Multi-Level Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing Which Is Better

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Multi-Level vs Affiliate marketing
Multi-Level Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing


Multi-Level Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing


Multi-Level Marketing



Multi-level Marketing companies, also called network marketing companies, direct selling companies, or other names, are not new.

Companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, and other MLMs have been around for a long time. But with the advent of social media, they have acquired a new vigor and profile in this new era of internet marketing.

Their business model defines these MLM companies, and They do not use the traditional storefront method of selling their goods; MLMs sell their goods through “business owners” who are paid on commission.

Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is a group of small business owners selling an identical product from the same company.

These small business owners are not paid a salary. They consist mainly of stay-at-home parents, college students, or part-time workers hoping to make money by selling products such as vitamins, makeup, and perfumes to their friends and family.

Selling Products

But just selling products is not enough to make a profit, and “these small business owners” are encouraged to recruit “others to their team, referred to as downline.

Downline is” a team of people from whose sales they also earn a commission, from which you get a compensation structure. So the more downlines you have on your team, the more commission you get.

It is estimated that some 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the U.S. in 2016; according to the national trade association for companies, the Direct Selling Association, states that products and services are marketed directly to consumers through an independent sales force.

Much direct selling

Many direct-selling companies use an MLM model,  but not all do; recruits pound the pavement selling everything from candles to essential oils and weight-loss drinks.

Proponents of MLMs advertise them as a way to make money without working a  regular 9-5 job, but a vast majority of MLM participants make no money at all, and some may even spend more than they earn.

There is a constant push to sell, sell, and this can be hard to do to make any money.

So before you sign up with an MLM company, do your research. Here’s what to know before getting involved in an MLM company

Forget the hype; do not expect to make much money. Analysis of 32 income disclosure statements from direct selling companies found that 80 percent of people selling their products grossed less than $1,200 per year before expenses; about half of those “small companies” made no money.

With that information,  any income claim implying that this is a way for someone to gain financial freedom is false and deceptive.

It is noted that nearly three-quarters of people involved in direct selling are “discount customers” who are buying the products for themselves and not selling them. Most of these people’s earnings aren’t just small: They’re nonexistent.

Look out for scams.

While legitimate MLM companies can operate under the law, experts recommend watching for scams.

“It is best to always check the Better Business Bureau website … before agreeing to work for any company. It will give you a public perception of the company before you decide.

Look out for claims about earning money for little or no work, requirements to purchase extensive inventories to start up, and requests for payments via cash, wire transfer, or money order,

If product sales are not the primary source of making money for the MLM company and solely rely on recruiting people, you may be dealing with a pyramid scheme.

There is a need to look at where the compensation is coming from carefully, But sometimes it cannot be good financially for the people who sign up to sell for some legally operated companies.

Pyramid Scam

The truth is It’s a scam. It’s a pyramid scam, it’s a recruiting scam, and you’ll lose your money,

I know I am speaking for many of you, including myself; we have walked this path before; we have in the position products we have bought to stay active in the company because you never know when that elusive sale will come.

The account has to be kept active, so something is bought by us every month to keep the account up to date.

There is a much better way to make a passive income; it does not promise to make you rich overnight, but it does promise that you will be able to make a decent income with dedication, work, and discipline. I am talking about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing recommends a product or service to you know or contacts through a blog or other means. It earns a commission when they purchase it (or completes some other associated action).

What is a blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published online; these discussions can be about anything.

How to start a blog?

I want to recommend it to your Wealthy Affiliate. This company started 13 years ago, and during these thirteen years, this company has grown in trust and accountability. Wealthy Affiliate is five stars rated and has an A+ rating with BBB.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has a membership of over 1,500.000 people from every walk of life, and you can find a member of every nationality that is represented globally.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are not  only  taught how to start a blog but how to maintain that blog;

You are given insights on how to get ranked and indexed on Google and other search engines and the necessary tools and information to assist you in reaching your goals (No EXPERIENCE NECESSARY). You can blog if you can interact on Facebook or other social media.

The lessons are given through video; you can go at your own pace; here is a sample of our videos.

creating content
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Free Membership

You can become a member of Wealthy  Affiliate for FREE. (NO COST) and you will be given

  • Live Help – First 7 Days
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How long can you remain on the free membership? There is no date limit, but I recommend upgrading to premium to run a profitable business, especially if you have no online business experience.

I joined for free, started my website, looked around the platform, liked what I saw, then upgraded to premium, and I am so happy.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was a novice. I had a few social media sites, and I had tried selling stuff online and failed miserably,e, but I had no experience in anything like this. I never thought I would have a successful website, but with training and help from members at Wealthy Affiliate, I now have not one but two.

The Wealthy Affiliate family is a helpful and eager community to assist. The pay-it-forward attitude is encouraged and maintained; here are a couple of member comments.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to you here at Wealthy Affiliate; I appreciate you all! I love finding many motivated people on a similar journey and helping each other succeed. (One Year With Wealthy Affiliate!)ColleenF1

I know the subsequent courses will bring my site to its next level, and if I need any help, I can always count on everybody in this great community! Like many other guys my age, I used to play video games as a hobby. Those communities are just nothing compared to what WA has to offer. So again, I’m pleased I could replace my old hobby with this incredible WA platform.

I love you, WA(Vince)

Being a Premium member, you will receive

Live Help – Unlimited

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And web hosting is also free; so much is offered as a premium member. I think it would be worth your effort to become a  premium member. And remember, you do not have to upgrade immediately; you can join for free, and there is no expiration date, no how long you can remain free.


Many voices are calling, telling anyone who will listen to make money quickly and easily. Still, unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way; it takes work, effort, dedication, and discipline to succeed in any business, and having an online business is no different.

By joining us at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be given the tools and information; a community of fellow members is willing and able to assist you and encourage you.

There are also lots of training videos made by fellow members that will aid you in making it easier to maintain your website. You will have the training videos to go over and over as many times as you would like, and best of all, you will go at your own pace.

You join for FREE, and should you decide this is not for you and you can quit, there is no loss.

The only required information is your name and email address, nothing else. WA  will not credit your credit card or harass you with unwanted phone calls. So you can dip your toes in the water and try it.

I appreciate you stopping by; please drop in again anytime. And should you have a question or a comment, please leave it below in the space provided, and I will reply

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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