Viewpoint Forum Review

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Viewpoint Forum Review  Is This a Legit site or a Scam
Viewpoint Forum Review Is This a Legit site or a Scam?

With inflation rising against the cost of living, it’s becoming harder for those living on a fixed income to pay their bills.

So people are looking for ways to supplement their income, maybe by getting another job or doing something online

I know taking surveys is a very popular method but it must be remembered that that taking surveys are going to provide a very small income, and is usually a horrible hourly rate.

But there is a better way to make money online CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. We will be taking a look at Viewpoint Forum in this post.

Forum is part of MarketVision Research, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. MarketVision Research is a founding member of the Insights Association, a leading industry organization supporting the Marketing Research community.

MarketVision Research operates under the principles and guidelines set forth by the IA, as well as ESOMAR. As a member of the Viewpoint Forum, you can be confident that our research is accurately managed and securely maintained.

Viewpoint Forum is a community of consumers providing their opinions about current and new product and service ideas. Members of the community share their personal viewpoints on a wide array of product and service ideas and, as a result, directly impact the potential of these products and services in the marketplace.

The community believes that the opinions of consumers are paramount and your participation as a Forum member is always rewarded.

At Viewpoint Forum there is never an obligation to participate and you are able to discontinue your membership at any time

How Does Viewpoint Forum Work

Each member will receive points for each completed survey. You are given a small incentive if you do not qualify for the survey.

Most surveys are worth around 125-225 Forum Points and take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Occasionally you may have the opportunity to earn additional Forum Points for more complex or lengthy surveys.

You may also see surveys that are worth fewer points, but this is because they often may have another opportunity to earn points tied to them.

Once you have earned 750 Forum Points you are eligible to request payment.

What are the rewards of Viewpoint Forum

After you accumulate at least 750 Forum Points, the equivalent of $20, you are eligible to request payment.

When will You be able to redeem your rewards

You will be able to redeem your rewards at the 750 threshold point, you can continue accumulating points, or you can redeem your reward,. Payment options include gift cards and cash. All the available cash out options will be presented to you during the process ash Payment options will be presented during the cash-out process

Please allow between 10-14 business days. To receive your reward

Who can be a member of the Viewpoint forum?

A resident of the USA 18+but you will need a referral from a member, unfortunately, the referral program is on hold for the moment

Is Viewpoint Forum Legit

Yes, this is a legitimate business, it has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been in operation over 10 years.

Business Details

This is a multi-location business.

Location of This Business

5151 Pfeiffer Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242-4872

BBB File Opened:


Alternate Business Name

  • MarketVision Research

Related Businesses

  • MarketVision Research, Inc.

Business Management

  • Ms. Julie Owens

Contact Information

  • Principal Ms. Julie Owens



It is free to become a member

Once you are in, you are guaranteed to earn. Because the number of participants is controlled, based on survey availability.


You are not always qualified for a survey

14 days seems too long to receive your reward

Have to be referred by a member

My thoughts

Viewpoint forum seems to be a good survey site, not over crowed and you get rewarded even if you do not qualify, but the drawback is will you ever be able to become a member, you will have to wait on an active member to refer you when the referral program resumes.

I have done my fair share of taking surveys, but I have found a better way to make a decent income online. It is online marketing, it does take commitment, work, and patience, it is not a get rich quick venture but it can be very rewarding.

I choose affiliate marketing, to be honest, I knew nothing  about affiliate marketing and was just impossible when it came to technical stuff, I wasn’t even a good typist,

I found a platform that  was built for anyone who wants to be an online entrepreneur,

This platform is suited for people like myself or a very experienced online marketer.

This company has been in existence for 14 years and has a membership of over 1 million, it has also gained a reputation of one of the best teaching and hosting platforms.

Click Here for free membership
Turn your passion or hobby into a home business

There is nothing to lose by becoming a free member. There is no commitment to be made, you will not be asked for any financial information, you will be asked for your name and email address

I would suggest that you at least do the phase 1- 10 free lessons before deciding if you want to continue, that’s what I did. If you would like to know more CLICK HERE

Thank you for stopping by, remember to leave your questions and comments and SHARE


I have copied some reviews of Viewpoint Forum from members, these were copied from Survey Police site.

Easy and Pays

May 4, 2020 by Michael from United States

I have been with Viewpoint Forum for a few years and always get a great experience. I have done several in home projects with them and also online survey projects. All their surveys are hosted by the company and you will not have to deal with annoying underpaying survey routers. Surveys are a bit scarce and usually come at least once or twice of a month and sometimes nothing at all. Once you request a reward they are usually emailed to you in about a day or two. Great experience just the way survey companies should be.

Super Easy

February 21, 2020 by Stacey from United States

I have tried a lot of survey sites and this is one of my go tos. They are super simple, not at all mind numbly long like some. I keep it on my desk top and pop in when I see an alert. It really doesn’t get much easier than that

Fun Product Trials

September 14, 2019 by Tammi from United States

Long time member of Viewpoint Forum and the points system is okay, but what’s best about them is the in home product trials! I have gotten to try out several different things including whitening toothpaste and shampoo. If you complete the after trial survey, they pay you well for that, too. Highly recommend!

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