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There are thousands of survey sites online and each one promises to reward you for providing them with your opinions.

But does this site actually deliver on that promise?

This review has been researched with information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain

What is eJury Panel

eJury, L.L.C. began operations in November 1999, founded by Christopher L. Bagby, a trial attorney.

He recognized that the Internet’s ability to connect people was the perfect way to empower attorneys with the knowledge of others.


eJury provides attorneys the opportunity to learn what others think about their cases. eJury functions much like a traditional “live” mock jury or focus group except that the jurors (or eJurors) participate via the Internet.

How eJury works


eJury provides an attorney the opportunity to “pre-try” the case before it goes to trial in front of an actual jury at the courthouse.

Cases at the courthouse are usually tried to juries of 12 people. At eJury, each case is tried by a minimum of 50 people.

This provides the attorney with a tremendous amount of feedback which he/she will use to establish a settlement value, find strengths and weaknesses in the evidence, learn “public” attitudes, improve jury selection, discover the most effective arguments,…

The typical eJury case works like this:

Step 1:

The attorney prepares the Case Submission, which consists of facts from the perspectives of each party, the jury questions would be used at trial, and personal questions designed to obtain additional feedback.

Step 2:

eJury converts the attorney’s Case Submission into an “HTML format” and posts it to a secure location on our website where only eJurors in the county of selection can access the case. The eJurors in that county are then notified by e-mail that a new case has been posted.

Step 3:

The e-Jurors return to our website, log in, and begin reviewing the facts and answering the questions, each clicking a “Submit Verdict” button upon completion.

Once the minimum number of verdicts has been rendered (usually 50), the case automatically concludes. A case summary is posted later for those interested in seeing the results.

How Much will  be paid


For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 – $10 depending on the length of the case. You will be shown the amount to be paid at the top of each case.

Payments are made via PayPal.

How long does each case take?

The time spent reviewing a case varies greatly depending on the length of the case and the individual eJuror. Averaged 35 minutes.

How Do You Join the panel?

There are three portions to the application, but they’re all very short. So I’ve listed the parts below:

  1. Oath
  2. Identity Verification
  3. Demographic Information

The oath is very simple; it’s basically four yes or no questions that say you’re not affiliated with any attorney or any part of the legal system and that you’ve read their terms.


Identity verification is straightforward. It includes basic information like your name, address, etc.

You will need to provide some form of identification like your driver’s license.

The demographics portion is like signing up for a survey site where you provide your date of birth, race, gender, household income, etc.

After you’re through, you’ll submit your application. If you’re accepted, eJury will contact you via email.


Qualifications for service as an eJuror are much the same as the requirements for actual jury service in the United States. To qualify as an eJuror, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be a citizen of the United States;
  • be of sound mind and good moral character;
  • be able to read and write;
  • have never been convicted of a felony; and
  • not be under indictment or other legal accusation of misdemeanor theft or felony theft or any felony charge.

Is eJury Legit

Yes, this is a legit site, it has an A+ rating with the BBB, and they have been in operations since 1999


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