same fate , what is the point in wasting time to do surveys for survey sites
i redeemed rs 1000 on25/12/2017 and 1000 points on 15/10/18 now its 7/12/18 and till now they have not paid , i have sent repeated mails and queries to them but till now they have done nothing all they say is that they have paid although on calling paypal they confirmed that the request was made and canceled immediatelyNo contact, will NOT payout

October 9, 2017 by Doug from United States

Unpaid10.00 USD
2017-03-18 21:09:14 10 Dollar 1000

Paid: 5.00 USD
2015-01-25 11:45:06 5 Dollar 500

Payments Refused: 10.00 USD
2017-03-18 21:09:14

The above clearly shows $10 unpaid, and $5 paid then, $10 refused.
But my points total shows being paid $15????
2 redemptions
0.00 being reviewed
15.00 USD total rewards

I’ve tried to contact them numerous times but get nothing. Payments was to go to my Paypal but nothing get put in there from iPanelOnline US

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