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Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment

Learn ways to make money online without monetary investments.
Ways to make money online without monetary investments

There are Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Monetary Investment

If you are one of the many people wondering if it is possible to make money online, I am here to tell you yes, it is possible to make money online.

There are certainly ways you can make money online today, and the truth is that making money online is not as difficult as some make it seem It does require some discipline, determination, and patience.

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Some Things To Consider When Starting A Business

Tips on starting your online business
Thinking of starting your online business?

Thinking of starting your own online business

Are you one of those persons who have been thinking about having your own business? But not sure how to go about starting your own business, or if you could afford the start-up cost.

Well, you can look into starting an online business, with an online business, you can run your business from the comfort of your home or anywhere you desire.

With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to run your online business from anywhere, you only need a computer and internet access (Wi-Fi).

The online business has become a very lucrative venture. This is now the age when almost everything is being done online, from paying your bills to shopping closing deals, and just about everything.

If you are like me you may be wondering if you will ever be able to manage to do this online thing.

With having no previous experience, not a technical person, and no computer skills, and in my case a retiree way into my 70s

Well, I did it. And so can anyone.  There is no time like the present to start. And you can start for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

The free membership consists of ten lessons or phase 1 of the online entrepreneur course which by the end of these 10 lessons your website will up and running.

The advantages of starting a business online

  1. It’s cost-effective you can start for free at Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Relatively easy to get everything set up everything needed is found on the Wealthy Affiliate platform
  3. It can be very profitable You will be taught all the skills you need to make your website profitable
  4. You can sell to anyone, anytime and anywhere you will be opened for business 24/7
  5. You can live where you like
  6. No more commuting no time spent in traffic.
  7. You can have more time for your family

You will not have the headache of paying rent for your business or employing people keeping stock and hoping you will get some business so you can meet your expenses

Of course like every business it takes time to grow and show profit and unfortunately, this is the hard part.

A couple of downsides of being the boss

While the thought of being your own boss can be exciting in reality there will be times when you will get frustrated and begin to have doubts that you did the right thing.

But as far as I know, this happens to most of us, so just stick with it work hard and be patient.

Here are a few things to remember.

  • To build an online business is like any other business it takes time and lots of hard work, time, and determination.
  • There is a quote that says Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all a love for what you are doing.
  • As with any business, it does take time before you see any results from your business, for some, it is six months for me it was 12 months, so if you are thinking of starting an online business please do so before you retire,
  • Do not put off becoming your own boss, you can do so for free at Wealthy Affiliate there is NO CHARGE for becoming a member

What is included with the free membership?

  • Live Help – First 7 Days
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Phase 1 of the Online Entrepreneur course (10 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Boot camp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs (Lessons are given via video)
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Day

The lessons are always there for you, you can revisit them at any time, you progress at your own pace.

With the first phase of the Entrepreneur Course, you will be taken through the process of building your site, from helping you to take your/ passion/ hobby/ interest and turning it into a business.

At the end of phase 1, you will have your website up and running and you will have added some content to your website.

And when becoming a free member you will not be asked to produce any financial information, you will only be asked for your name and email address.

I have left a video of one of our training videos in phase 1 please have a look.

Understanding how to make money
understanding how to make money Lesson 2 phase 1

Premium Membership

Upgrading to the premium membership is a step that I would greatly recommend, with this membership, you will have all the tools and information you will need to grow and maintain your business.

The cost of becoming a premium member is very reasonable here is a billing option for the premium membership.

 The cost is for everything you will need to start, grow, and maintain your business.

The premium membership contains everything you will need, from the education, the tools, the support, the network, the websites, and the community.

Wealthy Affiliate is like a one-stop-shop you will need to buy your domain name for about $13. Yearly and this too can be bought at Wealthy Affiliate,

This is what you will get with a Premium membership

  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • 50 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access (5 phases or 50 lessons)
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7) (70 lessons)
  • Live Video Classes ( along with a live Q&A session)
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform (you can earn $ for your comments)
  • Website Analysis
Here is a video of one of the live classes.

The Art Of Ship Dropping
Nov 23, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for almost 15 years, our members consist of people drawn from around the globe 195 countries to be exact.

And I think we have the best community in the online world,  The Most Helpful Community in the World. We are a community that truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day.

If you are thinking that this is hard, no building your website is not hard, and you do not need to be an expert in your niche, because you will be doing research and in time you will become an expert.

