Affiliate Marketing Dude (Review) (There Are Better Alternatives)

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There are better alternatives
Review –Affiliating Marketing Dude.


Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

Affiliate Marketing Dude is an affiliate marketing program that was started by Marcus Cambell abound 2006, He had been in affiliate marketing for some time and had made some good money out of affiliating marketing for himself.

His training focuses on getting people to set up small websites that make money and help you do so. He also provides video tutorial training and you also get access to tools, plug-ins that he uses, niche ideas, live training, and more.

He advertises 3 different programs he has the cheapest one he did not state a price is called FPC the fast profit class in this program you get 4 training videos and that’s it.

There are platforms that give you 10 lessons for free and at the end of those 10 lessons you will have two beautiful web sites (You can see more Here)

The second one is

  • $297 – Simple Sites Big Profits (SSBP) The price was $775 but is reduced because the material is from 2017 (no upgrades.)

    • With this training, You will be taught the methods of  how Marcus builds his online businesses step by step and are also provided with tools like plugins, etc. that help to make setting up your website a little easier, If you buy  this program you will also get some support and access to sample profit sites that have been set up so you will have an idea what to do
    • This is what Marcus suggests as the main product for getting started. Pretty much you will need this product in order to go through the training, and the other 2 are “add-ons. you will need to purchase these add ons.
  • $997 – High Ticket Niches

    • If you buy into this Marcus will personally select a niche for you that he feels has a lot of potentials. He will try to find you as profitable and noncompetitive of a niche as possible. You also get set up with a domain, along with some plugins for your site, tools, and some content to get started.
    • You also get access to Simple Sites Big Profits if you buy into this. This way you can follow along with the core training.

In my opinion, in choosing a niche it should be something you like or passionate about because you will have to be researching and writing about that subject every day and if you are not interested in will be really difficult to be consistent in producing content.

You will also have to pay $77.00 per month for mentoring and another $50.00 per month for web hosting. And there seem to be other costs involved. here is a list of some other things you will be paying for. choose your add ons, bonuses, and pay plan

(For a cheaper and better training site HERE)

Now from listening to MARCUS, it seems so easy, but those of us who have been in affiliate marketing knowledge to be a successful affiliate marketer takes a lot more.

Producing Good Contents Frequently 

It takes producing good contents frequently at least 3 times per week, every day would be best. It takes patience. You will first have to gain trust from your audience and this takes time. The online marketing business is just like any other business. It takes time work, effort, consistency, and patience, it’s not a just set it and forget it business

You can make money in affiliate marketing, and they’re a lot of people doing so, and there are also a lot of people who also fail, for different reasons.

And it just seems to me that spending so much money on something that is somewhat unsure is not a good financial decision.

And on Affiliate Marketing Dude there is also a disclaimer that makes my point.” please note results are not typical implied or guaranteed… your success depends on your effort… the average affiliate marketer does nothing so the average affiliate marketer makes nothing. even if you do work… there are variables and circumstances that sometimes make it harder to earn.”

A Few Complaints

From my research, there are quite a few complaints leveled against Affiliate Marketing Dude and the main one seems to be lack of support.

Now I know for myself as a Newbie who went into affiliate marketing not having any computer or technical skills apart from typing, I needed all the support I could get, and having to pay an extra $70.00 a month for mentorship seems a little too expensive.

There are other platforms that offer an active forum where you can get help and also there is a link to the actual tutor. (See more here)

I have seen complaints where training tapes are missing or doubled up, as humans we do make mistakes and things do happen but I think the frequency of it happening is a bit troubling.

Overpriced Products

In one of His videos, Marcus kept saying he has to charge at the price stated because making the videos cost him a lot.

It would be hard for me to state how much he should sell his product for and I would not dream of doing so, However, there are platforms that are charging less and producing just as good and better for a lot less.

The platform that I am a part of there is no fee except your yearly fee which is less than $360 per year and everything is included except domain name which can be purchased as low as $14.00 per year.

