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In today’s post, I will be looking at another make-money online survey site, Panel Champ survey; this site is operated by Quest Global Research Group and was started in Nov 2015 as Quest Mindshare; howeverr, the name was changed to Panel Champ in 2018

What is Panel Champ

Panel Champ is a survey panel that is owned by Quest Global research and had a name change from Quest Mindshare to Panel Champ in 2018,

This survey panel rewards members for sharing their opinion and demographics; the views you share will help their clients improve their merchandise or service based on your opinions.

When you become a member, you will be invited to participate in surveys that will be rewarded with cash rewards.

Who is the panel champ for

Panel Champ is for those 15 years and older who have time on their hands and would like to earn a little money online, answering surveys.

How does Panel Champ work

You can only participate in a survey if you are invited; you will receive an email from Panel Champ once a study that matches your profile becomes available. The invitation email contains all the details about the survey, including the length and incentive offered.

Even though you may receive an invite, it doesn’t guarantee that you will participate in the survey.

You must still undergo a pre-qualification process to determine your eligibility for the survey.

Once you qualify, you must complete the survey within the stipulated time and according to the instructions. The average length for each survey ranges from 7 to 30 minutes, with longer surveys offering higher payouts.

When Will you be Paid

You will be able to be paid when the minimum payout threshold is reached, and because Panel Champ has international participating members, the amount will depend on the area of the world you are from.

For those participants from the USA and Canada, The withdrawal threshold is USD 12.50. Canada, UK is  £8 in New Zealand NZD 15,  in Australia AUD 17, and 10 Euros in Europe.

Panel Champ features average survey lengths between 7-30 minutes. Most surveys pay between $0.25 to $5 per study completion. Music surveys often pay out much more but are not always available.

start your own business
Start your own business

Remember that different companies offer surveys, so there may be different thresholds, and, some sites may let you cash out with a lower threshold amount.

How Will be paid

Payment options include PayPal cash, Tango cards, prepaid Visa cards, checks, GCode, and Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are only available to UK and US residents.

Is Panel Champ Legit

Panel Champ is legitimate, a reputable company operates it, and it has been in operation for at least five years.

Pros: It is free to join

Cons: The reward for completing surveys is minimal

Final word

This site is illegitimate, but  it takes too long to earn anything, and there will be times that no survey is available as none  fits your demographic;

I know all about the disappointments and frustration that brings, having spent some time trying to earn from doing surveys.

I have found a better way of earning money online, it is affiliate marketing,  What is affiliate marketing according to

Definition: A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission

Now you may be saying I have no experience; well, I had none either, but there is a platform that will teach you step by step via video, and it’s free to join; if you would like to know more, CLICK HERE.

Reviews from some of Panel Champ members taken from Survey Police

I got banned for no reason after two months

April 4, 2020, by Maxim from the United States

I got to at least cash out $100 before they banned me without warning for no reason.

not to be trusted

March 20, 2020, by Thomas from the United Kingdom

When they say, a survey takes 10 minutes, be prepared to sit there for 45 minutes for 50 pence, a complete rip-off.

Panel Champ responded to this review on March 20, 2020

Hello there,

We apologize that the survey was more prolonged than you expected or what was stated initially.

It would help us a lot if we could identify which survey this was so we could correct any misleading information.

Could you please email me directly at, and I can take a deeper look into this for you.

Thank you for your help!


Panel Champ

Panel Chanp

January 27, 2020 by Rochelle from United States

Uses routers, like many others, and you get tossed from site to site, finally hitting a dead end.

2 for 2

December 19, 2019 by Joe from United States

Second time taking long music survey for them and second time they paid as promised. $50 for 3 hours of my time is definitely worth it and they pay in a timely manner.

Beware – account closed without warning and no appeals

December 19, 2019 by Steve from United Kingdom

I’ve been a member for 4 and a half years and had no problems until this week.

I’ve just had all my CINT survey panel accounts, including Panelchamp (formerly Quest Mindshare), closed without warning and the earnings forfeited due to a supposed T&Cs; violation. I know I’ve not breached any T&Cs; so I think this is despicable behaviour on the part of CINT. They refuse to consider any appeals – this is the email text they sent to me:-

“We regret to inform you that our systems have identified activity that is in violation of Cint’s Participant Terms & Conditions for Panel Membership. As a result, we have removed your panelist account from our system and you will no longer be able to login, take part in surveys or other research programs or redeem or receive any rewards.

This decision will not be reviewed or reversed.”

*** AVOID ***

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