Will you be ever able to retire—with Owning your own business you will

Will You Be ever able To Retire?

Will You Be Ever Able To Retire?

The question a lot of us are asking ourselves is will be ever able to retire and the unfortunate answer doesn’t look good for us boomers

New data reveals that Baby Boomers are not financially able to cover financial emergencies. According to the Insured Retirement Institute and published on MSM  It states that approximately 70% of older workers have just $5,000 or less in immediate savings,

And that means not only will they be not able to cover any unforeseen emergencies but retirement seems to be out of the question.

The question of how are we going to survive needs to be asked and an answer found and proper steps taken to come up with some strategies before the day of retirement comes.

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With the increase of life expectancy, we are living 25-30 years without having an income or any hopes of earning one.

With the workforce getting younger and almost everything is being automated is becoming more difficult to find a job that can be done by an older adult

Retirement Savings

The Charles Schwab brokerage firm has published a retirement planning rule-of-thumb that takes clear notice of inflation’s effects. It suggests you will need $230,000 in retirement savings in today’s dollars to provide $1,000 in monthly income during retirement. For example, if you want to add $4,000 per month to your Social Security income, you would need $920,000 in retirement savings and investments in today’s dollars.

The problem with this planning is no one knows what the inflation rate will be by the time you reach retirement age so I think it is impossible to predict just how much it will actually cost to retire.

Additional Income

A better addition to saving for retirement is to have a steady income flow to supplement whatever savings you may have. (FREE business startup)

This income flow could be other investments you may have or owning your own business. It doesn’t have to be anything that will cause you to be caught up in the everyday grind of the working world.

With the explosion of the internet, there are many ways to make a steady income online

There is for instance online marketing, this is a method by which you will advise merchants goods on your website and receive a commission whenever a purchase is made through any of the affiliate links in your post. ( start an affiliate business for free here)

You may know nothing about online marketing and maybe you are like I had no knowledge not only about online marketing but have no computer skills except entering data and not very fast either.

Wealthy Affiliate

I joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform (you can join for FREE) It is a platform that was built to accommodate everyone that has an interest in operating an online business.

It does not matter if you are new to online marketing or you are a successful marketer with years of experience there is a place for you at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are people who have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 8 years, they are because they have built a successful business

Not A Pyramid Or MLM

This is not a pyramid or an MLM business where you have to get people to join and create a downstream whereby you get a commission based  on every person your requite brings into the company and on their sale,

I have a post from a young man who has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2008 here is one of his blog about Wealthy Affiliate you can read what he has to say here.

As I said you can become a member for free, there is no expiration date to a free membership there is no contract with any of the membership

And if you upgrade to a premium membership you can stop an anytime and there is no penalty

The premium billings is broken down so you can decide what is best for you

I used the free membership to start my business then I went monthly  and then yearly

This is something you can look into the here is a list of the information and tools that come with each membership

With a premium membership, there is also a weekly training live video class  Here is a sample of the live demos training

Amplifying Your Writing Efficiency

So you can see the value in going premium, but the decision is yours to make. Now I must tell you that affiliate marketing takes determination, good work ethics, and patience, success will not come overnight it will come.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform will guide you to success with step by step training, you go at your own pace there is no competition, and the lessons are always there so if you forget something as we humans are prone to do you can go back and look at the information.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing is not just for near-retirees or retirees, I believe that affiliate marketing is for everybody, the stay at home mother who wants to spend valuable time with her family but needs that extra income to be able to make it happen,

The College graduate who has a large amount of student loan and it seems payments for that loan will never end, a young person who just want to have some extra cash to do some of the pleasures of life, like traveling, or taking a special vacation.

The affiliate business may not be a quick fix but once it is established you will be able to relax a little as these earnings can become a passive income earner.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the better training  platforms you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE

You have nothing to lose in becoming a free member, you will go through phase 1 which is 10 lessons and at the end of these 10 lessons you will have a working website up, running ready for business

In joining Wealthy Affiliate you are not committing to anything, you can become a member by clicking on any of the links in this post, and I will be there to welcome you to our awesome community, I will be your mentor and you will have an awesome group of people who are willing to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for stopping by I really appreciate it, please like and share, and if you have  a question or a comment please leave in the space provided and I will reply ASAP

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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