There are no upsells no buying of additional training programs, there are additional training programs but these are also included in the fee.


In my conclusion after reviewing Affiliate Marketing dude, I would not say this program is a scam, but because of the product pricing, I would not recommend it.

I am sure you will be able to learn some great things from it, and I’m sure some people have been successful from it, but the quality you are getting here just doesn’t seem to worth the price that is been asked, and given the seeming lack of support will not give you a good chance of succeeding.

There are so many different affiliate marketing training courses out there, and in my opinion, this does not seem to be one of the better ones.

One of these better alternatives is one that I am a part of, it is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been around as a company since 2005 but just like Marcus, the founders were in affiliate marketing from early 2000.

This company membership has grown to around 1.4+ million and its members can be found in 193 countries.

This company offers a free starter membership and with this starter program you get 2 WordPress websites, a choice of 12 themes to choose from, phase 1 of the online entrepreneur class which is 10 lessons and at the end of the 10 lessons you will have a beautiful website up and running.

And this free membership remains free it does not expire you can keep it as long as you like, (Check it out here.)   

If you are thinking of buying an Affiliate Marketing Dude program I would suggest you use Caution please do some more research, as I said I do believe this program is not a scam but overpriced.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you found the information helpful in coming to a decision and should you have a question or a comment please leave it in the space provided at the end of this post and please share this post.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

producing good contents frequently at least 3 times per week, every day would be best. It takes patience. You 

8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Dude (Review) (There Are Better Alternatives)

  1. You negated the legitimacy of your review when you started promoting another site. Dising some guy’s site just promoted other site is a real douchebag move.

    1. I did not dis the other site I did not say it was a scam, I did not suggest not to buy that program,I did think the cost of the course was high,and I said so. I offered an alternative.

  2. I agree. He isnt a scammer but he does lie when he tells you that the software is up to date. As far as the high ticket niche site, it is way overpriced. It comes with a domain name and some cheap content from hirewriters that you will have to edit if you want correct English in the articles.

    1. I do agree with you, this is why it is so important to do your research before jumping into any such investments, and I should know having been scammed a couple of time, I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate, the offer of the free membership made me join as I had no intention of investing any more of my money before I knew for sure just what it offered
      Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate it.

  3. First off,
    Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama have both lost credibility because they teach students that you should write a BAD review on all websites you review and then show people how you can make more money promoting those two websites.

    Marcus lost credability to me when he promoted superafilliate network the newes empwr network wanna be.

    You join free–as a free member you can promote but if a free member buys in you don’t get the commission. You did and you are all set, but if your 1sr level buying member goes to level 2 and you don’t again you don’t get the commission. And they encourage you to go all the way to the annual “trip ” to a tropical island.Yeesh MLM at its worse and Marcus is affiliate for that.
    You missed a great opportunity to zing him for that.

    I filled out my email so my reply can be shown, but will mark spam if you send me anymarketing emails.

    1. Thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it, I have heard many say the “students” of Wealthy Affiliate are taught to write bad reviews on all websites, that is just Not TRUE we are told to do our research and give out honest opinion, and I have tried my best to do so, you can see for yourself, you can join for free, that lesson is one of the 10 lessons that is given in the free membership. Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM, there is nothing for sale, you are shown how to monetize your website that you can earn money, I do admit it is not a get rich quick endeavor, and you have to do the work, but that is true for all business. I wish you all the best, and I encourage you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

  4. Having used and reached out to WA founders I do not like nor use their product. Upon rating stage 5 I had trouble getting beyond that level. Not even current members where able to help.

    As for Marcus Campbell I have not purchased any of his products, though I can not say about his affiliate marketing nor put it down. Promoting a product that I could not stand by I would be staying well clear of WA, or any company that can not provide help when needed.

    1. I am sorry to hear of your experience with WA, I myself have not found that, I have found the exact opposite, The members of Wa are extremely helpful, I wish you would WA another try, and you can contact me if you need help. wishing you all the best.

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