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Paid Nova Review (can you really earn $300.per day?)

Can you really make $300 per day with Paid Nova?
Paid Nova Review (can you really make $300 per day?

This week I came across a website Paid Nova this site claims you can make $300 per day and you will be able to get rich fast.

This claim not only set my red flag suspicion in motion but it raised my curiosity as well, so I did a little digging.

Product Name: Paid Nova

Price: $0.00

Owners Name: Un-Name

Website:  https://paidnova.com/

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Affiliate Marketing Dude (Review) (There Are Better Alternatives)

There are better alternatives
Review –Affiliating Marketing Dude.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

Affiliate Marketing Dude is an affiliate marketing program which was started by Marcus Cambell abound 2006, He had been in affiliate marketing for some time and had made some good money out of affiliating marketing for himself.

His training focuses on getting people to set up small websites that make money and help you do so. He also provides video tutorial training and you also get access to tools, plug-ins that he uses, niche ideas, live training and more.

He advertises 3 different programs he has the cheapest one he did not state a price is called FPC the fast profit class in this program you get 4 training videos and that’s it.

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An Avon Independent Owner Review

An Avon Independent Owner Review- Can you make money selling Avon?
An Avon Independent Owner Review- Can you make money selling Avon?

Can you make money selling Avon?

There are MLM that are scams and there are others that are legit I believe that Avon is legit but can you make worthwhile money selling Avon it’s possible but probably very few do. I do not believe the likely wood of making a decent income from selling Avon is likely. We will be looking at some of the telltale signs of what to look for in identifying an MLM scam.

There are a few things that you should be looking out for that could be an indicator that maybe you should stay away from the company,

I think the biggest one is will you be selling good quality products or will you be recruiting over the sales of a product or service.

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Turn Your Passion Into Business—Be Your Own Boss

If You have a passion or a hobby that you have invested a lot of your time and energy into, but would love to earn some money off of it, here are some ideas that can help in that transition from hobby to business.

Be unique The thing to do is to make your product stand out from others by offering or doing something a little different.

If you don’t have something unique to offer, take time to discover it. Ask yourself the question of why should I buy the thing I am selling rather than my competitors.

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Work at Home Business that Works —-Making Money On-Line.

A way to make money online

Affiliate marketing is a common way people make money online it gives one the most freedom and flexibility.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and may find the name intimidating or you just cannot understand the concept, (for step by step guide in building a website click here for free )

Affiliate marketing is about making money online using ads, courses, e-books, sponsored posts, etc.

You can either Sell your own goods or services or sell or promote someone else goods or services and getting paid to do so

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is recommending a product or service to people who you may meet through your blog or post and earning a commission when they purchase that product or service.

An example of affiliate marketing

I have a blog on health for boomers, and this is something I am passionate about.

I can partner with the company who sells products that cater to boomers I can become an affiliate of that company.

They will give me a special link to the product tagged with my own, unique affiliate ID.

Every time I use that link in a blog post and someone clicks it, my affiliate ID follows them for a time. If they buy the product at that time, I will earn a commission.

This is a great way to get paid a commission without appearing to sell anything by adding affiliate links within your content.

That way, when people click on the link, they are taken to the company site and, if they buy, you’ll earn a commission.

Companies make it very easy to get links to their site. The way that you get those links varies from company to company, but it’s usually very easy to find a link to the product or products that you’re looking for.

After you have built your website and start producing contents to your site and it is up and running,  It is very important to continue producing good content relevant to your niche and this will keep people coming back to your website, keep on producing original content that’s of value to your visitors.

Good content keeps visitors coming back. And the possibility exists that they might eventually click on your affiliate links and purchase something.

It is best when writing your content to write it like you are trying to explain something to a friend or family member.

Do not write like a salesperson,.and when reviewing a product or service from a company you are an affiliate of do not change the writing style your readers are used to.

Your blog should not become a commercial as that could put off your readers. Instead, talk about how the product or service can be beneficial to them while it relates to the blog’s topic.

Wealthy Affiliate

This may seem like a bit much and complicated so I would like to introduce you to the platform that I am using, Wealthy Affiliate you can join this program for free you will be tutored by a very capable tutor you will be provided you with the step by step process and the good thing is you can proceed at your own pace.

phase 1 lesson 1
Let’s get rolling Phase 1 Lesson 1

You are taught how to build a website, how to choose words that will enable your post to be indexed in google you are given two websites and 6 website themes to choose from

I would suggest that after you join for free and are satisfied that this is something you want to do then upgrade to premium There is so much that is made available to you when you become a premium member.

Here is a list of what is offered with both membership.

As you can see the difference of the information and tools offered and because of this difference your success rate will be higher with a premium membership.

You are taught how to link an affiliate to your post you will become a member of a community of over 1,000,000 that is drawn from every country and has come together as a family

And this family of WA members is eager to help you to succeed and do well in your online business,  and we will assist you in reaching your goals, the pay forward attitude is encouraged within the community.

To get assistance with your questions there are several ways to get answers to your question there is a forum or a question stream or you can contact the tutor on his personal page.

There are also members who have made training videos and have written training blogs these pieces of training are made available to you for free.

Here is a post was written by one of our many members.


You will also get tips on other streams of making money online by members who have done so and there are many ways of making money online but I think affiliate marketing is the best one.

With the premium membership, there is additional inform

Have a look at this video that is a part of the premium membership this is a live video that is presented every Friday and it is archived for us to revisit at any time needed.

keyword research
Understanding Keyword Research June 2018

I now have 2 websites and I am a premium member I think this is the best decision as a retired boomer who needed some extra income to supplement my retirement income, I have no regrets and I don’t think you will either. If you decide to join you can click on any of the link and that will take you directly to the login/sign in/sign up page and I will gladly assist you in any way I can.


There is a lot of Affiliate programs out there and there is a few of them that are scams, but I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is a safe and sure way of earning money online This is no scam and you don’t have to take my word for it you can join for free and see for yourself.

Not only will you create an income but you will be exposed to so much information you will be able to build upon the foundation you have gained a bigger income stream. There are quite a number of 5 figures monthly income earners at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am in no way telling that you will be making 5 figures overnight it takes dedication, persistence, and patience and remember you can join for free look around our Word Press website and if you don’t like it (I think you will) then you can cancel and you will not lose a penny You have nothing to lose so give it a try.

Thank you for reading my blog hope you found it informative and helpful. Please leave your comment or questions at the place provided, and I will be sure to reply. I would really appreciate it if you would like and share this post thanks. Please share this post I would really appreciate it.

NOTE: This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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