How To Beat The Retirement Anxiety (Ways to Beat Retirement Anxiety)

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How To Beat The Retirement Anxiety

Many of us boomers who looked forward to retirement become anxious and depressed when the time comes.

The anxiety kicks in and instead of the happiness, we thought we would feel in retirement we start to dread the unknown.

Have we saved enough for retirement? Will we outlive our retirement savings? What would happen if a catastrophe crisis comes our way, would we be able to cope?

Part of the problem stems from dashed expectations. Maybe we were saving and thought by the time we reach retirement we would have saved enough to take us through retirement.

And now we have reached our retirement and we see that our savings are not enough and maybe we still have mortgage payments to make.

We feel frustrated and hopeless,  there are still so many expenses that have to be met each month. ( start your own business for free)

Sometimes we boomers find ourselves in too much debt brought upon us by different circumstances in our lives.

There is so much we have to do, we either have to care for our aging parents, assist our kids through college or out of a financial problem.

Whatever the reason, we are in a financial dilemma and need to get out of it.

Of course, there are steps that can be taken if you are in a pre-retirement situation.

Retirement Goals

We can look at the retirement goals we have set for ourselves; if it’s too high, this is a sure way to add to our anxiety.

Placing our goals too high will give us a feeling of discouragement and frustration, leading to depression when these goals are not met.

You can save more by making a budget and cutting all unnecessary spending, like eating out or having that expensive cup of latte, or in my case, that pair of shoes you do not need.

It is best to find someone that you can talk to about your financial situation it could be a financial advisor or just a friend who will help to plan a way to save some extra cash.

I have found that it is never a good thing to spend all your time by yourself; you will only think about your problem more, leading to more depression.

Find a group of your age and spend some time together, whether at the gym at the Y or taking walks and talking, or at the park playing some game.

You know when we make plans, sometimes things do not always go the way we want, things do happen that cause our plan to go awry,  so it always good to have a backup plan.

If you are in a job maybe they will keep you after you have reached the retirement age.

I know for some of us who have already retired it may be a bit difficult to find a job, but there are other things you can do.

You can rent out a room in your home that is very popular these days I know a friend who is not only retired but also a widow and that is what she does, she rents a room out Airbnb and she makes a decent income that helps her to stay afloat in her financial situation.

You can also do what I did become a business owner, became an affiliate marketer.

What is affiliate marketing?

According to Wikipedia online marketing is  Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by ads placed in your blog.

What this means you will have a blog about anything you like, say it is about common heath problems in boomers, you will write about these health problems ( you will do research to enhance your knowledge)

There are merchants who have products that can help boomers and their health problems, you can become an affiliate of theirs, these merchants will give you a link to your website and when any customer clicks on that link it will take them to the merchant website and if they make a purchase you will get a commission.

Of course, to do all this you will need a website, the company that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate will build you a site for free. You can access this opportunity HERE.

Not only will they give you a website for free, but you will also get 2 websites free and  there are also 12 beautiful themes for you to choose from,+ phase 1 of the online training material there is,

Phase 1 consists of 10 lessons ( videotapes with step-by-step instructions ). Please have a look at one of our training videos.

Phase 1How To create your Own website and create money
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And here is a blog by one of our members telling why it a good idea to be an affiliate marketer.please have a look.

Now there are 2 types of membership there are the free members and the premium membership with the premium membership there are a lot more information and tools that are available which will make your more likely to succeed.

Here is a list of what is available in both membership.

As you can see there is so much more that is available, you get 50 websites which will enable you to have multiple streams of income.

Premium Membership

And with the premium, there is also a live video class every Friday or Saturday depends on what part of the world you are in (our membership spends the globe)

I have placed a video of one of our live videos here ( these videos remains accessible to   our premium members)

keyword research
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Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not a new company; and the company has been around since 2005; and now has a membership of 1.4+ million and has earned a reputation as one of the leading teachings Platforms.

I was looking at another training platform a couple of days ago and say they were charging $77 extra for mentoring, and $50 for hosting and these fees were monthly, at Wealthy Affiliate these services are free even with the free membership.


Like everything else that is worth anything success does not happen overnight it takes hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all a love for what you are doing.

Someone said entrepreneurship is living a few years like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life living like most people can’t.

When you become a free member at Wealthy Affiliate you will not be asked for any financial information or to sign any commitment form.

Your free membership never expires. You will be asked for your name and email address and if you do not remain a member you will never be contacted.

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It is said to always surround yourself with like-minded people to encourage you and assist you along the way,

Well at Wealthy Affiliate there is always someone to answer your questions, we have a community as I said that is worldwide so someone is always online and members are only too eager to assist you in any way we can.

I also saw on the other platform if you had a technical problem it will cost you an extra $19 per problem.

At Wealthy Affiliate, this service is provided free for every member free or premium and the tech support is easy to access you can do so right from your dashboard.


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for everyone, Newbie, Little experience or Years of experience.

This is a company that is up to date in today’s online marketing strategies and has the vision to genuinely help people achieve success in business and in life.

And one that is dedicated to helping others become great and achieve true financial independence.

And do not think you are too old to start something new, something you have little or no knowledge about, or you are not a technical person (those were my thoughts).

I am a retiree in my 70s, but please remember this whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.

If you decide to give affiliate marketing a try you can click on any of the links in this post, I will contact you and I will be your mentor, I am looking forward to seeing you on the platform.

You have nothing to lose in trying for free and if you desire to see first hand what the premium membership has to offer, should you become a premium member in the first 7 days it will cost you only $19 for the first month.

This way you will have a full month to look around and decide if you would like to be an affiliate marketer.

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I am really hoping to see you on the platform, I will be there to show you around and assist you in any way I can.

Thank you for reading; I hope you found it helpful please share this post, and if you need more information or would like to leave a comment, please leave it in the space provided below this post, and I will reply ASAP.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

6 thoughts on “How To Beat The Retirement Anxiety (Ways to Beat Retirement Anxiety)

    1. Hi, Roger, everybody is different it took me 11 months to start seeing any sales and today a member wrote she had sales coming at just 2 months ut the average time to start seeing sales is around 6 months, it does take time to build an audience and that is the hardest part of affiliate marketing. Why not try it by taking advantage of the starter program which is free. you get to build your own website, take it from there and see if you like it, you can start for free by clicking on this link. , Thank you for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it.

  1. This is very well explained. Only recently I joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I am amazed at all the help I receive, the incredible technical support, and the community support. It is like you say: “Surround yourself with likeminded people”.
    And it is very true that you’re never too old 🙂

    1. Thank you, Christine, thank you for your comment And I do find Wealthy Affiliate incredible I just did a review of another platform they were asking as much as $997 for affiliate marketing +770 a month for mentoring and other upsells Wealthy Affiliate is really one of the best training platforms. I think the community should get an award just my opinion all the best in your online business.

  2. Great post. I really can relate to your experience since I am already a retired employee and was once worried about how life would be after retirement. But with God’s grace I never felt anxiety, instead He leads me to be a part of WA community which I truly enjoyed doing almost everyday. With regards to your review, I would say that it’s great, honest and based on experience. Very well done.

    1. Hi, Arturo Thank you for taking the time to read my post I really do appreciate it, Before I retired I used to work with some seniors who had nothing saved and no family I am fortunate I have my Kids who I live with so in that regards I am blessed. I did have some anxiety issues but God saw me through and He led me to WA and I am very grateful for this platform and its members I feel that this is the place to be.

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