Some Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online Start Free

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Are you looking for ways to make money online? You may want to spend more time at home but must make money to cover your living expenses.

I am looking at lucrative ways to make money online in this post.

These methods can make a substantial amount of money if done correctly.

To be successful means that this will take time; it will make you rich after a while.

You will have to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to doing it.

Business takes off with nurturing and hard work, so you must be committed.

So let us have a look at these opportunities.

  • Social Media Management Agency
  • Set Up An Online Shop
  • Teach An Online Course
  • Create A YouTube Channel
  • Building An Affiliate Website
  • What I Do To Earn An Online Income

 Social  Media Management Agency

What is social media management?

Social media management manages and monitors a company’s online presence.

It involves creating and scheduling content, analyzing the results, and engaging with other users on the social media platform.

A social media manager may be employed by an individual, a brand, or a business interested in improving or maintaining its reputation or reaching new customers online.

As a social media manager, your job is to help any business that needs a better social media presence and manage its social media.

These will be businesses that do not know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anything like that.

As an agency, you will manage their social media accounts for them.

You could build them these accounts, for example:

  • Facebook Group: This will help the business build a community of like-minded people and inform them about what the company does.
  • Twitter Account: This will help increase brand awareness of the business and get reviews of their products or services.
  • LinkedIn Account: This will help the business attract quality employees.
  • Instagram Business Account: As Instagram is a top-rated app, this will help promote the business and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

There are also some other social media platforms that you can venture into and add to this list, such as many entrepreneurs even using the platform TikTok now to promote their business.

Your job as a social media manager is to create and schedule posts for the business, manage things such as comments and reviews, and grow their accounts for them.

According to how good you are at this, social media management agencies charge $500-$2000 per month per client.

If you want to try this opportunity without experience, start small, $100-$300 monthly.

You could even start for free to learn some social media management techniques.

Once you get the experience and start charging for your services, you can show proof of what you have done to grow other businesses in a given timeframe.

By showing these, businesses can see how much engagement you can bring and charge accordingly.

You also need to figure out how many accounts you will manage and make a portfolio of your work.

Many people are already doing this, and you can make a full-time income with about 5—clients per month.

 Set Up An Online Shop

An Online shop means you have to sell your products online.

Setting up an online shop requires the same dedication and hard work as setting up an actual shop.

You do need to build a brand, and you do need to get traffic for your shop.

You also must learn about Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

And you can host your shop on three different sites:

  1. Etsy: This website at They host entrepreneurs who sell handmade products.
  2. Shopify: This website is at
  3. WordPress: WordPress has a woo-commerce plugin that you can use to build your shop.
  4. These websites will make your products accessible to potential customers.

You also have to think about many things that come with owning an online shop:

  • Sourcing Your Inventory: Depending on what you will sell, you must consider how you will store your inventory.
  • Distributing And Shipping: You need to consider packaging your products, which adds value to your business, if it is excellent, and how your products will reach your customers.
  • Collect Payments: You must deal with customers, customer payments, refunds, and customer service.

There are many options involved in building an online shop that is viable.

There are also many methods available, such as drop shipping, where you do not even have to have your inventory.

Start Your Online Business Free HERE

Teach An Online Course

Doing something like teaching an online course will reach a very high number of people as many people take online courses in many different things to learn new skills or gain more knowledge.

People like learning online, and building online courses is a very lucrative thing to do.

The price will always depend on what you put in your course and what you are teaching.

Everyone knows something that someone else does not, so if you have a skill or extensive knowledge about a topic, you can share it with others.

To earn, you package your knowledge in an online course and sell it to others who want to learn about it.

Teachable, found at It has an excellent online platform to build your online course.

Maintaining your course on this website costs a little, but when you sell your classes, they take care of payment, processing, and everything else.

As with building anything, building an online course takes time and effort, and it is a lot of work upfront.

The courses are sold to interested people over and over again, and this will help you earn a massive amount of money time and time again, which makes this a great way to earn money online.

Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube has a great reach to people worldwide and can bring you the most engagement. It has a lifetime value.

The thing to keep in mind is you do not own your YouTube channel. YouTube owns it, so they still have some control over your YouTube channel.

YouTube can bring you many new opportunities to create a whole demographic for you and get subscribers worldwide.

All you have to do is talk about something you have extensive knowledge of or showcase your talent or any skills you may have.

After you gain 1,000 subscribers and have reached 4,000 watch hours, YouTube will start running Google ads on your videos.

Once you start running ads on your videos, you can earn a lot of money doing this as you gain even more views and grow your channel more.

You can also find ways not to show yourself on videos and make the videos in an informative and fun way.

