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The Shoppers Perspective Community Survey Review


The Shoppers Perspective Community Survey Review, Legit or Scam
The Shoppers Perspective Community Survey Review, Legit or Scam

Shoppers Perspective Community

There are thousands of survey sites online, and each promises to reward you for providing them with your opinions.

But does this site deliver on that promise?

This review is written based on the information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain.

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In this post, I look at the Shoppers Perspective Community Survey Panel.

The Shoppers Perspective Community is an online community comprised of shoppers across America willing to share their opinions about their shopping experience.

This online community seeks to understand the modern-day shopper and provide a place for community members to interact, share ideas, and give opinions on today’s leading brands.

Acosta, a renowned market research company, owns shoppers Perspective.

The Shoppers Perspective community offer their members’ different opportunities to participate and earn

How Do Participants Earn on Shoppers Perceptive

To be eligible to participate in the Shoppers Perspective Community, you will need to complete an initial survey that details your shopping behavior and household composition.

Once you have completed the survey, you will become eligible to participate. You will find this registration survey if you go to the “Join Now” page of this Website.

Eligibility: USA residents only, 18+

 Different Research Opportunities

  • Online Surveys
  • Discussion Boards
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Activities While Shopping: Mobile Surveys, Sharing Photo

What Are The Rewards For Participating

There are different types of compensation depending on the kind of research in which you participate.

For most projects, points are awarded that can be redeemed for gifts online; after accumulating the minimum number of points.

For other projects, you may receive a product to try or some further compensation. Our invitation for each project will state the payment.

There are also 100 points given on joining.

Some exclusive activities allow you to earn “SPC Points.” There is a reward of these unique points for each specified activity you complete,


Simply select the “Redeem” button found on the “My Rewards” page to redeem your points.

You can also view your accumulated points online on the same page;

  • 500 Points = $5 Tango Gift Card
  • 1,000 Points = $10 Gift Certificate
  • You may also use points to donate to a charity of your choice.

There is also the opportunity to win rewards. For example, each time you participate in an activity, such as a survey or discussion board, you will automatically enter the monthly sweepstakes cash drawing.

The more active you are with the Shoppers Perspective Community, the more entries you will accumulate. Every month, $5 – $10 in rewards will go to 5 lucky winners.

turn your passion into profit
turn your passion into profit

Is Shoppers Perspective Community

Yes, Shoppers Perspective Community is a legit site powered by one of the top market survey companies.

My Thoughts

The Shoppers Perspective Community is a legit site, you can earn from participating in its different projects, but the earning potential of making something substantial is low.

Surveys are usually not big money earners; if you have some time to spare and do not mind the small amount you can earn, join.

But if you think it is a waste of your time and would like to earn more, this is possible.

There are many other ways to make money online.

However, success will not happen overnight; whatever area of making money online will take some time.

I have written a post on the many ways to earn money online.

 Simple ways to make money online. Start your own business

Of all the simple ways to make money online, I favor Affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor; it will take some work and patience, but you can do it.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

The benefits are many, but I will list a few:

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No selling face to face!
  • No stock to keep or manage!
  • No recruitment involved!
  • No taking of endless surveys!
  • No vast investment involved – (Get started for FREE)
  • And no working for someone else!
  • You can operate in any market you wish! – even your hobbies & passions!
  • Earn a full-time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!.

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This company has been around since 2005 and has members from around the globe,

This company has an outstanding reputation and has produced many super-affiliates; they have the very best community that is very active, friendly, and helpful.

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Who is Affiliate Marketing for

To give you a better idea, Affiliate Marketing is for:

  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • The disabled
  • Anyone that needs to earn some extra money
  • People that don’t like their current jobs
  • People who want to earn money from their hobbies or passions
  • Bloggers who want to make some money from their blogs
  • Students either while studying or after graduating
  • The unemployed
  • Retired people who want to earn to supplement their pensions
  • People who want to learn how to build a WordPress website
  • Local business owners who wish to start a website or improve their online presence
  • Anyone looking for fast and reliable hosting with the best support I’ve ever seen
  • People who want to learn how to make money online in an honest way
  • And many more.

