Is OnePoll Survey Legit Or Scam?

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OnePoll survey is legit.
Is OnePoll survey legit or a scam?

Answering Surveys is one of the easiest quick and common ways to earn money online.

There are many websites offering earning opportunities by taking surveys, as their main way of making money online.

Because of this, there are sites that are not legitimate sites, and it becomes a challenge to find the sites offer a legitimate opportunity to earn some money and not a waste of time or worst be a scam.

I have already done several reviews and offer alternatives on this website (

For this review, we’ll be talking about a survey site called OnePoll. It’s a UK-based online panel company that offers people with an opportunity to make money answering surveys.

The site will pay you in cash, which you can withdraw once you have earned the minimum cash-out requirement.

Name: Onepoll


Price $0

The Media Centre, Abbeywood Business Park, Emma-Chris Way, Filton, Bristol BS34 7JU.




NEW YORK 11201

TEL. (646) 873-756


OnePoll conducts surveys
OnePoll conducts surveys, collates data and delivers insights from a trusted and engaged online panel, every day.

About Onepoll

OnePoll is a survey-led marketing research company specializing in online and mobile polling. It has offices in London and Bristol.

The company is owned by PR and marketing firm 72Point and forms part of the South West News Service Group, which is the UK’s largest independent press agency and newswire service.

The firm has an online and iPhone panel of over 100,000 Britons ranging across all demographics. Panel members are paid for completing surveys, which typically contain between 10 and 20 questions.

OnePoll has carried out projects for many brands including Philips, Travelodge, and Halifax.Wikipedia

OnePoll was set up to run surveys to aid the PR industry and works for PR agencies including Pegasus PR, Red Consultancy and Ketchum.[3] OnePoll research has in the past has been featured in national newspapers, on radio, TV, mobiles and online]

Recently OnePoll has expanded into research targeted specifically in the marketing and advertising sectors.[1]

OnePoll also complete work through a series of specialist demographic panels including MumPoll, YoungPoll, ExecPoll, and SilverPoll (for the over-50s).[5]

Another recent innovation within the company has been the exploration of new territories for polling purposes, with panel registration sites being launched in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the United States.[3]

The company recently moved into mobile polling with the launch of an iPhone app that is available for use in the U.S. and UK.[2]

Signing up for an account

Signing up involves filling in several pages of forms with your personal details, which is standard for all survey sites.

This information is needed as it enables them to match you up to relevant surveys.

How to earn on OnePoll

There are 3 ways to earn on Onepoll.


On average, you probably get one survey per day. But there are times you  could get only two surveys available per week, and some times as many as 10 or 12 per week

You are paid £0.15 – £0.40. Which converts to is $0.19-$. 52 However, there are some rare occurrences of surveys priced above this.


These sweepstakes are known as competition surveys, and they are clearly marked and it is entirely a personal choice.

These are normally short surveys and upon completion, participants’ names will be entered into a prize draw to win cash prizes between £100  which converts to $129.68 us. and £1000.wich is = to $1296.81usd.


You can also earn some cash by referring friends to join OnePoll but you can only invite up to ten friends.

You are paid:

  • 50p once someone registers under you and completes a survey.
  • £1 once someone registered under you has earned £20.
  • £2.50 once someone registered under you has earned £40

How are you paid

You will be paid when you have reached your threshold of  £40 or $51.87us.Payments can be made directly to your bank account via BACS or Paypal account.

You can also opt for the check option. The check option requires a user to register their physical address.

It takes approximately 28 days for the money to arrive but there are cases where its members received a little earlier than that.

For your converting the British currency to USD I have found this website very good and easy to understand

This survey site is for anyone 18years and older and is in need of earning some extra cash.

What I like about this site

They pay in cash, no gift cards.

There are more than one way to earn money

It’s Free to become a member

It’s a legitimate site

Dislike about this site

Surveys are few in number

Payment threshold too high

This site is given a 3 stars rating by

Here a couple of the reviews given by it’s members.

Nov 24, 2019

Waste of time

Like others on here that I’ve seen reviewing this survey site, I too have spent forever trying to do surveys to claim the reward of £30(I think I’ve been using this site for a year now!) and still not reached the withdrawal amount. In the beginning surveys were frequented, easy and quick to complete but now I’m lucky if I get one survey completed a week which is only worth about 10p. Almost all of the surveys they send me end up being ‘unsuccessful’ after me already answering questions. Seems to be a waste of time – would direct others to sites like Valued Opinions(in the past two weeks I’ve earned two vouchers both worth a £10 each!) or YouGov, a slow burner but reliable and you never get timed out.

James Mosley

7 reviews

Nov 21, 2019 Site Sucks now!! Site Sucks now!!! I would not recommend one poll to new users that’s curious about the site, please don’t waste your time with this survey panel. There payouts Have become increasingly low this year. Suddenly I received a fake email from them trying to explain why they stopped sending surveys, And the truth is this survey company can’t afford to pay us anymore, that’s why we get a low offers or none at all.

I’ve been stuck at $53.00 for 6 months waiting for some surveys’” to show up. Once I’m able to cash out my $65.00 I’m Cancelling my account and never looking back. ( is just to slow and unreliable. ( is also starting to pay out crumbs, which the survey offers only range from 75cent to 15cent. I also don’t like this site anymore because they force you to cash out at 65.00. I enjoy survey panels that let you cash out at any time.

Ruby Flanagan

1 review

Nov 20, 2019

I enjoyed Onepoll to begin with

I enjoyed Onepoll to begin with, there were lots of surveys to complete and I managed to get up to £9 Straight away but now I’ve been on it for almost 4 months and I go weeks at a time with no surveys and then I’ll receive two for 15p Or something silly Every 3 weeks weeks Or so and so it’s impossible for me to build my money to be able to eventually cash out At the £30 Limit because I literally never have any surveys… sick of it! Sort it out.

It seems that the complaints are about insufficient surveys like in most surveys you cannot make enough money to be of any significant impact on your income.

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This OnePoll review has been researched with information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any conclusions drawn are my opinions.

I Appreciate you taking the time to read this post please share thanks I would love to hear from you, what do you think about surveys?, are you a member of any survey site?,are you a member of Onepoll?

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