There are many different ways you can create content on your channel; you can start by subscribing to channels in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing Website

Of all the many ways to make money, affiliate marketing is my favorite.

Affiliate marketing is your best option, especially if you are more comfortable behind the scenes and would rather not be in front of the camera; this will be the right platform.

Also, you can earn a full-time income with this, as you will be earning by sharing affiliate links on your website, so every time someone visits your website and buys a product by clicking on your link, you will have the opportunity to earn.

As you’re building an internet business and open on the internet 24/7, you can earn a passive income stream using this business model.

Affiliate marketing is when you monetize by recommending different products on your website, getting in touch with businesses and brands, and sharing their affiliate links on your website.

Once you start having visitors on your website who will click on your affiliate links and buy products, you can earn a commission from the products they buy.

Successful Affiliate Marketer

It would be best to have certain things in place to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is best to have a  website; you can get one built for free here.

You must choose a niche and write content about your niche; an example would say your niche is weight loss.

Your content could be about weight loss, you could write about the methods used to help you lose weight or a  diet program, etc.

You would partner with brands and businesses within the scope of your website. So, you would partner with affiliates that sell diet products and exercise equipment.

If you mention a product or service in your content, you link to that product or service using a unique affiliate code you received when you signed up for that affiliate program.

That’s how you make money whenever someone buys a product or service through your link.

Generally speaking, you need to partner with affiliates related to your blog concept.


In addition to signing up for individual affiliate programs, you can also sign up for an affiliate ad network that offers a ton of different affiliates in one place, like ShareASale.

That way, you can see what works and doesn’t work overtime. You may be thinking this is hard, but the truth is that affiliate marketing is straightforward.

But, Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to devote the time, effort, and energy required to get your idea off the ground and stick with it even if your journey is slow when you first start.

Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can become a member for free; free membership never expires. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone considering online marketing, whether you are a beginner, have little experience, or are a successful marketer.

The lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are straightforward and given step-by-step, making them easier to understand.

The Wealthy Affiliate program instructs you on how to build your website, which takes 30 seconds.

You do not need any skills in website design. Your website will be a beautifully mobile and revenue-ready website. State-of-the-art, ultra-powerful, and secure hosting will allow you to grow your business.

You learn how to transform your ideas into a profitable business, and if you are still trying to decide what you would like your niche to be,  there is help to choose from over 1,000,000 niches.

In affiliate marketing, it is essential to have the relevant people visiting your website; with them, you can advertise for your affiliates and make sales.

All the current traffic techniques on how to get relevant customers to your website are on the Affiliate Marketing website.

Becoming a free member is straightforward; no financial or personal information is required; only your name and email address are needed.


There are two types of membership at Wealthy Affiliate: free and premium.  The premium will be better if you are serious about building a successful business.

Can you be successful with the free membership? I have heard of people achieving success, but for me, a novice, after joining for free and remaining accessible for a couple of months, I upgraded to premium and have no regrets.

I suggest you become a free member, look around the platform, build your website, write and publish some posts, and upgrade if you like it and want to create your business.


At Wealthy Affiliate, there is everything you need to build a successful business. It said it is best not to join a company that has not been around for at least five years.

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for over 14 years; our membership is from 193 countries.

If you have ever been scammed as much as I have been, I know you are skeptical because I was too, but to become a member is free, no money, no financial information, no commitment, no upsell,  nothing, so I took the chance,

The only con I find with affiliate marketing, valid in all businesses, is that success does not come overnight; it comes with hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and a love for what you are doing.

You can make a full-time income online, but it may take time. I have laid it out for you; the decision is now yours. Are you at least trying to see what it is all about? You have nothing to lose.

If you are a retiree like myself or soon to be retired and with the cost of living going sky high, especially in healthcare, it would be wise to have something in place to help earn extra money and your SS and pension.

If you think you are too old

If you think you are too old or will never be able to understand all that goes along with working online, I had those same thoughts. I am in my 70s and was timid about doing this online stuff, but it was free, so I tried it out.

The videos provided by Wealthy Affiliate are excellent training tools, and you always have them; you can go over them anytime you wish and learn at your own pace.

All you need is a company that teaches today’s online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate continually upgrades its platform and focuses on helping people succeed in business and life.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company dedicated to helping others become great and achieve true financial independence. We have members of the Wealthy Affiliate community who are willing and able to assist you in any way they can; you will be learning from the absolute best.

You can become a free member by clicking on any link in this post. I will contact you to answer your questions and show you around. I will be your mentor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I do hope it helped you in some way. If you have a comment or question, please leave it in the space provided, and I will reply ASAP. Also, please share this post; thank you.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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