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Here Is How To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment

Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment
Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment.

Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment

If you are one of the many people wondering if it is possible to make money online, yes, it is possible to make money online.

There are many ways to make money online today, and with the improvements in the internet, more people are using the internet to transact any business.

The truth is that making money online is more accessible than some make it seem. It does require some discipline, determination, and patience.

There are many ways to make money online; Some methods help supplement your income by allowing you to make a little extra cash, and some have the potential to become a sustainable income.

It doesn’t matter what method you use to generate an income online; you must adjust your mindset to enable rather than discourage you.

Success takes time; you should remain focused on your goal and avoid the pitfalls of doubt and negativity that will come.

If you’re serious about generating a full-time income and possibly more from your online activities, it would be best to focus on a type of business allowing you to make an active and passive income.

An active income will help you take care of your day-to-day expenses. But it’s a passive income that will keep on providing even when you can no longer work

.Maybe it would be best to focus your energy on pursuing a passive income if you’re serious about making a good income while working on an active income.

There are many ways to generate an income passively on the internet, and many start with having a blog, developing substantial traffic, and building an audience and a list.

It may not be easy, but it’s worth it. And some platforms can teach you these foundation principles; one such platform is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can join for free.

Of course, there are things you can do online that do not require a blog.

Apps for making money

You can use apps to make money quickly if you need some extra cash to assist.


Many companies offer you the opportunity to drive your vehicle and get paid. Some deliver food, such as

  • Instacart
  • Doordash,
  • Postmates

With these companies, they are the same; you need to download the apt. With some of these companies, you must shop for clients like Shipt. The requirements are you should be at least 18 years old, have a reliable, clean car, and the pay ranges from $15-$25 per hour.

You can also transport people.

There are Uber and Lyft, and the requirements are

You must be at least 21 years of age. That’s the legal age for signing a contract in many states.

  • It’s required to own an iPhone or Android phone.
  • You must have a Social Security number. And you must have a state-issued driver’s license for at least one-year-old.
  • Your car must have four external door handles and five seat belts.
  • You must also carry in-state car insurance on your vehicle.


Task Rabbit:

Task Rabbit is a  straightforward app for making side-hustle income.

Tasks can be anything from simple repairs to a more full-scale operation.

The app carefully vets each service provider to ensure the highest quality, and it’s a great way to make extra income on your terms.


With Swagbucks, there are several ways you can make money. You can shop online, watch videos, answer surveys, and surf the web. The app rewards you with both cash back and gift cards for your efforts.

My Digital Survey

Another app you can use to make money online is Inbox Dollars, which pays you for watching television, taking surveys, and shopping. There are cash offers here, and it’s relatively similar to some of the other apps in this arena.

2. Use existing websites.

You could also opt to use existing websites to make money. These include both active income and passive income methods.

For example, you could sell some used items, or if you are good at creating digital designs, you could invest in creating some digital designs that can then be sold on merchandise.

Again, devote a sizable portion of your time to passive income to slowly build up earnings that will arrive on autopilot without extra effort.


This site has been around for a long time, and people looking to make a bit of extra money online can quickly sell their used stuff, rent out a spare room in their home or apartment, and offer up their services to the world.


This website offers a great marketplace for presenting your professional service. You don’t need a merchant account or a website of your own

. All you need to do is be able to provide a high-quality service at a reasonable price. This website is trendy among professionals, so you must compete with many others constantly bidding on open jobs.


You can offer your services on this site, but if you are new, you will be paid as low as $5 and much more as your work becomes more known.

Mechanical Turk:

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a resource for doing human-intelligence tasks or HITs, as the site commonly refers to them.

You are paid a minimal fee for any given HIT. It would help if you had a lot of HITs to make a substantial amount of money. But it is a resource you can use in your spare time to generate a small income online.


Etsy is an excellent resource for selling handmade and digital products, such as online poster designs. There is no need for complex eCommerce sites, merchant accounts, or any automation.

The company takes a commission on every sale and charges a small listing fee per item.

Shutterstock and iStockPhoto:

Do you like taking photos? Why not sell photos on some of the leading photography sites? You’ll need design software skills. This ara ea can be a great source of a passive income earner.

 Start a blog.

If you are serious about making money online, start a blog. Blogging is one of the most accessible and sustainable income sources.

There is a tremendous possibility of income earnings in having a blog; with the right content targeted at the right audience, and the offer complementary to the content, you could make an outstanding amount of active and passive income from a blog.

