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SurveyBods Survey Site For UK Residents Only Free To Join

Join now and get your £1.50 sign-up bonus!
Join now and get your £1.50 sign-up bonus!

There are thousands of online sites, and each promises to reward you for participating in a program. But does SurveyBods deliver on that promise?

This post is written based on the information and testimonials available online in the public domain.

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What is SurveyBods?

SurveyBods is a survey site that rewards you for answering surveys they provide.

SurveyBods is a UK-based research community. It is owned by ResearchBods, which partners with other brands and organizations to provide analytical data.

SurveyBods was founded on August 20th, 2013. Previously known as ‘Informer Panel,’ it was extensively revamped from a standard website into a pretty and user-friendly website.

How Does SurveyBods Work?

To earn, you must become a member of the site; o become a member of SurveyBods, it’s easy.

Membership is only for UK residents.

There are a couple of ways to be a  member of SurveyBods you can join by a Facebook link on the website, which l takes you less than 10 seconds to sign in, or by filling out a form with your name, email address, and date of birth. Then there is the usual verification process which takes less than ten minutes.

Once you are done and have signed into the website again, you are required to complete a few more surveys to complete your profile. These will usually focus on four areas.

  • Lifestyle: demographic. Things like your gender, nationality, ethnicity, mobile number, marital status, and job type.
  • Technology: your digital TV provider, mobile sim provider, and the devices you own, such as a tablet or smartphone.
  • Activities and shopping: whether you are an online or in-store shopper, your energy supply provider and car insurance details.
  • Media consumption. The newspapers and TV shows that you love watching.

The primary source of earning on SurveyBudsince is answering surveys.

Paid Surveys

Surveys are usually available, depending on the time you check the website.

These surveys usually pay between 50p to £3.00 each and take roughly 10 minutes to complete; about 2-4 surveys each month are sent.

According to their website, finishing the profile surveys is a must once you complete your registration. This will be their basis for allocating surveys to your account.

You have to answer all the surveys as truthfully as possible because providing misleading information is grounds for the termination of your account.

The surveys offered varies in length. The longer the survey, the higher the reward you will receive; the expected reward and the estimated completion time information are given for each survey.

Prize draws

Prize draws are just a bonus, and prizes vary; there isn’t a specific prize for every draw. The prizes are points or gift cards.

Typically, you earn entries for the prize draw as a reward from surveys offered.

You can’t rely on this type of earning opportunity since it is on chance. You can consider yourself lucky if you can win one prize draw in a year.

How do you get paid?

SurveyBods uses a points system for their rewards.

surveybods rewardsYou can use the points you’ve accumulated to redeem rewards.

The payout threshold is 1500 points (equivalent to £15); Amazon gift card, you can also be paid via check, mailed to your address.

Is SurveyBods Legit?

SurveyBods is legit; they pay you for the surveys you complete. So that means they are a legit survey site.

SurveyBods do have a high payment threshold and is limited to UK residents

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