Thank you for your time. I do appreciate it. Have you done any surveys from survey sites? What was your experience? I really would like to hear your thoughts on taking surveys, and I appreciate your questions and comments. And please share

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you

Here are some comments by participants of the Shoppers Perspective Community(from the Survey Police website)

WARNING BEWARE: Can’t redeem rewards

March 31, 2021, by Jacquelynn from the United States

I’ve been a member a long time, no issues. Recently, six months or so, they send surveys approximately two times/month, averaging 100 or more points.

Panelists can’t access the website to redeem points for more than four months now. I’m receiving emails that “due to technical errors, account access is unavailable.” ODD, because it’s certainly accessible to send surveys, receive panelists’ answers.

This is a Toluna site, I believe, had issues with Toluna previously.

Very slow or nonexistent credit for surveys

January 23, 2020, by Carlos from the United States

This company sends out surveys only once or twice a month, and they’re generally worth 100 points. The huge problem for me is that they say they’ll credit you “once the survey closes,” which is typically at least a month or two, then they may or may not give you credit.

I am thinking about deleting my account with them because I have not gotten credit for the last two surveys I have taken.

I don’t think survey takers should have to wait months to see whether or not they’ll actually be credited for fully completing a survey. This company needs to do better.

A Slow Process.

October 11, 2014, by Sharon from the United States

They send surveys out about 1-2 times per month, and they’re usually pretty short and easy to answer. The surveys that I’ve done for them so far have been about 100 pts ea.

They only have Tango Cards for prizes so far — 500 pts = $5 Tango card, 1000 pts = $10 Tango card — that’s it. It has taken me about 4 months to save up for a $5 Tango card, because I’ve only had 5 surveys in that time. I wish the surveys came more often, then I’d probably give them more stars on this review… Run by Toluna.

Radial Insight Panel Review.

Radial Insight Panel Review Who are they? Can money be made on this site?
Radial Insight Panel Review Who are they? Can money be made on this site?

In this post, I am looking at Radial insight Panel, Radial Insight  Panel was founded in 2009, Radial Insight is a public opinion and market research firm that provides insight into the opinions and perspectives of everyday Americans.

By joining Radial Insight’s public opinion panel, you’ll be paid for sharing your thoughts, feedback, and opinion on new products, ideas, and policies. Best of all, you’ll be paid instantly for your time.

What is Radial insight

Radial Insight is an opinion and market research firm that provides insight into

the opinions and perspectives of everyday Americans.

Companies, political groups, and non-profits hire Radial Insight to quickly capture the opinions of hundreds of thousands of voters and consumers, instead of

recruiting expensive focus groups.

How does radial insight work

Once you successfully join the Radial Insight public opinion panel, you will be emailed your new survey opportunities as they become available. You can also choose to receive SMS text message survey notifications in addition to e-mails.

start your own business
start your own business

When do I get paid?

We pay you once you successfully qualify for and complete a Radial Insight survey.

The reward amount varies by surveys and will be clearly indicated in each survey opportunity email or text message

.Radial Insights surveys pay at least $3 each with some paying as much as $10 (depending on the length or complexity).

You’ll receive your reward email a few minutes after you successfully finish each survey.

Another way for you to earn rewards from Radial Insight is by installing the  Receipt Rewards  Chrome extension / Firefox Add-on submitting receipts for your purchases from online retail stores.

Receipt Rewards will prompt you for your email address so that you can register your extension/add-on

you will then be sent an email with a verification code. Find this code in your email inbox and enter it into the Receipt Rewards extension/add-on.

Receipt Rewards works with Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com, Jet.com, Costco.com, and DollarGeneral.com

After you’ve accumulated $1 in Receipt Rewards, and for each full $1 you earn, you’ll receive a Tango Card with your reward. Tango Cards may take 24 hours to be sent.