You may think this a daunting task, but it becomes far more manageable when you understand the precise steps you need to take.

This is where a platform like Wealthy Affiliate comes in. at Wealthy Affiliate, you not only get step-by-step instructions on the process in all the hows and whats in building your money-making website. But you will also get the proper tools too.

This process is called affiliate marketing, which is the best way to earn an active and passive income.

Affiliate Marketing.

Just what is affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

You are paid a commission with affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products.

Some companies offer to promote their products on your website through blogs. Companies like Amazon will pay you to promote their products; you can become an Amazon associate by joining the affiliate program.

If accepted, you will be given links to any product you want to promote, and you will place these links in the contents of our blog.

When you promote that link, and someone clicks on it and buys it or any product, you make a commission.

It’s not hard, but you need to know how it’s done; you will need information and tools to build and maintain your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that takes you through all the steps you need to take to start your blogs and build a website.

You can also upgrade your membership from free to premium membership, which has everything you will need to continue the growth of your business.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over a decade,  with a membership of over 1.4 million;, consisting of persons from around the globe, 195 countries total.

The BBB accredits Wealthy Affiliate with an A+ accreditation, this company’s platform is constantly being updated, so the platform is current with all the information and tools needed in today’s making money online niche.

With free membership, you are given 5 lessons. Level one is a 5-lesson course in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through creating a successful online business.

Getting started on the course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

Here is a copy of all the lessons available with the free membership

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the incredible community here at WA Discover the process of earning revenue online.

Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals.

Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches.

Choose your starting point NICHE for your business

Build your very OWN niche website. Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress, A simple and accessible way of making your site search engine friendly

How to create quality website content (that gets ranked) Understanding the keyword research process Quickly and easy creation of your low-competition keyword lists

Premium Membership

With a premium membership, excellent training continues; some subjects are covered with the premium membership.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Understanding the Principles of Website Traffic

Transferring Your Website to Your Domain

Choosing a Domain That is Ready for Success

Building a User-Based Experience

Setting Up Your Domain

Specific Email Address

Getting Unlimited Traffic from Low-Hanging Fruit

Creating Content That Converts

Become Proficient Using the WordPress Editor

Making Your Content Beautifully Engaging

Creating Content That Targets Affiliate Programs

Getting Loads of Traffic From Product Reviews

It is said that Premium Members Experience 5 TIMES As Much Success.

The number of tools and information available in the premium membership is striking; here is a list of what is available in both memberships.

I am not saying that making a significant income, active or passive, will happen overnight, but with hard work, perseverance, and a lot of patience, in the end, the effort will be well worth it.

You can become a free member, build your website and then decide whether to continue building your business.

I must emphasize that no prior experience is necessary to be an affiliate marketer, and age is not a problem ( I am in my mid-70s with no previous experience,

The lessons are easy to understand, and with the active members of Wealthy Affiliates who are willing to assist you in any they can, you will have all the help you need.

And you can become a member by clicking on any of the links in this post, and I will be there to assist you in any way I can; I will be your mentor.

In joining with the free membership, you will not be asked for any financial information; only WA will need your name and email address; the free membership does not have an expiration date, so you can go at your own pace. Join for FREE you have nothing to lose.

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent deal with all the resources and tools you will need in one convenient place., not to mention all the training, tutorials, and support included with the membership.

It costs to start and keep any business successful, and you will start at a meager cost. You may not see the returns on your business very quickly, but you will see returns.

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick business, and it is not promoted as one, but with time, patience, and work, you will see success.


In conclusion, you can do a lot of business from home, but choosing the right one will make all the difference to your success. If you are comfortable doing surveys, then that’s ok.

I tried it, and it did not work for me; I would be doing a survey, and after 15 min, I would be notified I did not qualify for that survey.

And the information I gave them about myself they sold to other companies, and I kept getting calls offering to sell me something.

I tried watching videos for 5c a video; the videos did not last long, but the contents left me feeling like my brain was turning to mush.

I tried so many things until I found Wealthy Affiliate, And I started on an adventure I never dreamed would be possible.

