Looking For Legit Ways To Make Money Or Start An Online Business Start Free

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Are you looking for ways to make money online or start an online business? Both options are possible.

You can have an online career where you can earn an excellent income from a passive source.

Whatever your financial goals are, it is achievable through the affiliate marketing business model, which is a great model for beginners.

To be successful, you must be willing to learn and invest significant time working for it; only then will you have the potential to earn what you’re looking for.

In this post, I am looking at how you can make money online through the use of affiliate marketing:


Affiliate marketing is a business model that is great for beginners because the concept is easy to understand, it’s low in cost (you can start free), and you earn a passive income.

A passive income, you don’t just earn money once, but it can make you cash repeatedly.

An example would be writing a post advertising a product, and you have links to affiliate products in that post or display ads, which allows you to make money repeatedly from this one post.

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission online from generating new sales for companies you partner with.

So, if you partner with companies that carry the products your niche is about, your website will have ads for those products, and when somebody buys the product,  you make money.

When you sign up, they provide you with an affiliate link, which you will paste into your content.

When a reader lands on your page to read about the product you are advertising, they may be inclined to click a link;  tell them they could find the product; you could use a CALL TO ACTION tool like: “Click here to see the” product you are advertising.”

You would link those words with the affiliate link to the site where they can buy that product.

You will earn a commission when they click your link and visit the merchant’s site to buy the product!

That is how you can earn a commission online, and it’s one of the best ways to make money from home with it.


Many companies offer affiliate programs because it’s an excellent way to get new sales without any upfront costs.

For affiliate marketers or people who want to make money online, affiliate programs offer an easy way to monetize websites.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model because it creates a win-win situation.

Brands and companies can create affiliate programs like Target.com and Amazon.com or join an affiliate network like Clickbank or CJ.com to host their affiliate program on a platform.

So for you, as an affiliate marketer, apply at a place like Amazon, where they already have many products in one spot.

Or, you can apply to an affiliate network to get access to hundreds or thousands of merchants to choose from.

Sometimes you don’t need additional approval when finding an affiliate program you want to join. However, sometimes you must be approved individually by each company you apply to, even in an affiliate network.

How much you get paid per commission depends on the affiliate program you join; they all differ widely from 1 – 10% to 50% – 100%, and everything in between.


Everyone wants to know how much you can make, and the truth is, it’s really up to you.

If anyone guarantees you any money you can make, it’s a sure sign of a scam, and you should run away.

No one can predict or know how you’ll work, how you’ll learn, and what you’ll do with the training, even if you have it.

You can make nothing or an excellent monthly income, or you can make way more,

It’s all up to you how much work you put into your own business as this is a very much you reap what you sow.

When starting an affiliate marketing business, it’s essential to know how to create such a business and not just do it alone.

You can learn on your own and search online or watch videos on YouTube to learn, but the best way to learn is on a training course or platform where you can learn everything in one place.

Getting training is one of the keys to success, and Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform created to train affiliate marketers, from beginners to experts.


Wealthy Affiliate specializes in affiliate marketing training that provides comprehensive, step-by-step lessons.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

They’re ideal for beginners.

Wealthy Affiliate; is where you can learn how to earn commissions online and get helped by others like you, from beginners to experts who care.

Wealthy Affiliate has a fantastic community. You can easily ask for help and get help in no time.

It’s the perfect training brand for aspiring online entrepreneurs who must learn how to create a WordPress site.

Wealthy Affiliate is also helpful for fresh graduates in the online industry.

The wealth of information you get on their platform is incredible and vast.

They have a Live Chat, Live Weekly Webinars, and 1-on-1 mentorship with me (more on that in a bit).

It is worth a try, and it’s free to try.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can create an online business in any niche of your choice. You can start a small site based on a topic you are passionate about.

You’ll learn how to build your site with the proper pages you’ll need, use keywords, get your site ranking on Google, and everything in between.

They offer business tools to host your website, a keyword research tool, and offer you SSL certificates too to secure your websites.

Membership Options

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can make money in two ways:

  • Free Starter member
  • Premium member

The Starter membership is free-for-life, so there’s no pressure to upgrade.

You can use the free website to check out the platform or the 1. free website to see if you can build it on your own with the first 5. free lessons of both of their courses included in your membership.

If you can’t figure it out and need the rest of the lessons, you will upgrade to Premium ($49/month, $234/6-month, $359/year).

When you’re Premium, you will get all access to all 50 lessons in the main course, the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, and another 70 lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

You get all the above features and more; click here to see.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding earning online or anything else, please do not hesitate to comment below. I always reply to my readers!

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