The hardest thing about online marketing is the waiting and as I said before in any business success does not come overnight, you will have to gain trust from your audience, and that takes time.

Wealthy Affiliate is accredited with an A+ rating from the BBB, which means it is a legitimate company this company and its product are not scams. So you have nothing to fear.

I am inviting you to become a member for FREE now look around the platform, and if you would like to continue then upgrade to  premium

you can become a member by clicking on any of the links in this post, I will meet you on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, I will be there for you along with the rest of our awesome community

Thank you for reading my post, please remember to share and you are welcome to leave any comment or question and I will surely reply ASAP

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

A Review Of Powerhouse Affiliate (Is this site legit? find out here.)


My review about Powerhouse Affiliate
A review of Powerhouse review


In this post, I will be looking at Powerhouse Affiliate, it is a known fact that affiliate marketing is one of the better ways to make money online, and because of this, there are a lot of “companies” that are advertizing ways to make money online that are total scams.

What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate was developed by Joey Babineau, February 2013. He is an affiliate marketer with more than a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge to share.

This is an affiliate marketing training program that focuses mainly on one form of marketing, called CPA (Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Action) CPA .marketing is an internet marketing strategy where an advertiser pays for a specific action taken by a potential customer

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Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You Start For Free

Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You  Start For Free
Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You Start For Free

Affiliate Marketing can work for you.

I would like to give you some tips on how to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing,

Some platforms will teach you all about affiliate marketing. I am a member of such a platform, Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative and a good source of extra income. I would recommend it to anyone.

Today’s best affiliate marketers are bloggers and other social media personalities with a large following.

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Is The Boomers Retirement Income Inadequate? (It Can Be Fixed. Start A Online Business For Free)

Boomers inadequate retirement income
Boomers’ retirement income is inadequate.


Is your retirement income inadequate?

 Retirement income reveals many people are living on relatively little — and their revenues are shrinking over time due to the high cost of living; Fortunately, action can be taken to elevate this situation. You can start your own business.

Living beyond your income cannot continue without getting into trouble; you will end up borrowing or using credit cards with very high-interest rates.

I know from experience that having to cut back drastically on your spending and doing without things that you have become accustomed to is hard.

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Retiring with massive debt (Increase Your Income Earn, Extra Money Online)

Earn an extra income
Retiring with massive debt



Retiring With A Massive Debt

On nearing retirement, we should have enough savings to live off retirement.

Unfortunately, this is not so; some are burdened with debt.

Most financial advisers say that in entering retirement, we should do so with as little debt as possible.

It must be remembered that in retirement, your income will typically be less than what you would earn working in your regular job.

This lack could be offset by having a side income, an extra income earner; finding a side hustle before you would be good.

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How To Avoid Being Scammed In Affiliate Marketing-Financial Independence

How To Avoid Being Scammed In Affiliate Marketing-Financial Independence
How To Avoid Being Scammed In Affiliate Marketing-Financial Independence


Scams to watch out for

Some very frightening facts face those who are retired or will retire shortly.

According to financial experts like the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL).

Workers approaching retirement must either work beyond age 65, reduce their standard of living, or do some combination of the two.

And as these unfortunate facts face us, the older generation and not only us but also people among us who faces financial woes.

We tend to reach out for anything to help alleviate this problem. And this is the time when heartless and ruthless individuals easily scam us.

Most of these scams take place online, the so-called online business that is supposed to offer you the opportunity to earn extra money to alleviate your financial problems.

I want to look at some of these scams and, hopefully, give you a heads-up in spotting the red flag in these offers.

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Work From Home Opportunities

Work-from-home business opportunities

There is an ever-increasing desire for many of us to give up on the hassle and stress of going to a workplace and working from home, and many people are trying to start a work-at-home,  home-based business opportunity. Fortunately, there are many work-from-home opportunities.

I last worked at a call center for a collection agency; they monitored you every working moment; it was awful.

Having a great idea and the qualifications will not get you anywhere unless you put it to work. To succeed, you must have a sense of persistence,  patience, and a willingness to work at it.

There are several legitimate works from home business opportunities that you can do, and they will provide you with some income. There are no get-rich-quick opportunities if you apply yourself and work at it. (start your own business FREE MEMBERSHIP HERE)

  1. Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistant companies usually require a commitment that is the same as working full-time. Some companies will allow you to work part-time, and you will make extra money online. The salary of a virtual assistant usually ranges from $15-$20 per hour. To be a virtual assistant, you must possess a particular skill.

