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No experience needed

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online whether you have experience or not, If you already have an existing blog you can become an affiliate marketer by adding affiliate links

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online, even if you have no experience in this field.

There are affiliate marketing platforms that will teach you affiliate marketing and by just following a few simple steps can get you up and running within hours.

One of these platforms is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can become a member for free, other platforms will charge you something I think the lowest cost I saw was $3.95 per month or a free trial for 14 days.


Blogging is the best way to start affiliate marketing if you have no experience.  blogging requires very little experience to begin blogging. If you use social media you can blog.

A blog is a website that operates as an online journal.  You don’t have to be an exceptional copywriter or fancy with words, you can be you with a blog and still make money in affiliate marketing .and being yourself is the best way.

What to blog about

There are a lot of things that someone can blog about and make money, in affiliate marketing. Your revenue sources are unlimited   There are over 598,500,000 Products

YOU Can Instantly Sell. However, you will not be able to sell to anyone without traffic and at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get the relevant customers to your website.

Once you have traffic, you need to “make money” from this traffic. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required

You can be an affiliate for companies like Amazon, Walmart and tons and tons and tons of other online companies have affiliate marketing programs. You can also become an affiliate for an affiliate network like Shareasale Cj affiliate and much more. it’s endless the things you can blog about.

You can also promote digital products with affiliate marketing in niches such as relationships, health, and areas of self-help

There are thousands upon thousands of digital products out there to support a niche that does not deliver a physical product.

To Sell, You First Must HELP!

If your site becomes viewed as a portal (or worse yet, a dumping zone) for promotions, it is going to diminish your brand integrity and you will not become an authority within your niche.

If you help people, they will buy from you. If you can create a relationship with people, they will buy from you. If you simply SELL to people, you will not have a business and you will not be able to monetize your traffic nearly as well.

You need to find a niche that you are passionate about or something you love doing, could be a craft of some kind so that you can be a genuine blogger.  A niche is just a topic that a blogger writes about.

If you want to be in this affiliate marketing game for the long haul, as in, freedom forever – you need to find something that you can be genuine about.   Even if you are not an expert

but by doing research on the topic you will become an expert. All this may seem a bit too much for you especially if you are like a novice like I was.

Well, I found Wealthy Affiliate after searching for a way to earn some extra money online and having lost some money due to the online scam.

Wealthy Affiliate appealed to me because they were offering a free membership that never expires, and they did not ask me for any information besides my name and email address.

I took the chance figuring it is not going to cost me anything and there was no chance of anyone crediting my credit card as I was not asked for that information

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are given step by step instruction in not only how to build your website but how to maintain your online business.

You will be shown how to monetize your website without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 we have a membership of over 1.4million from approximately 193 countries, Wealthy Affiliate is home to an up to date state of the art, ultra powerful and secure hosting and is mobile ready.

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone it is a platform designed for all affiliate marketers Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are a very successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

There are two levels of membership at Wealthy Affiliate there is the free membership and the premium membership. I have posted what is offered at each level:-

You may be wondering if you can be successful with a free membership, well for me, no I needed everything, this was my first experience with online business everything was new to me.

I became a free member and stayed a free member for 2 months then I upgraded to premium on a monthly basis then I went to yearly.

This is the premium billing plans

 Final thoughts          

I am not claiming that affiliate marketing is very easy what I am saying is with work effort and dedication affiliating marketing can be a  good way for earning money depends on your input it can be extra money or a livable income with the potential of becoming a passive source of income.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a company that teaches today’s online marketing. And is genuinely helping people achieve success in business and in life. And you will have a community that is very active in helping to you achieve your goals

Remember you join for free and no expiration date with a free membership. So you can do what I did, become a free member try out the information and tools provided, find your niche build your website and post your articles, with a free membership you have ten lessons which are the foundation in affiliate marketing.

During your trial, if you decide it is not for you then you will have lost nothing, in becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate there is no commitment to the company

Any commitment made is to yourself, to apply what is taught and success will be yours.

You can become a free member by clicking on any of the links in this post, I will be notified and I will contact you to answer your questions, if any, I will be your mentor.

You will never know if affiliate marketing is for you unless you try (JOIN FOR FREE HERE)

Thank you for reading my post it is really appreciated, please visit again and should you have a question or comment please leave it in the space provided at the bottom of this post and I will respond ASAP and do like and share this post thanks.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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