Reward XP Review A GPT Site For Gamers/ Legit Or Scam

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Reward XP Review A GPT Site For Gamers/ Legit Or Scam
Reward XP Review A GPT Site For Gamers/ Legit Or Scam

There are thousands of sites online, and each promises to reward you for participating in a program offered.

But does this site deliver on that promise?

This review is written based on the information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain.

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What Is Reward XP?

Reward XP is a GPT site that will pay you for completing their offers. It’s a relatively new GPT

site, started in 2018.

It’s a bit different from most of the GPT; its main focus is gaming. But there are earning opportunities even if you are not a gamer.

As with most GPT sites, there are several earning opportunities; let’s look at them.

Play Games

Before you can start earning, you must register to become a member of Reward XP, and the platform is available for everyone no matter where you live.

But the number of offers and opportunities varies from country to country. Once you finish the registration process  you are now able to earn rewards simply by playing games.

The games are divided into two different categories, PC and Mobile, and you can use either device to play; just install the game on the platform of your choice.

Paid Surveys

Completing paid surveys is another way to earn rewards from Reward XP.

You access the available surveys by logging in to their dashboard, clicking the Earn link, and choosing a survey.

Reward XP only acts as a survey router and doesn’t have its own paid surveys., because of this, there are some qualifying questions that you must answer before proceeding to answer the survey.

Paid Offers

Reward XP only serves as a router for the paid offers, and the offers are usually from their clients.

If you are participating in the paid offer opportunity, be expected to be taken to the corresponding website where you can do the offer.

Just click the offer you want to take and follow the instructions. Remember that you have to follow the instructions precisely to the letter so you can receive the reward.

Watch Videos

Watching videos is another way to earn; the videos are from sure to disable your ad-blocker to display the content correctly.

You must watch at least three videos before you are rewarded, all reward earned is credited to your account.


Engaging with other members on the Reward XP Discord channel also offers you the opportunity to earn rewards or prizes.

You can either join the giveaways conversation or the contests conversation. Joining either one will take you to their Discord channel. (Discord channel  is an app you install on your mobile device or access on a web browser)

 Referral Program

Reward XP also has a referral program you use your referral link to invite others to become a member of Reward XP.

For every person you invite to join the platform, you will earn 5% of their redeemed earnings.

The reward you get from referring members is dependent on how active your referrals will be.

start your own business
start your own business

How do you get paid?

Reward XP, offers six payment methods you can either redeem it for gaming platform currency like Robux, Riot Points,  Steam Wallet, Bitcoin, PayPal, or prepaid Visa. Amazon gift cards instead.

The payment threshold is dependent on the method of payment you request; if you want to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, you must have at least 50,000 XP points to withdraw $5.

reward xp paymentThere are curr six payment methods you can choose from.

Is Reward XP Legit?

Reward XP is a legit GPT site that will pay you for completing their offers. But, it does need some work, and it has a low payout threshold and a straightforward signup process that can sign up with Facebook pr Google.

My Thoughts

Reward XP is a legit site that offers you a way to have fun and earn, especially if you are a gamer.

However, if you are interested in earning something more substantial, sites like this will not allow you the opportunity to do so.

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