Some Pros of a virtual assistant

You can grow your business.

You can set your hours.

There is no special education needed.

However, there are some cons.

It can be challenging to find clients when you first start your business.

You may find that you compete with other support people who charge a lower hourly rate.

The industry is very competitive.

With the ever-increasing advancement of technology, you must be willing to keep up with technology and expand your knowledge.

Your work could also be high-stress and deadline-driven.

2) ProofReader

A proofreader’s job is to read transcripts and copy them to check them for spelling and grammatical or typographical errors as a proofreader. You will receive copies, read them, and make any changes needed. A proofreader’s salary is usually $15-$16 per hr. And they typically have a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or a related field.

The cons

Excellent command of the English language is not enough; you will also need to have a working knowledge of multiple styles and adapt from one to the other based on client and assignment.

Further education and experience may be necessary to familiarize yourself with some writing styles you’ll need to proofread. As a proofreader, you must adapt quickly from assignment to assignment.

Deadlines can be tight. You have to be able to work well under that kind of pressure.

Especially in business, clients may need the assignment turned around within 24 hours or less.

It may take some time to build your clientele base. Selling your services might be challenging, and selling that you are the right person to do the work.

3) Transcription

To be a transcriptionist, you can quickly type at least 60+ words per min and accurately; the pay is usually $0.05 per word, but there are a few cons.

Transcription contracts can come and go. You may get a signed contract, but it may not last;  Work becomes scarce at certain times of the year. You must keep track of your expenses and income and put aside money for taxes.

4) Blogging

According to Wikipedia, A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears first at the top of the web page.

You do not need any particular skill to be a blogger; you need to be passionate about something; it could be a hobby or anything you like.

It is more authentic when you write about something you love; your readers can relate to you better, and you can build followers, leading to an income. What you choose to write about will also become your niche; in determining your blog’s name, make the term relate to your blog.

Then you will choose a hosting platform, there are many to choose from, but I have found that Wealthy Affiliate is the top one, and the good thing is you can join for free You will be taught step-by-step how to build your website and you will get

 Live Help – First 7 Days

1 Website, Website, Backup, beginner Training Course, Personal Affiliate Blog

Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only, Video Walk-Throughs, Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches

Training Classrooms, 2 Affiliate Programs. You will be taught how to choose the right keywords to index your blog on google and monetize your blog to earn.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich scheme; and it does take time and effort; it is like starting any business, and the rewards can be significant; there are people at Wealthy Affiliate making 4and five figures monthly income. 

And the community at Wealthy Affiliate is like a family who is very helpful and desires to see you succeed; there is also technical support available 24/7;

There is a forum where you can ask questions, the pay-it-forward attitude is encouraged, and someone will always be available to answer your questions.

Some members have made training tutorials, and they are made available to you for free.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and is now home to over 1,00,000 of us. We are worldwide from every continent and every island; you will find a member; we are like the united nations; we also have been given an A+    rating by the BBB.   

I suggest after joining for free and familiarizing yourself with the platform that, you upgrade to premium;

With the premium membership, there are much more information and tools available to you, which will further enable you to succeed, and if you do not think this is for you or do not like the platform, you can quit. There will be no loss to you.  


I am a retired person, a newbie to blogging, and thanks to the training, information, and tools available at Wealthy Affiliate, I now have two websites. I became a member of WA in April 2018. I have not regretted being a member. I am still learning, and the lessons will remain available, so I will review them to refresh my memory.

And in joining, you are not asked for your credit card number or to pay a fee or your phone number, so there is no harassment, no taking of any funds from your account; you will not be bombarded with telephone calls or any of that stuff. 

So if you want to start a work-from-home business. Why not try Wealthy Affiliate? You can make a decent income from it. You have nothing to lose; look into it for yourself.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

Build A Profitable Home Base Business, And You Can Start For Free

Opportunity to Work At Home

Home Based Business--Build A profitable work from home business
Home-Based Business–Work From Home Opportunities

With the introduction of the high-speed internet and the advancement of digital devices, it has become possible to work from anywhere globally and make your presence heard or seen via Skype or other means in any part of the world.

Companies have become norm to offer an incentive to work from home to certain employees. One study showed that nearly half of North American employees work from home.

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