As a retiree without experience, I never thought I would do it. But with the 1on1 coaching and asking questions at any time, the training videos, and so much more, I now have a couple of websites I have started earning some small dividends. I have been at this since April 2018.

start your own business

Needs to supplement your income

I want to encourage anyone who needs to supplement their income, whether you are a retiree like myself or someone who needs some extra cash, to give Wealthy Affiliate a try for free you have nothing to lose.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I do hope you found the information here helpful in making a decision. Please o like and share this post; thank you.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).


doTerra A MLM Business How Much Can You Make

doTerra A MLM Business How Much Can You Make
doTerra A MLM Business How Much Can You Make

In this post, I am taking a look at another home business opportunity it is doTerra Business Opportunity,

doTERRA was founded in 2008 to share the highest quality essential oils with the world.

Having satisfied their purpose, they decided they needed a  team of people dedicated to hard work, commitment, passion, and vision, and the business opportunity was started.

What is doTerra

Healthcare and Business.

DoTerra offers an herbal alternative to health and wellness through the powers of essential oils.

DoTerra, has many healthcare and hospital professionals on its board, allowing the continued experiment with these essential oils, and expanding on their knowledge of all the benefits of these oils.

doTerra is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company DoTerra’s headquarters are based in Utah, selling essential oils and personal care products via the MLM platform.

doTerra Products.

Essential oils Include citrus blends and oils to help you breathe and sleep better.

Personal care  This includes skin, hair, and body care.

Supplements   This includes Weight Management, Digestive and Children’s vitamins.

Business Opportunities

To join the doTerra business is as simple as signing up online. Purchase a membership, buy yourself a kit, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

As A Wellness Advocate, you can engage in all the monthly training, social activities, and any other events that will keep you informed about the company updates, etc.

Your yearly membership as a Wellness Advocate will cost you $35.00, allowing you to purchase products at a 25% discount off RRP (recommended retail price). Also, it will be necessary for you to buy a kit to get started.

How Does it Work

Becoming a Wellness Advocate is as simple as opening your oils and sharing how doTERRA can bless their lives with others. You can begin communicating using your doTERRA Essentials book and your fat kit.

Participate in Monthly Training, Community, and Events

Learn the Basics of Sharing and Building

There are different levels or ranks to be obtained, and your potential earnings increases with each rank. The levels are  Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond


You have an opportunity to earn money by being a wellness advocate or Wholesale customer; there are certain benefits.

 Benefits of Being a Wholesale Customer


  • Product Discounts: 25% off retail prices
  • Loyalty Reward Points: Receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product
  • Shipping Reward Points: Option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free product
  • Free Product: Place a monthly order over 125 PV and receive the free product of the month
  • Renewal Fee “Covered”: After becoming a Member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a complimentary bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils doTERRA offers, with a retail value of $27.33

Wellness Advocate

Wellness Advocates are those who want to create an income through doTERRA. They are excited about doTERRA products and want to share them with the people they love. Wellness Advocates commit to placing a 100 PV LRP order each month to receive a commission.

Benefits of Being a Wellness Advocate

  • Bonuses & Compensation: doTERRA provides a business opportunity for those interested in creating an income
  • doTERRA Personal Website: Receive a personal website that can be used if you would like to share essential oils with others
  • Plus, all Wholesale Customer benefits

You will also have to purchase an enrollment  kit which costs between $150-760.00

But as with all MLM, the emphasis is on recruiting, and you have to recruit to make money.

Your ability to recruit a downline determines your success for several reasons.

  1. You’ll earn a residual income.
  2. And help your chances of progressing up the hierarchy levels.

As a Wellness Advocate, you will also be expected to help and train new members within your team and in your time and reach monthly sales targets for your required personal sales.

Once your team begins to develop and makes sales, you will earn a passive income and bonuses through the varied doTerra compensation-plan system. And that will ultimately get you ranked to higher levels within the organization.

Is doTerra Legitimate

Yes, doTerra is legitimate; it is registered with the BBB but has no rating

Business Details

Location of This Business

389 S 1300 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062-3761

BBB File Opened:


Years in Business:


Business Started:


Business Started Locally:


Business Incorporated:


Accredited Since:


Type of Entity:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Alternate Business Name

  • doTERRA International, LLC

Additional Contact Information

Fax Numbers

  • (801) 615-7205Primar

Will, You Make Money with doTerra?

According to Motley Fool, a financial magazine https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/12/02/why-you-should-avoid-doterra-like-the-plague.aspx

It would be best if you avoided doTerra, it states. 

The reality is that doTERRA, like all multilevel marketing businesses, has a simple mathematical flaw: Only the top 1% will earn anything more than minimum wage, and even then, hard work is no guarantee that you’ll get into the top 1%.

