How To Choose An Affiliate Program

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How to choose an affiliate program---    how to choose your affiliate program is one of the utmost importance to you,
How to choose an affiliate program— how to choose your affiliate program is of the utmost importance to you,

How to choose an affiliate program And its importance to you

If you are an affiliate or online marketer, the question of how to choose an affiliate program is of the utmost importance to you,

Your affiliate program is what will be paying you a commission on sales made from the affiliate link on your site.

With the popularity of Affiliate marketing programs which has grown hugely because it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start an online home business,

People who are looking for ways to make extra money are going into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are not only good for marketers but also for the

merchants, they get the opportunity to employ salespeople who get paid for the results of the sales they generate by the links or ads on their website

But it is good to note that there are many affiliate networks to choose from but not all affiliate programs are reliable

There are all kinds of affiliate programs there are large networks that offer programs from a wide range of advertisers, smaller networks that only cater to a particular niche and there are individual affiliate programs that cater to its own brand, eg. Amazon. 

In choosing an affiliate program there are many things you need to consider, What qualities should you look for in a program and which gives you a good chance of making a sustainable income


What Commissions Does the Program Pay?

It is very important that you know how much you can expect to earn from a sale.

Or you could find yourself spending time and money promoting a product that pays minimal commissions. It would be ok if you have found a niche market where you can sell vast quantities of product, and make substantial commissions on your volume of sales.

How Much Traffic is their Website Getting?

Research the merchant’s product if their website has a low traffic ranking.

If it is possible it may be a good idea to buy the product yourself or do research on the internet to find out if there are any negative reviews about it.

It is important that you know about the products, remember your integrity depends on it, if the product that you promote is not good you will lose the trust of your audience.

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How Often Are Affiliate Commissions Paid?

Knowing when or how often you will be paid It is important that you know how often you can expect a paycheck if you are going to have financial control over your business

Some affiliate programs pay commissions every week; some once a month, others only pay every quarter.

And some also have a minimum commission that you have to earn before you get paid.

There are some affiliate programs that will give you an option upon signing that you can choose some will give you a choice of a minimum of $10 up

Does The Affiliate Program Use Tracking Cookies?

Check out how long the cookies last. The longer the cookies lasts; the better the chances of you getting paid!

It is important that the merchant uses cookies for their affiliate program so that you get credit if the customer returns and buys at a later date.

Many customers do not buy on their first visit to a merchant’s website.

Some merchants will allow 60 hrs and some 24 hrs.

What Marketing Resources Does the Affiliate Program Offer?

Look at the type and quality of the marketing resources that they provide.

Do they provide articles, advertisements, info-picture, or other content that you can use to put on your site?

Do they provide free guides, special offers, free viral e-books, or product samples that you can send to your list?

If the marketing material they provide is good then it is likely that the business will provide good support for their affiliates


One of the affiliate programs that has earned a very good reputation and has a large number of merchants that are looking for affiliates is ShareAales.

ShareASale has been in operation for over 20 years growing its network by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology, and guiding merchants and publishers to succeed in their affiliate marketing channel.

In 2017, Awin acquired one of North America’s largest platforms, ShareASale.

ShareASale has been a pure-play affiliate marketing network, successfully growing its business by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology, and guiding clients to success in affiliate marketing since 2000.

As a leading network in the US,  ShareASale is known as a fair and ethical business partner with a goal of supporting performance-based partnerships

Are you thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer, and not too sure what is an affiliate marketer? Well here is a brief definition

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, what makes is so good you can start your affiliate marketing business for free, there is no inventory, no face to face sales, you can work from anywhere, and your own time.

You do not know how affiliate marketing works? Well, there is a platform Wealthy Affiliate that will train you in the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and you can become a member for free,

With the free membership, you will get 10 lessons which will be presented via video you can go at your own pace, and at the end of these 10 lessons, you will have your website up and running ready for business.

Want to know just how affiliate marketing works? Join for free, look around the platform, do the 10 classes, and give yourself a chance to see if it something that you would want to do. Remember it’s FREE.

Thank you so much for your time, it is appreciated, I am looking forward to your comments and questions, Please remember to share.

.NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

5 thoughts on “How To Choose An Affiliate Program

  1. Hi there. Your post is a great resource. When I first started affiliate marketing, I only used Clickbank, which specializes in digital products. I loved it because they paid 75% commission. It was the best. I was always reluctant to use Amazon’s affiliate program because they pay a measley 4% which means you have to sell high ticket items. But as a newbie, you really don’t have that kind of savvy to sell high ticket item. I currently use shareasale. I’ve been with them since 2008. I think they’re the best affiliate marketing network to use. It meets all of your criteria, and then some. Thanks for your post.

    1. Hi Shalisha, thank you for your comment, I myself use the three that you mentioned but I have not used ClickBank much but I a changing that, I think a little of both is good, you are likely to get a commission from both there is someone that has a post on how to sell big-ticket items, thank you for your time. wishing you success (inbox me if you need info)

  2. Hi Ruthlynn,

    I’m still a newbie and I currently use ShareaSale, Clickbank, SendOwl, and Amazon, even though Amazon’s commission is really low, but they do have great product sharing options with great pictures.
    I have not used ShareaSale much, but now that I read more about them and you I see how much you praise them, I will start using them more. Their website is easy to use and they do indeed have so many merchants on there. Only recently did I start using Clickbank, and I also find it easy to use, they have great digital products, and their commissions are high.

    1. Hi Christine, thank you for your response to my post, I agree with you about Amazon their commission is very low but you are very likely to get a sale from them, what I have done is to advertise on my FB, and other social media pages items that I think will sell not specifically my website post, and I have got some commission that way, you know the saying every nickel counts. wishing you success.

  3. An often overlooked element in affiliate marketing is the importance of how to choose an affiliate program that’s right for you. A lot of factors need to be considered, studied, evaluated and compared before committing to a program. This often leaves the marketers in a state of confusion about whether they are doing it right or not! You have listed some key points which helps in identifying the parameters while choosing an affiliate program

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