OfferNation Review (A Legitimate Site,But There Is Better)

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A reliable survey site
Offer Nation Review (reliable but there is a better way)

OfferNation Review (A reliable site)

Taking surveys can be a way some money if you’re looking to earn a little extra cash on the side.

But in some cases talking surveys can be very frustrating and time-wasting for you.

There are some sites that can be fun and rewarding, but I must remind you that taking surveys will not replace your income from your job or get you rich.

There are other online options that can allow you to earn a reasonable income.

I have researched and written several reviews on survey sites, and they can be found here on this site.

In this post, I will be looking at OfferNation.

OfferNation is owned by 99 Venture a very reliable company that offers earning online.

This company operates out of the United Kingdom and operates in several countries

Their address is.

Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garde

London Uk.

  • What is Offer Nation

OfferNation is one of the longest  GPT or Get Paid To sites to be in operation, it was stared in 2013 and is one of the most established sites.

The company’s owned by 99 Ventures, an online advertising company based in London. They operate two more GPT sites  Superpay.Me and RewardingWays.

They offer you many ways to earn money, by doing surveys, and other tasks including entering their monthly $1000 contest.

  • How Does OfferNation Work?


To start earning choose any of the options available under “Make Money” or “Offerwalls” in the main menu.

Here you will see the selection of paid surveys and offers that are available right now.

Check all areas to maximize the amount you can earn each day as each section will have access to different surveys and offers.

The offers are updated every day so if there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for you tomorrow.

  • You should complete the offer correctly and upon reaching the success page the advertiser will confirm the successful completion and arrange to credit your account.
  • The credit for the task is applied to your account (this can take from a few minutes up to 30 days depending on the offer you are doing!)
  • We pay you (Payments are made throughout the day and most payments are sent within a few hours of the request.

Requesting payment or redeeming your points rewards

All offers are credited in cash or points and if you wish you can convert your points to cash.

As soon as you reach the threshold of $1.00 you can request payment via Paypal, Instant Paypal, Payza, Skrill and Bitcoin.

Points can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

Offer Nation you get paid when the threshold of $1 is reached.

Download Apps

You, also have the option to download and install apps on your phone.

Some of these apps you will have to install and log on to it before you get the points credited, and there are others that will simply give you credit the moment you download it.

These apps are worth a few points, and they don’t require you to keep the app to get credit. As soon as you get the points, you can uninstall the app.

Clicking Ads

Clicking on ads is one of the best ways to earn quick points. It doesn’t require you to download or sign up for anything.

All you have to do is click on an ad and then wait for it to load and then you get credited towards your ads watched. If you close the ad too soon, you won’t get credited.

Another great way to make money

Another great way to make money at is to refer your friends. You will earn 25% of everything your referrals earn at.

Is OfferNation Legit?

OfferNation has 4 ½ stars by Trustpilot this site is a legitimate site, and if you are ok with earning a couple of bucks per month then its ok to join. But if you would like to earn more, start a new career or own your own business,

There is A better way to use your time.

There is a better way to make a good living, it is not easy as taking a survey, or downloading apps or anything like that.

Online marketing is a better way to make money online, and the training platform that will give you the right training in a manner that will allow you to learn in your own time is available to you, and you can join for free.

If you would like to learn more you can click HERE and I will gladly show you around.

Here are some reviews of Offernation as found on Trustpilot

.Brett Wilt

1 review

15 hours ago

Bdub1976 here to tell you that if your…

Bdub1976 here to tell you that if your needing extra cash, then offernation is a site to get just that! Easy to use and great payouts!


7 reviews

A day ago

Craigman2343 here to let you know…

Craigman2343 here to let you know is a great site for paid surveys and other offers. You get paid quick and there is always something on the site that you can make extra money on. I reccommend it is one of if not the best surveys site out there.

Marlon Grant

1 review

Feb 13, 2020

One of the better sites

This site is alright. Not too bad, I’ve made almost $10 already since starting yesterday and I haven’t been going at it too tough. They did ban my account last night claiming I had multiple accounts but I opened a ticket and told them I only have the one account and after having me verify my identity they reinstated my account. Only problems are that you get disqualified/don’t qualify from a lot of surveys. The payouts are very quick usually within minutes with PayPal but they do take 2% of your withdrawal

The reviews on trust pilot are 4 and 5 stars I found 2 1 star I will place 1 here.

1 review

Updated 2 days ago

I supposedly failed their security…

Was looking for a new site and tried this one and attempted the min payout to see if they where legit. Long story short they claim it could take 360 days and did not like my rebuttal and banned me.

I did 3 surveys all with yoursurveys who I was connected to through my email for over 4 years. So to say I failed their security check is puzzling. Unable to post whole discussion but here are some highlights:::::

If this was a test to see how the site is run, then it’s fairly obvious we’ve passed with flying colours. We provide all the inforamtion to you in advance and we do exactly what we say we will do.

As for your account, we will absolutely be deleting it, because we will not be called a scam because of your failures.

All future tickets will now be closed without being read or receiving a response, and the account will no longer be accessable after this rsponse has been read.

We suggest in future you actually take time to read and understand the information you are provided with to save you making embarrassing and false accusations.



As a result of failing our security checks, this account is now banned permanently. All future tickets will be deleted without being read or receiving a response.


P.s Never paid out. It appears to be a ego situation and most likely wont happen to everyone.

Response to reply: They just stated they ban accounts that request payouts over a percentage of withdrawal. Thats a funny way to ban people


This OfferNation review has been researched with information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any conclusions draw are my opinions.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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