Review of Transcribe Anywhere (Is This Course Any Good?) Read this Review.

transcribe anywhere Review
Review of Transcribe Anywhere Is This Course Any Good? Read This Review

With the advancement of technology, people are able to work from home, and people are doing so more and more.

Unfortunately along with this opportunity comes the scammers, just waiting to rob you of your hard-earned money, telling you of opportunities to make a lot of money very quickly.

In this post I will look at one of the work from home opportunities: Transcribe Anywhere.

Transcribe Anywhere is an online company that teaches you to become a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts into text format what they hear. They offer their services to medical, legal, and general transcription industry.

Courses Available

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What is Transcribe Anywhere?
General Theory/ practice

What is transcribe anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere is a course that teaches transcription, and with the training, you receive doing this course you will be able to make an online or offline career as a transcriptionist and you will show where to get work to get you started.

This message is on their website “WE HELP ASPIRING TRANSCRIPTIONISTS”
build successful businesses with affordable, all-inclusive education and lifetime support”

The courses are:

General Transcription Theory/practice and Legal Transcription theory/practice

In the general transcription which is said takes 2-4 months to become a professional transcriptionist. The course is a comprehensive training course that implements multimedia content with online learning tools to effectively prepare students to master the art of transcribing audio or video into text documents for clients in a multitude of industries (other than medical and legal). The course is divided into six modules, with each module building upon the skills learned and mastered in the preceding module. There are over 60 audio/ video practice dictation files in the course.  And also be given where to get at Transcription equipment at a very good price included in the package are:

  • Software and hardware, links + free download
  • Text expanders and shortcut keys
  • Transcription style guide
  • Time coding instruction
  • Establishing and calculating rates
  • Easy to use transcription templates
  • A step-by-step guide to finding work
  • Sample client contracts
  • Tons of practice, seven practice levels containing 60+audio/videos files with answer keys
  • LIFETIME access to the course and ALL future update
  • Lifetime access to our student support community on Facebook

Legal transcription Course

The legal transcription course is a comprehensive online training course to get you to a polished professional transcriptionist in as little as 4-6 months.

Theory and Practice™ is a comprehensive training course that implements multimedia content with online learning tools to effectively prepare students to master the art of transcribing legal proceedings from audio or video into text documents for clients in the legal field.

The course is divided into 14 modules, with each module building upon the skills learned and mastered in the preceding module. There

Are more than 25 audio/video practice dictation files in the course

Legal Theory and Practice
Legal Theory and Practice
  • 14 full-length training modules
  • Where to get the best deal on transcription equipment (don’t buy it before you start!!)
  • Typing drills for speed and accuracy
  • How to use text expanders and shortcut keys (includes printable cheatsheets)
  • Legal transcription style guide plus downloadable templates of legal forms and documents
  • Over 100 pages of legal terminology (both English and Latin in a downloadable format)
  • Screencast tutorial videos on transcription software, features of Microsoft Word, and more
  • Abbreviations, capitalization, and punctuation for the legal transcriptionist
  • Definitions and descriptions of types of law and the legal process
  • How to find work as an employee
  • How to find higher-paying work as an independent contractor
  • Get your hands dirty with TEN LEVELS of practice dictations (and answer keys for each)
  • Lifetime access to all course material and future updates
  • Lifetime access to our student support forum on Facebook
  • Our “100% thorough” guarantee. We’re confident you’ll have everything you need to succeed. However, if you feel there’s anything missing from the course — even the tiniest detail — just let us know and we’ll add it in so you’ll have it as part of your lifetime access learn

There is also a mini free course that you can try and see if itis a career you would like, then you can go from there.

This is how the process works Join the mini free course, make a decision on if you would like transcriptionist as a career. Chose a course (general or Legal), work diligently to become an excellent transcriptionist, follow instructions to find work, do excellent work and repeat.

Here is a video of a tour of the course.

The prices are made easy for the students as you are offered the option to pay as you go

General Transcription Theory and Practice

$597 for lifetime access to everything including future updates and unlimited support one-time payment.
Or you have the option of breaking down the payments.

  • $197 for 30-day access to modules 1 – 2 with limited support options,
  • $362 for 60-day access to modules 1 – 4 with limited support options.

Legal Transcription Theory and practice

$697 for lifetime access to everything including future updates and unlimited support…
or you can choose to pay as you go…

  • $197 for 30-day access to modules 1 – 4 with limited support options,
  • $497 for 60-day access to modules 1 – 9 with limited support options.

Remember that these courses are intensive and should make you a professional of you in 4-6 months.

According to a google search, I made A transcriptionist’s salary is generally around $15, while an advanced transcriptionist earns around $25 to $30 per hour.

But please take into consideration you may not be working constantly, it is a job by job basis, and according to transcribe anywhere if you are a good worker you will be placed in their recommended file.

If you desire to become your own boss where you can build your own business and be able to earn not only an active income but a passive one as well click here I will show you how.

Transcribe anywhere is a legitimate company and you will be able to learn and earn at this company.

Transcribe Anywhere is one of the online transcription schools that is approved by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers:

Transcribe anywhere was founded by  Janet Shaughnessy, HOW IT WORKS

Hear from the founder of Transcribe anywhere herself this was taken from the Transcribe Anywhere website


Janet Shaughnessy, Founder

Hi! I’m Janet, creator of and owner of Zoom Transcription Services. After running Zoom Transcription for almost ten years and offering training to general, legal, and medical transcriptionists, I’ve taken my award-winning training to the next level: TranscribeAnywhere.

TranscribeAnywhere offers affordable, high quality, proven transcription education. You can learn to transcribe with excellence, and you can do it from anywhere. With our programs, you get it all: a solid e-learning platform with multimedia training tools, videos, practice, templates, quizzes, and thorough how-to marketing tutorials that aren’t available anywhere else. Combine all of that with lifetime updates and support, and you’ve got the perfect combination for success.

Being an excellent transcriptionist — one that actually gets hired — involves much more than the ability to listen and type. These courses were developed to transform typists into transcriptionists in as little as 2-4 months.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about the course. I’m here to help! It’s so much easier to learn from someone who is actually doing this and has been doing it successfully for over a decade. I’m excited to have you here, and I look forward to teaching you.


Transcribe anywhere is legit, and yes I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to become a transcriptionist, in my opinion, the course is very detailed and everything you will need to become a professional transcriptionist is included

However should you be considering something that you will be able to call yours, that has the potential for you to earn not only an active income but also in time a passive income then I would recommend the company I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate for more information click here.  

Thank you for reading my post, I do appreciate you stopping by, Please remember to share, and please leave your comment and questions in the space provided below this post.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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