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Retirement Income Planning

Planning for Retirement

We Baby Boomers are sometimes not well informed when we are planning our medical care especially when it comes to long-term medical care during our years spent in retirement.

We tend to put our hope and trust in Medicare which provides excellent health insurance. But it is not enough in paying for our medical costs. And doesn’t pay for long-term supports and services at all.

In a study by Fidelity Benefits Consulting, it is noted that a couple turning 65 today will pay an average of $220,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs before they die,

The out-of-pocket costs not only include premiums, but co-pays, and deductibles.

And on top of their medical care,  it is said two-thirds of boomers those 65 and older will have some long-term care needs.

That means a typical couple we will need to put aside roughly $300,000 to pay for their care in old age.

Boomers think they’ll need only about $50,000 to pay for their health care in retirement.  And many think Medicare will pay for long-term supports and services. But this is not so

Medicare does pay for health care.  it provides very generous benefits. But even with generous government benefits, they will still have to pay a hefty sum out of pocket.

Jobs in Retirement 

So as we see going in retirement is costly I had a friend who wanted to retire but after looking at his medical insurance cost without the workplace insurance plan he changed his mind.

So today I am encouraging those of us who are close to retirement and even if you are not, I think the younger the better or maybe you have already retired and you are finding it a bit difficult to cope financially or maybe you just need some extra cash, I think you should  look into making money online

There are a host of online jobs that can be a source of income for you.

You could drive Uber or Lyft or any other company that offers this kind of service, teaching is another good one you could offer your services to teach or you could sell stuff online like craft, clothes.

Photographs, antiques or If you are one of those persons  you can fix things you could be a handyman you would be able to set your own time and price

You could make a decent income from either one of the jobs mentioned and there are a lot more.

But I would like to take a look at something that is better able to serve you for a long time, a business that you will be able to make a passive income over time. And you can join for FREE

A business that after it is established you can earn without too much activity on your part. I am talking about online marketing.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is a method used for promoting products and services through the internet.

With online marketing, you will be able to advertise your skills and services or your products you are selling or you can advertise for a company and collect a commission if anyone buys through your web site by way of a blog.

So you may not know how to start a blog. Well  you don’t need any special knowledge, or technical skills or anything else to start your own money-making blog

You can become a member of the wealthy affiliate at no cost (for free) and you will be taught by a step by step method to build your website,( the beginner training course)

have a look at one of our training videos.

creating content
Creating keyword rich content lesson3 phase1

You will be given 2 websites for free and web hosting will be provided for free some companies charges $49.00 per month and included in this free sign up you also get a personal affiliate blog,

Have a look at the free lessons program

list of 12 lessons in phase 1 on online entrepeneur program
Phase 1 of the Online entrepreneur program

Also  Affiliate Bootcamp training phase 1 only, keyword research tools (30 free searches) 1on 1 coaching for the first 7 days

There is also a very helpful and eager community of over 1,000,000 ready to assist you a pay it forward attitude is encouraged

Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is a BBB rated company and has a rating of 98 /100 and it is a legitimate company NO SCAM and the beauty of this you can join for free you can look around the at what is being offered.

You can also start building your website and doing the lessons and if it is something you think you would like then ok if you do not think it is for you that’s ok too you can quit and it will have cost you nothing

You will not be bombarded with a sales pitch on joining you are not asked for a credit card number so there is no danger of your credit card being credited there will be no persisting telephone calls.

If you do decide to stay with us you will be encouraged to upgrade to a premium membership which offers you so much more

With a premium membership, you will get, here is a list of what the 2 membership offers

  • You may ask if it is possible to continue with the free website and the answer to this is a definite yes but I would recommend that you upgrade to premium especially if you are new to this like I was, you will need the extra information and tools to succeed.

The premium membership is $49.00 per month or $359.00 yearly it is well worth the price. and 1/2 yearly  $229

but after 7 days you will be given the opportunity to become a premium member for 1month for only $19.00 I suggest you grab this offer as it will enable you to look further in our premium package, you will not be committed to anything if you are not satisfied you can quit. no commitment it’s a win-win situation.


As a retiree myself I can tell you first hand of the task of living daily on a pension that cannot meet the needs. I am fortunate that my children chip in and help me, it is not something that I wanted but thank God they did it

I am now a part of Wealthy Affiliate and even though this is not a get rich quick or make a lot of money overnight venture,  it is a business that can create a passive income in time. It does take discipline and work but after your website is established and you have an audience you can make money without much effort because your website will continue working.

So I am encouraging you to take the step to ensure that your retirement is not filled with stress about not having enough cash for the necessary things you will need or even to treat yourself to some extras.

Join us at Wealthy Affiliate you have nothing to lose, remember you can become a member for free. There is a community of very helpful  people  including myself ready to assist  you in any way we can and should you join by clicking on any link in this post I will be there to show you around the platform and answer any questions you may have

Thank you so much or reading my post, I hope you found it helpful and informative Please stop by again. Should you have a question or a comment please leave it below in the space provided and I will reply.  Remember to share this post it would be appreciated.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).


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