How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program For Free

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How to make money with the Amazon affiliate  program
How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program

Amazon Associate Program.

There are many ways of earning online when you have your own blog or website.

As I have noted in a previous post.

But in this post, I am sharing how to make money using affiliate marketing from Amazon, there is no cost using this method, and it is an excellent start for beginners.

Earning through Amazon is one of the most popular ways for people to make money online, but Amazon sets some very stringent guidelines.

Amazon is not only one of the biggest and most reliable, but over the years Amazon has built for itself a sterling reputation of trust which is very important in the online market.

Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon affiliate is called Amazon Associates here are some important facts about Amazon shoppers

80% of Amazon shoppers make a purchase at least per month once per month

Amazon Prime members spend at least $1,000 per year on Amazon.

Amazon customers rely on product reviews to make a purchase.

According to Amazon made $232.88 billion in 2018.

Amazon was started in 1996 as a small online retailer selling from the founders’ garage Jeff Bezos, there was not enough money for advertising in those days so a commission was paid when a referred customer made a purchase

The Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program.  It’s free for website owners and bloggers to become Amazon Associates.

They advertise products from on their sites by links supplied by Amazon

When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, they earn a commission.

The Amazon Associates Program launched in 1998, and at that time online marketing was in its infancy stage, there was not a lot of ways to make money online, things have changed dramatically, and I think it’s due to Amazon’s affiliate program.

Amazon has since expanded its product line, the ability to make income from Amazon has become easier.

With all online marketing it is best done through content production, that is writing about the product you are promoting and the best way to do that is to have your own website (you can have one for free HERE).

Like any other home-based money-making business, earning an income with Amazon requires research, work, and marketing. Here are some tips for maximizing the Amazon Associates Program. Amazon commission is considered to below, so you will have to sell a lot to earn anything substantial

I would advise that you choose some products that are priced between $50-$200 of course you can choose lower-priced goods too as there is a chance that the lower-priced goods will be easier to sell, but you should bear in mind that the earnings will below.

Here are some pros for becoming an Amazon associate.

Pros of Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

There are several great reasons to join Amazon Associates program, including:

  • Amazon is a highly visited, well-known name that people use and trust every day.
  • It’s free to join.
  • There are no traffic thresholds or other metrics you need to be accepted into the program.
  • There are tons and tons of products you can promote.
  • Amazon has many tools to help you sell specific items or a category of items.
  • There is a good reporting system so you know what’s getting clicks and what’s selling.
  • You can receive direct deposit payments into your bank account.
  • Amazon offers good customer service to its buyers, so you reduce the risk of having your visitors get mad at you if they have a problem with the product.
  • Even if your visitor doesn’t buy the product you referred, if they buy something on that visit, you earn a commission.

To become an Amazon Associate, you need to visit the amazon associate website

Then click on I am a new customer

State who is the main contact for the account

Build your Profile

List the websites and mobiles you plan to use as an associate.

Answer questions about traffic and content to complete your profile.

Wait for a phone call to verify your identity

Wait for a phone call to verify your identity

Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

Nothing is ever perfect, including the Amazon affiliate program. Here are a few downsides:

  • The commission is between 6-10% which is low compared to some other affiliate programs.
  • Their cookies only last 24-hours. That means if your referral doesn’t buy within 24 hours, you won’t get credit. (However, if the product is added to their cart, the cookie lasts 90 days.)
  • You’re not allowed to send Amazon affiliate links in emails. That includes blog posts that get sent as an email.
  • If you have a U.S. site and are promoting products in the Amazon U.S. store, you won’t get credit for referring someone who ends up buying the product from outside the country (i.e. Amazon UK).
  • To get credit for getting paid for purchases outside your country according to
  •  Selling internationally on Amazon

How To Sell Internationally On Amazon

  1. Step 1: Register to sell globally on Amazon. …
  2. Step 2: Enter the required details and make a payment. …
  3. Step 3: Link the regional amazon seller accounts. …
  4. Step 4: Create the product listings in the new international marketplace and start selling. …
  5. Step 5: Keep the language requirements in mind.
  • Payment options are only through direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift card. There’s no PayPal option.
  • Amazon payments are sent 2 months following the end of the month in which they were earned.
  •  The minimum payment for gift cards is $10 and the minimum payment for checks is $100]. If you don’t meet the minimum payout amount, your earnings will be rolled over to the next month$100, which isn’t that much if you make lots of sales, but a lot of you’re only earning a few dollars a month. states Amazon will not accept you as an associate unless you have a website or YouTube with content and have an audience.

If you do not have a website and desire to own one you can do so for free at Wealthy Affiliate, and it will cost you nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate was started in 2005 and has an A+ rating at BBB. Our membership is drawn from 193 countries and has a community of 1.4 million

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here


There are two types of membership, free and premium. There is a big difference in what is available in the premium membership.

I have left a list of what’s provided in both memberships.

With the free membership, you are  given 10 lessons  and 2 websites and at the end of these lessons your websites will be up and running

With the premium membership, you are given 10 web sites, you can have many streams of income.

I have a link to a blog post by a member of Wealthy Affiliate and training about Amazon affiliate hope you find them informative.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any question or comment please leave them in the space provided and I will reply ASAP

NOTE:  This post includes affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I get a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

6 thoughts on “How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program For Free

  1. Thanks so much for the step by step info. I especially like the part on how to sell internationally on Amazon. I had no idea getting on Amazon was such a process. This info will help me to prepare.

    1. Thank you Roxs, Amazon is really a good start to your affiliate business, but remember you have to make at least 3-4 sales in 90 days or the will drop you from the affiliate program The good things is you can apply again, some people suggest that you wait until you have a good size audience, but I think to take the plunge and get the experience,
      wishing you success

  2. I’m also a blogger and I also work with Amazon Associate Program. You’re right, the product should be between $50-$200.
    The most important thing is to write a good quality content and I recommend to write around 3 blogs a week.

    It would take some time until you get traffic, you need to put a lot of effort into it, a good research, to become successful you need to be motivated and remain positive.

    Thank you for sharing this informative post.

    1. Thank you Anh-Tu Le, for your comment, Yes everything takes time nothing happens overnight and this goes for all business it takes time, I have seen a quote that I like to say to myself and others whenever I am becoming impatient, “Entrepreneurs is living a few years of your as most people won’t so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t.” Wishing you all the best.

  3. What a useful post!
    I like how you wrote about the pros and cons with using Amazon Associate program.
    It certainly has a lot of reasons to get involved, especially with so many products being available there.
    Thanks for a helpful post!

    1. I am so glad you found it useful Jesse, that was the hope In writing this post, If you are not yet an affiliate of Amazon I would encourage to do so, the commission maybe low but you are sure to get some sales even if it is not the product you are advertising. Wishing you success.

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