The 4 Top Concerns For Retired Boomers, And Ways To Solve Them.

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concerns of retired boomers
Top Concerns of retired Boomers.



Top concerns for retiring boomers

According to the Census Bureau, many baby boomers born between 1946-1964 have the lowest poverty rate among all age groups.

This group was born during the years of post-war prosperity. They were also the generation of fighters trying to survive and thrive.

The characteristics of the baby boomers tell us they are fighters and self-reliant. And hard-working

But after years of hard work and it’s time to enter the glorious retirement age; they have to battle a new set of problems.

With inflation rising against the cost of living, it’s becoming harder for those living on a fixed income to pay their bills.

Because of this, many boomers nearing retirement age decide to delay their retirement until they reach their 70s and beyond their current standard of living.

And some of us already retired and have had to return to work are looking for even more ways to earn money to help make ends meet.

Some retirees own homes and would like to be able to use home equity as a way to supplement their income but are afraid of being scammed.

Being Able to Afford Retirement

According to this survey conducted by the AARP, boomers can’t afford to retire. Nearly half of Americans 50 and over have $25,000 or less saved for retirement.

This article also suggests that many baby boomers don’t have a realistic view of retirement and, as a result, are not putting in enough effort to prepare for it.

It has become the norm to work past age 65 because of economic necessity.

Many have also taken the necessary steps to cut their expenses; some have downsized their homes to raise money for retirement.

Will there be Social Security for me?

There is the possibility that Social security may not be around for the next generation.

Baby boomers now strive to live more simply as they realize their savings are not enough to keep them living the way they are used to.

Caring for their elderly parents

Not only do boomers have to survive on their pension, but in some cases, they have to take care of their parents as well.

That’s a lot of emotional and financial strain put many baby boomers,’ and along with the unpredictability of what the future holds in the way of their economic well-being, this could cause another kind of crisis that may lead to depression.

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Health Issues

Living longer is a two-edged sword. Because we are living longer, way into our 90s in some cases, this increase in longevity has also increased incidents of illnesses and disability.

This means planning for our retirement has to include our healthcare needs.

And this planning should be the expense for long-term care. According to the Pennsylvania Health Care Association, Alzheimer’s disease.

  • An estimated 70% of people turning 65 will require long-term care in their lifetime and receive care for an average of 3 years.

I am afraid these problems will not disappear, especially since most of us are still healthy.

We hope Medicare and social security will remain available for us and the younger generations.

There is a solution that I know can and will help alleviate the need for an extra job, as this solution will probably not be suited for all of us.

Working beyond retirement age

Because of illness or disabilities, we cannot stand the rigors of working outside the home.

The other solution is working from the comfort of your home, which can be achieved online.

All you will need is a computer and access to the web via a Wi-Fi hookup, and your cable company can do this hookup.

Most transactions can be done online in today’s world and with today’s technology. Because of this, there are many opportunities to make an extra income without the hassle of leaving your home.

I used to go shopping in a store and look through all the merchandise, sometimes just for the sake of looking. But now it seems that brick-and-mortar stores will soon be a thing of the past.

You can do several jobs online, from teaching to customer service rep; you could also offer your service. And many other things.

Working from Home

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