Six-Figure Success Academy Review, Is This Legit?

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Six-Figure Success Academy-  Legit? (Check the facts here)
Six-Figure Success Academy- Legit? (Check the facts here)

Six-Figure Success Academy

The Six Figure Success Academy consists of 50+ videos, these videos are short but concise each video runs about 10 minutes.

The training is about selling via webinars. And according to the lessons you can be successful, without any experience or product of your own.

Their basic idea is simple, and they claim it takes 3 easy steps to achieve that goal:

  1. Pick an existing product/program that solves a problem
  2. Re-package the offer into a Webinar. This automated process is provided within.
  3. Promote these webinars to people that are searching for these solutions to their problems

How Does Six Figure Success Academy Work?

You will need to contact entrepreneurs or someone who offers solutions to problems and offer to sell either a product or a service for a commission.

This can be anything that offers people a solution to whatever problem they are willing to spend money to change.

The course lasts six weeks as the name suggests, and they are broken down as follows.


What’s Inside The Six Figure Success Academy?


Week 1 – Crash Course: This is a series of 12 videos, 2 of which are just welcome videos, that outlines the course structures and orients you on how the system is going to help you create income.

Week 2 – How To Partner With People who have a product that needs advertising: The second week shows you how to find the course owners of the product and convince them to take up the opportunity.

Week 3 –

Craft Your “Money Maker”: This is where you’ll learn how to write a website webinar script for the course, You’ll also learn about what the script should contain as well. There are also videos about how to understand the customer and how to analyze successful webinars.

Week 4 –

Preparing for Maximum Success: This is focused on the presentation and setting up these webinars. It also gives tips on how to split the profits with the product owner.

Week 5 –

Generate $1k Payments on Demand: This course teaches you who qualifies as a good potential affiliate. You just go after those product owners with a large following and a large amount of traffic. You’ll be taught how to get in touch with their followers and convince them to help you market your webinar.

Week 6

Optimize & Scale: You’ll be shown how to scale the affiliate marketing method in this course. Here, you’ll be taught how to manage your cash flow as you’ll be sharing profits with the product owner and their followers.

You will also get some video clips of case studies

Bonus Weeks: Case Studies

  • These case studies are not verifiable. They claim to have made over $16,000 in just 2 hours in one case, and $40,000 over 5 days. ( This brings to mind the saying anything seems too good to be true, is too good to be true.)

What is the cost of the Six Figure Success Academy Course?

The price for the course is $997. It can be paid in two parts at $547. Most likely, there are other costs involved, The course only shows you how to set-up these webinars and how to talk to product owners.

But it fails at teaching you how to generate traffic to these courses. There is no information showing how to generate traffic from sources like SEO or social media.

The program is affiliate marketing using webinars instead of monetizing content which is the more popular way of affiliate marketing.

The program also has a money-back guarantee.  The company is not BBB accredited, and there were 3 complaints that were made to the BBB.

I do not think this program is a scam, but I think one has to be at least experience in some online marketing and has the way of meeting these product owners

If you decide to sign up with this company I would suggest you think about it carefully, I have left a video of one of its founder Mr, Ty Cohen, he is very convincing, but see for your self.

There is another way you can be a successful business person by using the more traditional method of affiliating marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate

I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can start your business free, and for this free membership, you will get 10 lessons or phase 1 of the course, Online Entrepreneur course. You can find out more here.

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