Use2Earn  Can you really make $500 a day Is this claim a hype

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Use2Earn  Can you really make $500 a day Is this claim a hype
Use2Earn  Can you make $500 a day? Is this claim a hype

Use2Earn Review

In this review, I will be looking into the site use2ean, and this site claims that you can make $500 today.

Can you make $500 in a day? Is this claim just a hype to get your attention, or is this a legitimate claim, let us take a closer look

What Is Use2Earn

Use2Earn is a site that allows you to earn money online by doing tasks or inviting others to become members,

According to their site, they are the #1 Influencer,Influencer marketing (a.k.a. influence marketing) is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers,

They claim that Use2Earn was started in Amsterdam in March of 2015, and the purpose of the company is to make a network where influencer companies could promote to advertisers.

Use2Earn was designed to be the middle man to connect influencers with the top corporations.

How does Use2Earn Work?

You will be given an affiliate, and you can place this link on your website or social media page to advertise the Use2Earn site, and for everyone who signs up, you will receive $10. You can also earn by testing the company’s product.

When Will Be Paid

And to meet their minimum requirements to request a payout. The requirements are.

  • You need to refer at least 5. people.
  • You need to get at least 15 clicks.
  • You need to complete at least 5. tasks.
  • You need to set up a payment method
  • you get $25 on signing up; This is added to your USE2Earn account.

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Is Use2Earn Legit

For me, certain things cause me to question the legitimacy of this site.

  • The payment proofs seem false, and there is no way to verify these payments.
  • The false business startup date is they claim they started in March 2015, but a quick search on a domain registration site but according to, the truth is the company was registered in 2019
  • I do not feel comfortable with the offer of making $500 per day, especially performing the task they say you need to do to make that kind of money, and it just doesn’t add up.

I have been searching for a genuine payment review, and I can’t find any, but I have found a couple complaining of a lack of payment.

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Feb 18, 2020

It deserves no stars !!

It deserves no stars !!! It’s 100% fake. I met all of the requirements for the first payout and when I requested the payout, they did not pay. All forms of communication are fake as well.

Kyrol Karym

Feb 17, 2020

it’s not a legit online money maker

it’s not a legit online money maker; its a waste of time doing it

The only good thing I find with this site is it is free to join, so if you would like to join and check it out, you can, but In my opinion, this is just a site to gather information and sell it, so be careful

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Thank you for your time; your questions and comments are appreciated, and please share.


This Use2Earn  review has been researched with information and testimonials available online in the public domain. Any conclusions drawn are my opinions.

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you)

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