The CashKarma app. Survey Panel, Does This Site Pay?

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The CashKarma app. Survey Panel, Does This Site Pay?
The CashKarma app. Survey Panel, Does This Site Pay?

There are thousands of survey sites online, and each promises to reward you for providing them with your opinions.

 But does this site deliver on that promise?

This review is written based on the information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that can help you to start your online business.

In this post, I will be looking at The Cashkarma app.

What is Cashkarma?

CashKarma is a mobile app that allows you to make money by downloading and testing apps.

It was founded by Darkfield Software LLC and has over 1 million downloads with a favorable rating of 4.3/5 in the Google Play store from reviews (as of Q2, 2021).

How Does CashKarma Work?

The CashKarma app is free and available for download on iOS and Android devices.

To start earning points, you need to set up a user profile with basic requirements like your email address, username, and password.

If using CashKarma on iOS, you’ll need to enable tracking info for fraud prevention and track rewards.

There Are Many Ways To Earn On CafhKarma

  • Surveys

  • Promotions

  •  Playtime Offers

  •  Location Rewards

  • Referral program

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Surveys are viewable instantly on the home screen. Most surveys take around 1-2 mins to complete and offer approximately 100-200 points.

If you’re disqualified from surveys part of the way through, you’ll still be compensated with some points.


You can also earn points from promotions that offer more points but require more input.

To earn points from the promotions requires completing longer surveys, downloading a specific app, and leaving a review for the selected app. Sign up for a free product trial for one month using your credit card details. Make sure to cancel before the month is over!


 Playtime Offers

Playtime lets you earn multiple rewards as you play further into the app (by time or by levels).

The rewards will increase the more you play and the further you advance.

Playtime Offers also provide points. Simply download the games offered to you, and you’ll

 Location Rewards

Location Rewards Rewards Location Rewards are another excellent way to earn points.

These are essentially cashback deals, which will pop up on your phone when you walk near a participating retailer.

However, you don’t need to complete the purchase to earn points. All you need to do is view the notification that pops up on your screen.

Note that location rewards are for USA users only, and you’ll need to have location and notification permissions turned on.

Referral program

If someone signs up to use the app using your referral link, you’ll gain 10% of their points as a bonus forever.

You can find your unique referral links through the ‘Invite Rewards’ tab, and you can refer up to 100 people to the app, or you sign up for the VIP if you want to refer more than 100 people.

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Welcome Bonus

You’ll earn a welcome bonus of 300 Karma points and an additional 50 Karma points for creating an account with your email, and t five Karma points for every day you sign in.

Reward levels

There are different reward levels; the higher the level, the more significant bonuses to loyal users.

All you need to do to up your level is to keep using the app regularly.

Achievement Badges

You will receive extra bonuses when you earn Achievement Badges, and your reward levels go up each time you earn a badge

You earn badges by completing five offers, watch 25 videos, earn 8000 points, etc. You can also earn up to a 12.5% bonus each time you complete an offer.

Payment and rewards

There are several options for requesting your reward

You can exchange your Karma points for your choice of PayPal payments or retail gift vouchers.

For PayPal payments, the withdrawal minimum is $10 – the equivalent of 13,500 Karma points.

Gift card options

If you live in the United States, you’ll have a choice of 50+ retailers, including the big ones such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.

If you live elsewhere, you may have fewer choices, but most will likely be helpful.

Users in the United Kingdom are limited to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Starbucks vouchers. Gift cards are issued electronically.

Is CashKarma Legit?

Yes, CashKarma is Legit. And is favorably rated by google play; there are also other apps from the same company Appkarma, Playkarma, and Screenkarma.

My Thoughts

CashKarma has some good points, and it is free to use; it is available on iOs and Android, surveys are concise, there are ways to earn extra points.

If you like the idea of filling out surveys and waiting a long time to earn the minimum payout of $10, then you can try CashKarma the reviews are not bad.

But I must remind you there are many ways to make money online, and there are opportunities to earn a real livable income that can become a passive income.

I am not saying it will be easy; it will take work, patience, and determination like any business.

You can start for free, give it a try, and see if you can make a go of it, and you will not be alone; there is a helpful community to assist you in any way they can.


Thank you for your time. Should you have a comment or question, please leave it in the space provided, and I will reply ASAP. Please like and share this post; I really would appreciate it.

NOTE: This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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