Is Paid Viewpoint Survey A Scam? (An Honest Review Of Paid ViewPoint survey).

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Is Paid Viewpoint Survey A Scam? (An Honest Review Of Paid ViewPoint survey)

Many people are seeking ways to earn extra money and it seems that the most popular way is to find a way to earn online.

There are many opportunities for earning money online, and one of the most popular ways is to do surveys online.

There is a lot of surveys site available, but not all sites are what they advertised, I have been looking at survey sites, and you can visit our reviews on this website.

In this post, we are looking on yet another survey Paid this site a scam? Let’s find out.

  • What Is Paid View Point

Paid ViewPoint is a subsidiary of AYMT market research, Ask Your Target Market is an Online Market Research solution that helps brands and agencies gain insights from their precise target markets.

According to their website

PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles:

  • We pay cash for every completed market research survey.
  • We never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.
  • We’ve cracked the code that takes “boring” out of the survey answering experience.
  • We respect your privacy and do not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

PaidViewpoint is operated by Ask Your Target Market.

  • How Does Paid ViewPoint Work

There are two ways to earn on Paid ViewPoint, you can earn by taking surveys ar by referring people to the site.

On signing up you will receive a $1 sign up bonus.and you take online surveys in exchange for cash and gift cards.

All cash-out payments are made through Paypal or their partner, Virtual Incentives. You get paid when you have reached the threshold which is  $15.00 USD balance.

Unlike many other survey sites, you’ll never be not suited for a questionnaire on PaidViewPoint.

Once you’re deemed eligible to take a survey, you’ll have the ability to take the survey and be rewarded for it.

Unlike some survey sites, you go through a lot of questions and then you are informed you are eligible to take the survey. This does not happen with PaidViewPoint Review.

New surveys are posted to your dashboard, there are also some small surveys that will earn you $0.03 to $0.10 these surveys are available on most days and are called Trait Surveys.

These Trait Surveys not only serve to increase your earnings slowly but also helps increase your Trustscore.

The Trustcore system factor is unique to Paid Viewpoint.and  was invented to assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics.

The higher your TraitScore, the more you can earn per survey. A high TrustScore allows you to receive the maximum number of surveys per month.

The top 10 % of PaidViewpoints members achieve a Traitscore of 9000 points This means you’ll earn even more per answer.

  • How are you paid

You are paid through PayPal. And Amazon and Walmart gift cards The payment threshold or minimum payout amount is $15.

To Join Paid ViewPoint is free and they operate worldwide the age for joining is 18 years.

Is Paid Viewpoint LEGIT

Paid Viewpoint is Legit, It is given a 2 ½ stars by trust pilot and the address for this site is 123 10th St., San Francisco, California  94103 US

Tel: (415) 364-8601   Contact:

Operated by: AYTM

As someone who has done surveys in the hopes of making money online, I thought it was a waste of time to spent so much time just to make a few dollars.

How To Better Use Your Time

There are other ways to make money online that will pay you much better and you can own your own online business, I am no saying it will make you rich overnight,

With the right training and the right community, you will be able to achieve success.

The online business is like any other business it takes time and commitment, I can introduce to one of the best training platforms and you can become a member for free  iF YOU ARE INTERESTED click here

Here are a few reviews from Trust regarding Paid Viewpoint remember every body’s experience is different.

.Claire xx.

1 review

10 hours ago

I made my first $15 dollars and it took…

I made my first $15 dollars and it took less than 48 hours to reach my paypal, however for the next $15 dollars it started off great. I was getting surveys like twice a day and I am currently around 10 dollars , but i haven’t gotten any and its been days. They clearly slow it down once close to checkout. This is okay to do but i wouldn’t depend on it.

Cheryl Jones

4 reviews

Updated 2 days ago

I wish I had read the reviews before I…

I wish I had read the reviews before I got to $13.61 on Is there anything we can do or someone we can contact? I haven’t gotten a survey in 3 days and no response from support. They are getting paid from the survey suppliers and we have earned this payout. They can’t just not pay us


7 reviews

maitland, US

Feb 12, 2020

i like this site

i like this site

made some nice money from it and I put it all on amazon gift cards. it is repetitious but overall a good and legit site. took off one star for the same surveys all the time and no none of the above on some questions.

Thank you for your time and I do appreciate any questions or comments you may have, I will reply to all.

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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