What doTERRA sellers earn

The Federal Trade Commission requires MLMs to disclose how much their members earn selling products to others. How the MLM decides to disclose this information is mainly up to the company, resulting in highly misleading presentations about how much you can earn peddling products to friends and family.

I’m picking on doTERRA today because its income disclosure statement is especially egregious. It highlights how much its “advocates” earn in a table on its website.

The doTERRA income disclosure statement paints a rather rosy picture where even its lowest-earning advocates (Silver rank) are pocketing more than $27,500 per year, the equivalent to about $13.75 per hour for a full-time worker. Based on the table, roughly 1 in 6 sellers achieve a rank in which the average earnings top $100,000 per year.

But the smaller print in the same disclosure reveals the realities that doTERRA and other MLMs would prefer kept hidden: The table only includes the most elite group of doTERRA advocates — those who are in the top 1% based on their ability to sell the product, and more importantly, sell others on the dream of selling its products.

When the top 1% earn $28,000 per year

Getting in the top 1% of doTERRA is no easy feat. For instance, achieving the “Silver” rank requires recruiting at least three people who personally sell — or recruit people who sell — at least $3,000 in products per month.

So if you recruit three people who each sell $500 of product per month, and each of your recruits more people who sell $2,500 of the product combined per month, you’ll make it to Silver, putting you into the top 1% of the organization. At a minimum, this requires at least $9,000 in “organizational” volume from the people you recruit, though few will reach this rank with exactly $9,000 in monthly volume.

You’ll be in the top 1% of doTERRA advocates upon reaching Silver. At this level, the average earnings among advocates are $27,557. Nowhere else does being in the top 1% yield so little. The top 1% of individual American earners hauled in about $308,000 in 2016, yet the top 1% of doTERRA reps earn barely more than a recently hired, full-time Target-store worker.

Who is doTerra Business For

Someone who has the ability to Constant Recruit New Members and can sell at least $100 per month.

I know that essential oils are the in-thing today, but I am not sure about the benefits of using them, as I have not used them myself.

start your own business
Start your own business.

But I found this website from an article published by Finance Guy.net, and the supplement police found that doTERRA oils were pure and high quality.

And also another site by essential oil haven confirmed that doTERRA is producing quality oils. They did mention that doTERRA products are no different from the high-quality pure essential oils made by their competitors.

I have also tried a couple of MLM companies to try and make some extra money, but it cost more than I ever made because I had to buy products to meet my PV so I would remain active.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a better choice, and you have nothing to sell; you do not need to buy anything to remain active, and you do not need to recruit anyone.

You do not need to be an expert, the platform I am a part of will train you step by step via video, there is a community of willing members to assist you, and the best part is you can start for FREE. You can know more by clicking this link.

Have you ever been a part of an MLM? What has been your experience?

I appreciate your time and look forward to your questions and comments, thank you, and please share.

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

Coping With Financial Stress- Overcome Financial Stress And Improve Finances

Coping With Financial Stress
Coping with Financial Stress

coping with financial stress

Financial realities among most.

In today’s world, the financial situation, or the lack of finances, is causing a large percentage of the population a lot of financial stress; people are preoccupied with coping with the economic situation to make ends meet.

According to market watch and published by MSN money, a study by the NORC at the University of Chicago, an independent social research institution, found that 51% of working adults in the United States would need to access savings to cover necessities if they missed more than one paycheck.

They found that specific communities were more prone to economic hardship, and missing a paycheck would be devastating to them, as they would be unable to cover basic living expenses after missing more than one paycheck; this situation is found chiefly in households where the annual income was $30.000 annually or less.

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How Hard Is It To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

How Hard Is It To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing
How Hard Is It To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing




Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

Like anything else, it will seem hard to do something for the first time until you get into it.

I am a boomer in my early 70s with absolutely no knowledge of affiliating marketing; I doubted my ability to learn this “new career,” but I was fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they provide the information and tools that make learning affiliate marketing understandable and not hard at all.

Over time you become an expert by learning and applying what you have learned, and by doing this every day, you will become an expert.

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Enjoy The Benefits of working from home. Start Your Online Business For Free

benefits of working from home,
benefits of working from home

Benefits of Working from Home

If you are wondering about the benefits of working from home, I would like to take a look at some of these benefits,

I will also introduce you to a project that will be great to do from home and enable you to build your own business that will generate a passive income for you in time.

IN working from home, there is an enormous amount of freedom; no boss is breathing down your back, and you can work in your PJ; there is no commute in traffic; you make your schedule; some of us work better at night.

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