How Will I be paid?

After you successfully qualify for and complete a survey, we will send you an email with a Tango Card number and PIN.

The Tango Card is redeemable at over 50 national retailers, including Amazon.com, Target, and many others.

Once you receive your Tango Card email, please follow the provided instructions to redeem and convert your Tango Card into the gift card of your choice.

Who can become a member of Radial Insight  https://radialinsight.com/terms-of-use/

Any legal resident of the 50 United States must be 18 or older, who is currently a Survey Panelist, or who joins the Survey Panel is eligible to receive rewards

Survey Panelists may earn rewards from the time they join the Survey Panel until the time they lose their status as a Survey Panelist for any reason.

Your personal information provided to Radial Insight must be correct and current. You are solely responsible for maintaining updated personal information.

You may only have one account as a Survey Panelist. If you create more than one account, Radial Insight will automatically deactivate any additional accounts, you will lose any currently earned rewards, and you may be permanently prohibited from being a Survey Panelist.

If there is a dispute related to your identity, Radial Insight may demand proof of identity and will use such information for the purpose of confirming your identity.

Radial Insight has the right to deny rewards to any Survey Panelist if Radial Insight suspects the Survey Panelist has violated these Terms of Use, including committing fraud related to multiple accounts, or for any other legally permissible reason.

 Radial Insight has the right to terminate your status as a Survey Panelist at any time and without notice for any legally permissible reason


  • You receive rewards instantly for every survey you answer. There is no Threshold you are paid for the survey completed even if it’s a 1$
  • The surveys are easy and straight forward: It takes about 10 minutes per survey, which are mostly multiple-choice questions,
  • Pay per survey is high compared to other sites. Radial Insight’s rate of $2 to $4 per survey is actually pretty generous, considering most sites pay in the neighborhood of $0.5 to $1.
  • Radial Insight’s disqualification rate is surprisingly low. And they don’t rely on profile questionnaires.


  • Surveys’ availability is infrequent.

Radial Insite is a legitimate site, it has been in operation since 2009, and is operated by Radial Insight LLC and can be found at  PO Box 17201, Arlington, VA  22216 US

I think this is one of the better survey sites but as with survey sites, in general, they do not offer you the opportunity to earn a substantial income, but there are other ways that you can make money online that can offer you the way to earn a good income with the potential of becoming a passive income earner would like to Know More? Please CLICK HERE 


This review has been researched with information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain. The conclusions drawn are my opinions.

I have copied a few reviews for persons who is a member of the Radial Insite Panel from Survey Police.com.

I really appreciate your time and will reply to all your questions, please remember to share.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

Another Favorite

March 27, 2019 by James from the United States

I receive fewer invitations from Radial Insight that others but they do a better job of pre-qualification than the rest because I actually complete 90+% of them. They also set the standard for speed of payment with the reward email in my inbox before I leave their site.

I just want to reaffirm my comment regarding the speed of payment. I just finished a survey and in the brief time, it took to exit the survey site and select the tab for my email, which I keep open, the link to Tango was in my inbox. I went to Tango and ordered an Amazon Gift Card and it too was waiting in my inbox when I clicked on the tab for my email. It just can’t get faster than that. Outstanding Radial Insight and Tango Cards.

One of the Best

December 6, 2018, by Jonathan from the United States

Amazing, short surveys, always pay in seconds, quality, and quantity provides a great service.

Great panel!

December 1, 2018, by Justin from United States

Excellent customer service and always pays for your time

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And because of this, it is crucial to have a passion for the business you are building.

If you have a passion for something – you’re going to be committed, and you want to do everything surrounding that passion for making it great.

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Be unique The thing to do is to make your product stand out from others by offering or doing something a little different.

If you don’t have something unique to offer, take time to discover it. Ask yourself the question of why should I buy the thing I am selling rather than my competitors.

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